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26. Epilogue

It had been a month since the girls and Matt had come to visit her for the first time on Basiliade.

It hadn't been easy at first. But the following days they had come back and used to stay with her for entire days. It was a little weird to be together again. It was evident that each of them was trying to pick up the pieces of their friendship, which had shattered for a reason so stupid to result almost incredible, a thief's trick.

She had missed the girls. Irma's jokes, Taranee's trust, Cornelia's remarks and Hay Lin's exuberance, she had forgotten how happy she was when she was with them. Maybe it was for that reason that it had hurt so much when they had left her. But she was trying not to think about that. She had decided to trust them as Himerish had told her. After all she too had a lot to be forgiven.

For example, her incursion in Meridian, she had almost killed Caleb. She didn't know why she hadn't aimed at his heart instead of merely stabbing him at his stomach. Rifel had always told her to kill his enemies and she had always obeyed. Maybe in the rush of achieving the mission she hadn't bothered herself in aiming to a vital point. Or maybe the reason was totally different.

She had not officially apologized to Elyon yet. She should have done so obviously, but she wasn't particularly eager to do that. Apologizing was always… hard. She didn't know how she could face those she had hurt and wounded.

She no longer had her powers. Those which Rifel had awoken with so much pain and effort, Kandrakar had sealed them. But the Heart of Kandrakar still recognized her as her Keeper, so that meant she could have been back to be a Guardian if she wanted to.

She didn't miss her powers. She had always used them to fight, hurt and kill other people, except for some rare healing. She didn't miss that strength because along with it also came bad memories.

Being back to be a Guardian… the girls wanted her back into the team. She understood why. Being back meant that things were back to normal. The five W..H. united again and stronger than ever. But she didn't feel ready. How could she… after all she had done? So Orube had taken her place temporarily.

Temporarily because she still had to decide if she truly wanted to leave once and for all or not. The Council had given her some time to think about that.

And Matt? In that month Matt had been… totally different. He had come to visit her among with the girls, but he had acted only as a friend. He hadn't forgotten what they had told to each other the first time he had come, that she needed some time and space to think and get used again to everything. He looked content even if he just stayed close to her without doing anything, he watched over her silently and protected her. He was even more gentle than before. And she, even if she hadn't told him, had appreciated everything. She blushed at the thought of the boy and her heart gently raced, while a tiny smile crossed his face. She missed him and she had decided to tell him. Soon.

She sighed. She knew why she was thinking of all that things. The truth was that she was scared to face the immediate future. What she was going to say? How she was going to react? She would have insulted her, kicked her away? Together with Himerish they had thought of a story which explained her absence:

Himerish was going to tell he had found her in a town far away from Heatherfield, hidden in a woman's house. He would have told that the woman had accepted to hide her and let her live in her house provided that Will went to her work as a cleaning lady in her place. So the woman could keep on getting her money without lifting a finger. He was going to tell that the woman wanted to stay anonymous because she was scared that her boss could discover the fraud.

She had even dyed her hair in black to support the story. In fact her red hair, with the police looking for her, was the equal of a lighthouse in a foggy night.

So many questions awaited her. Some of them were easy, and some very difficult to answer. And she wasn't even sure she had all the right answers. She had no idea about what the future war going to reserve her.

"Earth to Will, are you with us?" Orube asked.

Will was driven away from her thoughts. She took a lock of hair between her fingers and gave to it a reseigned look.

"They'll be back to see their red. Stop tormenting them." The girl playfully told her.

"Yeah… I know. Thanks anyway. For everything." Will said. Orube waved a hand:

"You don't have to thank us. It was a pleasure for us."

"Are you ready Will?" Himerish asked her. He was wearing normal clothes, a white shirt and brown pants, and an improbable forest green sweater that was the responsible of most of the incredulous glances that Will had given to the warrior during their short trip.

"Uhm… no. I don't think I'll ever be." She told him. They were all standing in front of the door of a flat that Will knew very well.

"You're ready. Trust me." Himerish gently told her. Will nodded and inhaled deeply. Himerish reached out to ring at the door, but Will stopped him.

"I'll do it." The warrior, now temporarily psychologist and Orube's uncle, nodded. Will raised a hand and stared at the door. On the other door's side there was her future. A closed door is like a book that had yet to be opened it hides words, people, and feelings. But when it's closed none of them existed. You need the courage to open your doors to move forward, even without knowing how the story written on your book will end.

Will rang at the door and footsteps sounded from the other side of the door.

And the door opened.


The End! What do you say? This is probably the shortest thing ever, but I wanted to keep this epilogue as open as possible, I'm not going to show the other people's reaction to Will's return to symbolize that life can be unpredictable :P.

I've never wanted Will evil, I wanted her badass, so I'm satisfied that in the end she's back to her normal self.

A big big thank you to XVDragon who helped me to make this chapter more readable form the spelling point of view. Maybe one day I'll rewrite the first ones because (*shivers*) their grammar was terrible.

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I had an alternative ending to this story, my first version was to not include Matt at all and to let the girls to battle Will in a total fight. The would have been able anyway to 'seal' her power in a superficial sigil, which eventually could break if Will in the future would have decided to let her negative feelings overwhelm her. Elyos would have won against Thanathos, but the power would have been impossible to silence. So in the end they would have all been forced to face and cohabit with their mistakes.

But then I decided that I wanted to make my first story as canon as possible so I opted for a happy ending in a more 'W.I.T.C.H. style'.

I'm not planning to make a sequel of this. I don't know what I'll write next, as I don't have other stories planned. I'm just going to do as I've always done, thinking and thinking until I don't get a good idea :).