*Hello! Alright, so I was watching Dirty Dancing 2 today and, though it was really good, the end left open sooooo many possibilities. So, I decided to write a possible ending, where Javier and Katy are, obviously, together again. Sorry for any misspellings, I don't take Spanish. So R&R and I hope you like it! =]*

I was sitting in my Spanish classroom. I had decided to take Spanish after being in Havana. I figured next time I see Javier, I could impress him with my Spanish. I hadn't heard from him since that last night, but I knew, in my heart, I'd see him again.

"Alright, class, we are planning a trip to Havana. Anyone interested in going please come get a form," my professor said.

I smiled and went up to get the paper, then made a beeline for my dormitory.

I saw my roommate, Clare, enter the room, "Wow, Katy, did you get here fast enough?" Clare asked, laughing. I laughed and exclaimed,

"I'm going back to Havana!" Clare knew I had lived in Havana for awhile, but that was all she knew. Katy hadn't told anyone about what happened in Havana. Havana, Javier, La Rosa Negra, all of it, was a part of her that she thought too special to reveal. They would be leaving in three days.

All Katy could think of that night was, I'm going to see Javier again. I'm going home.

Ok that was short, yes, but I'll make the next chapter longer! Tell me whatchya think!

-EC =]