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Love Taylor

iCarly: iLose Control

Part 9

"I want you to eat me out. Lick me and finger fuck me until I cum." She whispered with a pant. She grabbed his head and placed it between her legs. Freddie could just feel the sex and heat coming from her virgin pussy and proceeded to lick the entire thing in one big scoop. Carly shivered and moaned from being licked for the first time in her life. "That felt great don't stop! Stick your fingers in me! Prepare me for your cock" yelled Carly, as she was moaning from the pressure. Freddie obeyed her command, sticking a finger inside of her as he licked her clit. She kept moaning at the amazing feeling she was having and started pleasing herself by touching and caressing her tits. After a few minutes, she came, screaming and squirting so much she drowned Freddie's face in her juices. Never had she had such a big and amazing orgasm. Her body continued to shake as she finally calmed down and began to breathe correctly. She stared down at her pussy to see Freddie was cleaning himself off and noticed his hard-again cock throbbing.

"Oh Freddie! Be my first, make me yours! I want you to fuck me! Make me a sex-loving slut!" She screamed. Freddie, a little surprised by her sudden outburst, was excited to steal Carly's virginity and took no time in climbing on top of her. He grabbed his cock and, just like Spencer, started rubbing her wet virgin cunt with the tip of his shaft, making Carly shiver and moan in anticipation. He knew Carly would be soo tight and slowly inserted the tip. He felt Carly twitch and her face was in a little pain. He kept pushing in, and her pussy was gripping on his cock. After a few minutes, he felt her barrier and decided to tell her. "You ready?" Freddie whispered in Carly's ear, who's face was strained in both pain and pleasure. She nodded and Freddie pushed through. Carly screamed in pain as blood trickled down and out her. Freddie stopped and pulled out, afraid he had hurt her. Carly opened her eyes and then looked up at Freddie, giving him the go-ahead that she was fine and urged him to continue. He stuck his shaft back into her, and to both of their surprise, Carly now maoned in pleasure, experiencing her first orgasm a cock had given her. She released her juices on his cock, which felt amazing to him. He thrusted in and out of her pussy, making them both moan in pleasure. He also leaned down and started making out with her, and she accepted his tongue. After 10 minutes of steamy passionate humping, they released from their kissing and Freddie started thrusting harder and faster, making the prop car they were on start sound the alarm. This only increased their passion as he started feeling his cock swell. Carly had gotten so many orgasms, she was feeling faint and dizzy. She only had time to say "cum inside me! Fill me up with your cream." before passing out from going through her last orgasm of the day. When she released her juices on his cock, he couldn't contain it any long and with a large grunt, he felt himself go into orgasm and start to spasm. He release a large amount of cum into her equally spasming pussy. He filled her up with his seed, unleashing wave after wave. He also felt her vaginal muscles squeeze on his shaft, keeping him in there until he finished and so had she. After she had calmed down, he released his cock from her pussy and out came a pool of their mixed juices gushing to the floor from her pussy. It was until now that he noticed Carly had passed out from exhaustion and satisfaction, her face plastered with his cum and her pussy dripping with his seed as well. He felt like he was on top of the world.