The one where Severus was right

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Chapter One

I read the paper with dismay. Draco and I had been married for ten years and now it looked like it was coming to an end. It had been ten average years, starting off hot and heavy and then he started taking over his father's empire. That was when things had gone wrong.

Now I was reading about him and some other guy in the paper and it was breaking my heart. We had two children together, both from surrogate mothers, our son was created with help from Draco, our daughter with help from me.

Hermione and Victor had been married for five years now too and had a one year old boy called Taylor together as well as eleven year olds Noah and Emma. Nicolas, mine and Draco's son was now seven and our little girl Charlotte was four. I loved them to bits and I was terrified about what this would mean to them.

Draco had been gone before I'd woken up this morning and rarely was he back before I went to bed but tonight I would make sure I was still up. I would wait for as long as it took.

Before this I hadn't exactly been happy but I got on with things. I had everything given to me, I didn't work, I was a full time parent to my two children and since Hermione worked long and unsociable hours at the hospital I took care of her three the majority of the time as well.

Even though I hadn't achieved much in my life I was content to just let it be. Severus had warned me on my wedding day that this would be my lot in life if I went through with it. However what he hadn't warned me about and I hadn't expected was the infidelity. I had never thought that he would cheat on me.

I went through my normal routine, putting Taylor in the car and went to pick up the rest of the brood. I felt them all to be mine sometimes, it was nice having so many children. I had always wanted a large family. I had wanted to approach Draco about the two of us having another but I didn't think that was going to happen now.

I made sure that all the children were either doing their homework or occupied by the television before I called Hermione to check to see if Noah, Emma and Taylor would be staying here for the night. She confirmed that they would.

Luckily the house that Draco and I had been given as our wedding gift from all of our parents or guardians had five bedrooms. The master, which obviously Draco and I slept it, Nicolas generally shared with Noah when he slept over and Emma bunked with Charlotte. The fourth bedroom was a play room for all the children to share and it also housed Taylor's cot. The smaller of the five rooms Draco had turned into an office so that he could work from home, as if he didn't already work enough.

I called Draco and left a message with his personal assistant that he was to come home as soon as he got the message as it was urgent. By not stating what the emergency was I hoped that maybe it would speed him up. I knew it was cruel that I was using his concern about the children but I wanted the truth from him.

Draco made it home two hours after I called. I didn't like the fact that when I said urgent his best response time was two long hours.

Taylor was already fast asleep upstairs, I'd allowed Charlotte to stay awake so that she could see her dad. Noah and Nicolas were playing computer games together and Emma was reading a book in the living room.

"Hey, is everything okay?" Draco asked, he didn't look too happy to have been summoned home but I didn't care. Charlotte and Nicolas immediately ran to their Dad, dropping what they were doing and going to him, they hadn't seen him. "Hey there Nicky, Lottie, how are my special little guys."

There was a babble of response which I stood and watched. "Can all you guys go upstairs for a while, Dad and I have to talk for a little while." I said.

Draco looked concerned but I kept my face void of emotion until the children were all upstairs in their room. The first thing I did was show him the newspaper and he at least had the decency to look completely and utterly ashamed.

"Explain it" I said to him, I kept my voice low and my tone calm. I didn't want the children to hear us arguing, it wasn't fair on them.

Draco took a moment to fully read the article before forming a reply. "I'm sorry."

"Is that all you can say? Who is he?" I asked referring to the man Draco had been photographed kissing.

"A no one, it just got out of control, that's all."

"You're damn right it got out of hand. I'm meant to be your husband, we're meant to be faithful to each other." I said to him keeping my voice low.

"I can't be any sorrier and I'll say it as many times as you like but I have a feeling it isn't going to help the matter." Draco said and he too was keeping quiet for the sake of the children.

"I don't know what to do about this Draco, you've publicly embarrassed me, you've done the worst thing possible and worst of all you've done it for the world to see."

"I can't change this Harry. I can tell you that it was a mistake and I can tell you that I love you but that is all I can do."

"What if it isn't enough?" I asked him with tears in my eyes and sorrow and pain in my heart.

"I can't give you anything else Harry, I love you, it was a mistake, we either decide to go on or we can't go forward and this is the beginning of the end."

"What do you think should happen Draco?" I asked him.

"I don't want this to be the end." He said and he sounded truthful and determined.

"Then you have to be here, you need to stop working as much as you do. Your family needs you more than your businesses do." I said to him and I made sure our eyes met and he didn't look away. "If you want this to work Draco then you have to be here to fix it."

"I don't understand what needs to be fixed." Draco said confused and his words made me angry.

"Well clearly it isn't perfect if you're going out and kissing other men, doing God knows what else with them."

"It never went further than a kiss and it was one night that got out of hand. I keep tell you that Harry, I love you, I'm married to you."

"Then prove that you love me, saying it clearly is so easy for you, how do I know you mean it?" I asked, "That's why I'm asking you to stop this obsession you have with work and be with your family, if you can't do that then clearly you don't love us very much at all." I said, my voice wasn't low anymore, though we were not yet shouting.

"If that is what it takes then I'll do it." Draco said but at this he didn't sound so sure when he spoke. At the sound of his tone ten long years of marriage were about to be destroyed.

"I hope that you mean that Draco. If you don't then it'll be over, if you can't sacrifice your work for us then we can't be with you. I really hope you understand that Draco, I really do." I said.

I knew that if Draco couldn't carry out this out and make time to fix our obvious broken marriage and family then we couldn't be together at all. It was going to be a struggle either way and I couldn't predict what was going to happen next.