The One Where Severus was Right

Chapter twelve

Having Lottie home was amazing and to have her in one piece was even better. That evening the four of us sat in the living room and watching Shrek. It was our way of celebrating her home coming and the children were more than happy to have the chance to stay up later.

We'd managed to squeeze all four of us on the two seater sofa through some miricle, Lottie was almost asleep and Nicky was lying quietly against Draco, he was beyond exhausted, we all were.

The woman who had taken her had been the surrogate mother that Draco and I had chosen. We had found all of this out an hour or so after we had arrived him. Apparently she had miscarried a baby that she had intended to keep with her boyfriend. He had gotten into her head telling her that it had been a sin to give up her child.

She had then gone a bit mad when he had dumped her, she had then gone on a determined rampage to steal her daughter back. It hadn't mattered to her that she had signed paperwork that Draco's lawyers had drawn up to say that she had no claim to the child whatsoever. Draco's lawyers made everything ironclad without fail. They were the best and that was why the Malfoy's employed them.

I pitied her greatly but I was more than happy that she had been imprisoned.

It had been such a relief having her home. I had lost all hope of having my baby girl at home with me again. It had scared me half to death when she had vanished and I never wanted to go through that again. I was content with my little family.

I had really taken for granted how much I loved my children and even though Draco had cheated I trusted that it had been nothing more than just a kiss. As long as it didn't happen again I was happy to forgive him and let it go. I had finally realised that I didn't need a job to make me happy, I had my happiness in my children and my husband.

Severus had spoken the truth on my wedding day, I had wasted my mind and I had indeed ended up like Narcissa but I wasn't unhappy with it, not by a long shot. I had only thought that I had been because of what Severus had said. What did it matter that I had been bored, there were worse things than being bored occasionally and we had experienced how much worse things could get.

But with Draco's plans to open up club Slytherin I didn't think I was going to be bored again, not if I had as much as in the matter as he claimed I would. I hoped that he would remain true to his word.

I made a mental note to call Oliver the next day and tell him I couldn't work for him anymore. My family came first, no question about it. I needed them and they needed me.

Even though he was right about something's Severus really had no clue about my life and I was glad he didn't. His words on my wedding day had played through my mind constantly since then and maybe because of that they had been doomed to come true.

Two days after Lottie returned home her and Nicky were back at school. I wasn't keen on them going back so soon but I couldn't keep them out of school any longer. They were smart kids and I didn't want them to fall behind too much. Draco and I were to meet up in the afternoon after lunch so we could inspect the premises for the club.

That morning before meeting with Draco I found myself driving to the graveyard where Ron was buried. I wasn't sure why I was compelled to be there but it was like saying goodbye to my past. A sense of closure if you will. I couldn't face going to see Severus and this was the next best thing in my mind.

The grave was easy enough to find but it was over grown and no fresh flowers were placed there. It looked like it had been months, if not years since it had had a visitor. I lay my flowers down next to his headstone.

"Goodbye." I whispered under my breath. It had been so long since I had even thought about him or his family and yet this was my way of making peace with my past and closing a door on it so that I could move forward and forget about the things Severus had said to me.

It was I drove home I past him in the street. I hadn't expected it and I couldn't have been sure that it was even him but in my heart I knew that it was. He had been with another man and they had had a small child, a boy. I hadn't ever pegged him as a father type but I was happy for him and as I drove away from the happy family scene I smiled.

My life was complete, he wasn't hung up on me as he had been on my wedding day. He was happy and the door to that part of my life was no closed and I could finally feel that I was beyond everything that had happened.

It had taken me ten years to get to a place in my life and in my head where I could say that I was happy and content enough to close that door and be happy to keep it closed.

Two years, almost to the day, after that day Draco and I had our third and fourth child. My sperm and the same woman who had carried Nicky helped us achieve the twins. One girl and one boy, Sophie and Dylan.

Draco became a more hands on dad and I had more input in all of the businesses that Draco ran just as he had promised me. It was nice that after being married for so long that we were finally working as a team. We'd finally figured it out.

Lucius finally fully retired to his villa in Spain with Narcissa and when the children were old enough they would travel out there for two weeks every summer which gave Draco and I the opportunity to spend some alone time together. After all four children were a handful.

We sold our home and moved into Malfoy manor as it was beginning to get a little crowded at our previous house.

Club Slytherin was an instant success and we opened three other clubs around the country, Club Gryffindor, Club Hufflepuff and Club Ravenclaw. Where Draco came up with these names I didn't know but they worked for the two of us and they made us a truck load of money every weekend too. Not that we needed the money but it made our lives so much easier, we never had to worry about anything.

We renewed our vows after thirty years of marriage. Our second wedding every bit as perfect as the first of course.

Nicolas followed Hermione into medicine when he was old enough, even though Draco wanted him to take over the businesses. Nicky just didn't have the flare for business that his father did. Charlotte too wasn't interested in become a high flying business woman. She went into the missing persons unit of MI5. Something that I wasn't in the least bit surprised about considering what she had been though as a child.

Sophie and Dylan were much more like Draco even though they were technically from me. When the time came to it Draco taught them both everything they needed and they helped each other to run the Malfoy Empire because they were truly Malfoy's. They worked remarkably well as a team.

I couldn't have been prouder of our children and I couldn't have loved Draco anymore. We survived a lot in our life time and we remained strong and together.