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May's POV

In the technically superior city of LaRousse- on top of the highest tower- stood a dark figure with a veil covering her face and hair; black fingerless gloves covered her hands and an Espeon was perched on her shoulder. At over 700 feet above the ground, she was freezing.

"Alright Misty," the figure said into a small communicator. "I'm goin' in."

"Be careful May-oops! I mean Black Dragonair," Misty said through the communicator. "It looks like they've upgraded the security system since last time."

"Misty, please tell me you didn't send a warning card to the police again," May hissed.

"Sorry May, I already sent it," Misty said, rather embarrassed.

"Geez, Misty what kind of an assistant ARE you!" May nearly shouted.

"Hey! With your skills you should have no problem with them." Misty suggested. "It'll keep you in practice for when you meet some real adversaries."

May jumped down, from building to building, until she was on the rooftop of the LaRousse Museum- which held the largest known collection of jewels, rare paintings, and other artifacts in the world. She slid down the side of the building, using a pulley, and opened the window. It was unlocked. Apparently, even though the security had been upgraded, some idiot forgot to close the window.

Probably thinking no one would open it from so high up. These people have a lot to learn.

"Espeon, Psychic," May whispered. Espeon closed its eyes and projected a kind of hologram of the museum. Using the hologram, May could see all the security measures and plotted the easiest route to the Hall of Ancient Artifacts.

This is way too easy, she thought to herself. Where are all the night guards and the flashing lights? I always see at least one by now. So much for upgraded security.

She stretched her leg out and hopped into the room. As soon as she turned on her night vision goggles, she saw something move. Remembering to switch on her electronizer, which turns off all audio and visual devices in the area, May slowly made her way to the Hall of Ancient Artifacts.

In the center of the hall was an enormous diamond held up in the mouth of a dragon shining gold, the museum latest addition. But the jewel wasn't what May was after- it was the dragon.

May took out her can of laser formulator and sprayed it into the hall. Millions of lasers appeared in the hall and of course the control box was on the other side of the room.

Being an expert on gymnastics, May easily slipped through the lasers and turned them off. This all seemed too simple.

She was just about to touch the dragon, when an arrogant voice said behind her, "That was your most pathetic performance yet." Without even looking she could tell he was smirking.

"I didn't ask your opinion, did I Dark Flygon?" May said, turning to face Dark Flygon. He was dressed similarly to her-except he had an Umbreon, and from what she could see of him was handsome.

"I just thought you'd like to take a lesson away from this, seeing as how you're not taking anything else," he said coolly.

"And what makes you say that, Jerk Face? It looks to me like I'm the one who's going to be taking home the prize tonight," she replied in the same tone.

"Not if I can help it. Flygon, GO!" He shouted throwing up a pokéball.

There was a bright flash of light and a Flygon appeared. But it wasn't your everyday Flygon. Where the membrane was supposed to be green, it was black, and the red skin around the eyes was silver. It looked ready to battle.

"A battle, huh? Well, two can play at this game. Dragonair, take the stage!" May yelled throwing up a pokéball.

A bright light and Dragonair was there, too. But this Dragonair, like its opponent, was quite different than usual. Whereas a normal Dragonair had dark blue skin, this one had black skin, and instead of the spheres being dark blue they shined a bright white, emanating pure power.

"Flygon, Hyper Beam!"

"Dragonair, Dragon Rage!"

As the pokémon readied their attacks, men in black suits burst into the room.

Dark Flygon and May whipped their heads quickly, May quietly slipping away the dragon while everyone was distracted.

"This is the LaRousse city police!" Officer Flitch, their leader, yelled. "You are under arrest!"

"Yeah, right," Dark Flygon said with heavy sarcasm in his voice. "Like you could ever catch us."

Simultaneously, May and Dark Flygon mounted on their Pokémon and went straight through the glass ceiling. Millions of pieces of glass fell on the officers, wounding some of them.

"Someday I'll get you two!" The Officer Flitch shouted. "And when I do, you'll be in jail for so long I'll be dead by the time you're out!"

May couldn't help but laugh at this. Yeah Officer, you'll catch us. She thought to herself. And rain will turn into Mankeys when it falls from the sky and I'll get an A in Science. Get real.

Out loud she said, "Looks like our work here is done, eh Espeon?" Espeon nodded silently and they headed for home.

Drew's POV

Drew Hayden slowly staggered into the family mansion, (his family owns half of LaRousse) tired from the night's work. The second he walked in, he was bombarded with questions by his assistant, Ash.

Ash had worked for Drew as a part time job because he and his mother were so poor. Since the two families were very close, the Hayden family let the Ketchums stay with them and even paid for Ash to go to school with Drew. In exchange Ash was Drew's assistant for all his missions.

"Did you get it?" Ash asked hopefully.

"Unfortunately, not." Drew said a little gloomy.

"Come on Drew, you can't keep missing it every night," Ash scolded him. "Remember what happened last time?"

Drew sat down in his favorite chair and slowly stroked Umbreon. "How could I forget? But why can't I just neutralize it there? It'd be so much easier. No having to try and sneak something large out of a top secret base. Just zap it and leave."

A man with dark green hair walked up behind him and rested his hand on his shoulder. "Because we can't take the chance of someone activating it again, Drew." his father said.

"Humph," was all Drew could muster.

"Try harder next time, son," his father encouraged, his own green eyes shining. "After all, you'll have forever to practice." Drew only rolled his eyes.

"Let me guess," Ash said, slightly annoyed, "she was there again, wasn't she?" Luckily, Drew's father had left to get some coffee, so he didn't hear a single word about who "she" was.

"I swear, this would all be so much easier if she didn't try to steal everything I'm stealing at the exact same time," Drew grumbled. "It's almost as if she's trying to stop me from getting it."

"Well boys. You better get to bed," Drew's father yelled from the kitchen. "You have school tomorrow."

"Yes, sir," the boys replied, and headed to their bedrooms.

May's POV

Misty looked out from her window.

May is awfully late.

She felt a tap on her shoulder, turned around, and felt a hand cover her mouth as she shrieked. Then she saw May's face.

"Calm down. It's just me."

"Did you get it?"

"Of course," May winked, pulling out a bag from her backpack. "How could I not?"

Misty squealed.

"I take it that May's got the dragon?" a deep voice rumbled out.

"That's right, Dad," May said, grinning like a 5 year old girl. "I've done it again!"

"That's my girl," her father, Norman said, hugging her. "A chip off the old block, eh, Caroline?"

Caroline responded with a roll of her eyes, but smiled at her daughter.

"Well, we better take it down to the lab for testing." As soon as Caroline and Norman left, Misty started questioning May.

"Was a certain Dark Flygon present?"


"Did said Flygon try to steal the dragon?"


"And did a certain Dark Flygon boil when you stole said dragon?"


"Brilliant." The two girls grinned at each other.

"May, honey, you better get to bed. You too, Misty; your parents and sister's are already asleep."

Misty's father had gambled away the family's earnings, but he was close friends with Norman, who was a nice man. He sympathized with the family and had them stay with him. He paid for everything the family needed, even schooling. Misty's sister's had all graduated from their college, but since Misty was the same age as May, he had her become May's assistant for her missions.

But Misty was more than just May's assistant. She was her best friend. Someone she could confide everything to.

But she certainly wouldn't tell her best friend about how many Butterfree a certain Flygon caused in her stomach.

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