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"Ohhh!" Kagome squealed.

Inuyasha grunted and came to a halt. His arms were folded tightly across his chest and his eyes drifted towards Kagome. She was hopping around and gripping tightly at her purse.

"What is it..? What's wrong with you?" He yelled, starting to get worried. She didn't respond so he grabbed her and started to look her over. Taking a few sniffs here and there.

"Inuyasha…" her voice was soft and gentle.

Inuyasha looked at Kagome, her face as red as his clothes. "uuhhhh…" she quickly pushed her away and crossed her arms, blush appearing on the top of his cheeks. "I was just worried! That's all! You didn't listen to me, so.."

"Look!" Kagome pointed to her right towards a large glass window.

Inuyasha's golden orbs drifted towards her gesture, his mouth dropped and he let out a loud yelp. "What the hell is this?"

A puppy with bright brown eyes was licking at the glass and barking happily.

"It's an adoption facility.." Kagome said, her eyebrow perked at Inuyasha's reaction.

"We need to get him out of there! He's trapped!" Inuyasha quickly pulled out his sword and hacked away at the glass. Breaking it in a matter of seconds.

Blood rushed away from Kagome's face. "In…Inu…I…" She stood frozen, trying to say Inuyasha's name.

Inuyasha put away his sword and eyed her. "What's wrong Kagome..?"

The space between the two was soon crowded with happy puppies eagerly trying to get their attention.

Inuyasha quickly looked down at the puppies. "What the hell you doin'? Get out of here..I let you free now scram.." He kneeled down and gently started to push them away but they just sniffed and nibbled at his fingers.

Kagome finally came to and watched as Inuyasha played..er..examined the 10 puppies, of various colors and shapes.

She looked back at the window pane and saw the owner gripping a broom and biting his bottom lip so hard that she was sure it was going to start bleeding. "Inuyasha! Put them back! Hurry!" Kagome yelled.

Inuyasha looked up at Kagome, and caused her to start blushing. His eyes were so big, and sad. He had grown…attached.


"Can't I just keep one….?"

Kagome scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Fine..but you'll have to fix the glass.." Her thumb gestured towards the glass.

Inuyasha snorted, "I ain't fixin' nothin'. They're the crazy people who decided to lock up animals and stick them inside.."

"Inuyasha…." Kagome growled, "SIT BOY!"

Inuyasha went slamming into the ground. Kagome watched as the puppies crawled all over him. She smiled lightly as one with white fur started to tug at Inuyasha's baseball cap. She quickly picked up the puppy. It's golden eyes met hers, as it started to squirm and nibble on her fingers.