Sup People?! No uber long wait this time around:P Let's start off with answering a few reviews.

Koper: The kinda of speedy progress is due to the race against time. If i'm not mistaken the events of mass effect 2 – ME 3 took place in the span of half a year(i think). Granted even if this is so, I may end up making so that it takes longer so naruto can have time to do stuff. And yeah, it is pretty bad that I only have 50k words over 5 years. But at least i'm not outright abandoning the story:P

six samurai of dragon order I have my doubt about the effectiveness of today's guns (the standard guns foot soldiers use) They simply lack the punch to damage the shields. Gatling guns and .50 cal machine guns might work but those weapons are unwieldy. Keep in mind that weapons in mass effect fire "bullets" a faction of the speed of light where as or guns are only breaking the sound barrier, granted our guns bullets carry more mass but I doubt that would make much of a dif.

guest 1= yeah I admit it's silly that they forgot a chunk of their population. But it's just one of those things you shouldn't bother thinking about. Honestly couldn't think of anything better.

Guest 2 Some of Sakura's "blood" got taken. You can attribute this to carelessness on Naruto's part since they just came to that galaxy. In their home galaxy leaving something like that isn't a big deal since nanoroids are commonplace back there (in this story) But they think more about things like this afterward as you'll see.

Guest 3- This subject again. Naruto gave Miranda info that is very basic and of no worth what so ever.. If Cerberus were to somehow get to New Eden, they could literally get the info in minutes. Other than that, I needed to give an idea about naruto's home galaxy to the reader and i'd rather have that done sooner rather than later. Even assuming he didn't tell it to Miranda, Cerberus would have gotten the info anyway since they have the ship bugged to all hell:P.

Guest 4- Naruto isn't Aria's bitch. He did her a favor, she repayed him, then hired him to clean out. You could say that they have a business like relationship. And Naruto would always try to keep things on his terms, which is why he didn't go to aria for help with sakura. Doing so would have left him in HER debt, THEN he could have become Aria's bitch. Newgate- glad you like the change in pairing. I for one am not really fond of how Morinth was handled in the game. She was just kinda there if you killed her mom, but this is a good thing from a writers point of view because I can take her and do whatever the hell I want.

It had been a week since Sakura's rescue. It took 3 days to sort and inventory the supplies and intel they stole. It was quite a haul, with a lot of minerals and a modest amount of element zero, something that disappointed Naruto a bit, as he wanted much more for his own use. The data they collected held info that could push Naruto's goals far ahead, and give him an edge in negotiating with other races. But at the moment, Naruto was looking over the biology of the Asari. Previously he got basic info on them, but he stumbled upon highly detailed data on their biology and physiology. He had tons of data from his studies of Morinth, but she was hardly what one would call normal. Which was exactly what Naruto was looking into.

"Taking an interest in Asari?" Sakura asked over the comms.

"Hell yeah." Naruto admitted. "You know I'm very interested in biotics. It's only natural that I study those who use it naturally. And thanks to Morinth, I had a breakthrough."

"Oh? How so?"

"During our rescue op I let her meld with two guards, the results were interesting and will allow me to replicate biotic feats." Naruto explained.

"So what? You going to make one of your clones with biotic abilities?" Sakura asked.

"That is ultimately the end goal. However for now it's a goal that is out of reach. But I do have something else in mind to tinker with in the meantime."

"Then I guess she's pretty much used up her usefulness huh?" Sakura asked. "Should I throw her out the airlock?"


"Come on don't tell me you got interested in her. She's a killer and letting her live will cause problems later." Sakura protested.

"The truth is, it was during that melding I found something interesting, and after looking at the data of a normal Asari, I was able to confirm my theory." Naruto said as he opened a file holding a scan of what appeared to be a brain. "This is an image of a living Asari's brain." He said then pulled up another scan. "This is Morinth's brain. Note the differences in brain activity."

"Yeah I see them. But I fail to see what is the big deal.

"Morinth has parts of her brain disabled, while other parts seem to be "over clocked" so to speak." Naruto began. "The part of her brain that is disabled is the human equivalent of the anterior insular cortex and the right temporo-parietal junction, which gives normal beings a sense of empathy and moral compass. Then there is the other parts of her brain that aren't disabled, but hyperactive that is responsible for survival instinct as well as the asari equivalent of the frontal lobe, which is responsible for attention, behavior, abstract thinking, problem solving, creative thought, intellect, initiative, judgment, coordinated movements, muscle movements, and physical reactions. Naruto paused. "These factors make her highly dangerous, In close quarters combat despite her not really being trained for it. Her physical fitness coupled with enhanced reactions and thinking process makes her deadly at close quarters.

"I didn't have any problems knocking her out to capture her." Sakura pointed out.

"Come on Sakura you can't exactly expect an organic to keep you with you when you get a bit pumped. Besides, you had her completely fooled with your act." Naruto pointed out before continuing. As for the other aspects of her brain that get's a jump, Well, I've seen how she tricked the two guards into having sex with her. It was pretty amazing how quickly she thought up a believable story to trick the two guards that caught her. Every time she melds, she receives a jump in some parts of her brain Along with a massive dose of chemicals that make her feel good, Sort of like dopamine in humans as well as a chemical that stimulates that growth of her biotic nodes, which would explain the increase in bitoic power. This explains why she has no remorse for those she kills, she doesn't see it as wrong, and she can't feel empathy, and why she is so quick thinking and why she is willing to do whatever it take to survive. They say that it's the addiction that drives them to feed constantly, but the fact is if she had the moral compass and empathy, she may be less inclined to feed because she would understand the value of life."

"So what are we going to do with her then?"

"I'll try to correct problems and see what happens from there."

"You can fix her brain all you want, it won't mean jack if every time she melds she just fries out again."

"That aspect of the disorder can be dealt with as well. We can develop blockers and inhibitors to limit the discharge to her brain every time she melds while allowing to meld without killing the partner."

"This is all on you if it backfires." Sakura warned.

"Relax Sakura." Naruto said. "I'm confident something can be done for her, and with a treatment for this problem, we may be able to start relations with the Asari."

one week later…

Things had been rather uneventful over the past week. The lull in work had allowed Naruto and Sakura to work on the treatment for Morinth. The treatment, in a nutshell, involved using nanites to jump start the disabled parts of Morinth's brain, followed by using nanites to limit the discharge to her brain when melding while making the melding process itself safe. This treatment was jut a short term remedy however, nanites don't stay active forever, this bout of treatment could remain active for a few months, giving Naruto the time he needed to make a more permanent solution. The treatment was given to her just the day before under the guise of a normal injection for tests. Already Naruto could see the nanites were at work but it would take a bit more time before they completed their task. Then there would be the therapy Morinth may need should the treatment prove to be a success. To have a sense of morals and empathy suddenly turned on could possibly have effects on her mentally. Where previously she thought nothing of killing even innocent people, she would suddenly realize how wrong she was. Such a thing would traumatize anyone for life, however Naruto suspected that Morinth would be able to get over it somewhat quickly. This was due to her melding up until now. The boosts to her intellect from all the melding she has done still applies, and hopefully she would sort herself out with her own logic.

He had also explored a few systems for potential resources I.E Ore to mine. He had gotten a nice supply of stuff from the broker's base, however, he still needed minerals for manufacturing tech from New Eden. Minerals that were not in this galaxy because no one discovered a way to refine the raw ores to make them. This resulted in the need to mine his own ore so he could refine it himself. he'll need the minerals to keep other aspects of his operation running and even build another ship, preferably one with good shields, armor, guns and drones. He had found a system not to far from where they were based that was full of every kind of ore he needed, even rare ones such as arknor, bistot, and Crokite. He planned to begin mining operations in a day or two.

Then there is the issue of the shadow broker, or rather he lack of action after Naruto's raid. It unnerved Naruto a little bit, after his stunt with the shadow broker, he expected and almost wanted the shadow broker to come at him. Had the shadow broker tried gunning for him, he would have to leave himself open. No matter how careful someone may be, when dealing with something like organizing soldiers to attack someone, there would always be holes. A soldier who talks too much, someone carelessly leaving in on their Omni-tools, supply trails for said soldier that could be tracked and many other ways to get a location on labs, supply depots, or if he was lucky, the hideout of the shadow broker himself. He had to give the Broker credit, he didn't just rush to get payback. Chances are, he was gathering any info he could, and waiting for the right moment to attack. The lack of real info on Naruto was a huge plus, The Broker had no clue about his capabilities. At best all he knew was that Naruto was affiliated with Commander Shepard, and was able to handle one of his secret bases with relative ease. He had no way of knowing that Naruto was working separately from Shepard and had no real dependable backup other than Sakura and for damn sure he doesn't know about his little station hide out that could tear into and frigates and cruisers the galaxy had to offer. While Naruto would welcome the chance to find more bases to raid, he was no fool. He couldn't repeatedly attack a base with only himself, Sakura and Morinth it would be foolish to assume the shadow broker would let the same weaknesses be exploited again. This issue of the shadow broker will be dealt with in time, Naruto had no choice but to wait for him to make the first move.

The following week….

Naruto had Sakura deal with the mining of ore rich asteroids in the system. Originally he had planned to handle the mining himself this time around but another issue arose, Namely Morinth. Her treatment had finally fully kicked in and the result was destructive to say the least. Naruto had assumed that she was taking it well, but something snapped. With a tormented cry Morinth unleashed a massive force of biotics that threatened tear the research module apart. Gas was quickly pumped into the module to knock out the ailing asari. Naruto was now at the POS main hub looking over the info from the nanites in Morinth's body.

"So how's your little patient?" Sakura asked over the comm.

"She's starting to wake back up." Naruto answered.

"She really caught me off guard. I suspected she was powerful, but I never thought she could threaten to destroy an entire module in the space of a few seconds."

"It just goes to show the potential of biotics. Now do you see why I have such an interest in it?" Naruto asked. "Biotics is something that shouldn't be ignored. You're looking at the control of gravity of all things." He said. "It's one of, if not the most likely field of science that could tip the deadlock between the factions back home. I would rather have as much of an edge in the field as possible to ensure that the federation wouldn't be taken off guard."

"That's so like like you." Sakura commented.

"How is the mining?" Naruto asked.

"So far I have half the hold full of arknor. These asteroids are freaking hard, it's taking forever to get the ore."

"That's to be expected." Naruto began. "It's just a small mining frigate with mining lasers, not a tier 2 mining barge with powerful strip miners."

"Why can't this stuff form in softer asteroids? It would be so awesome if arknor formed in softer asteroids like Valspar does."

"Just try to get a full hold of arknor and bistot, after that we'll try to move on to more easier ore." Naruto ordered. "After 5 days of mining the stuff, I'm pretty sure we have all the arknor and bistot we'll need for now but another load wouldn't hurt."

"Alright. If that's the case I'll be done with this in a day or so."

"Good. I'll be working the manufacturing array It's high time we got some heavier hitting ground weapons and nano hives for ammo."

"Understood. I'll call you if I need anything." Sakura finished before ending the transmission.

Naruto then turned his attention to the video feed that watched over Morinth. Somehow it had survived her outburst. Now that the effects of the gas had pass, she was sitting in a corner gripping her head with her hands mumbling. Naruto Enabled the comms so he could speak to her. "Morinth." He began. Upon hearing Naruto' voice her body went rigid. For a moment she was perfectly still. "Morinth." Naruto called again, The response was a little more volatile.

Snapping her gaze at the camera, she started to emit a blue aura, a telltale sign of her biotic powers getting primed for use. "You!" She seethe. "You did this to me!"

"Unless you want to get gassed again you may want to claim down." Naruto warned.

This didn't seem to have much effect at first. The asari's anger seemed to increase before simmering down, and with it the biotic aura that surrounded her. "What did you do to me?" She asked in barely contained rage, tears running freely down her face.

"To make a long sorry short, I gave you a conscience." Naruto answered.


"I was going to hand you over to the Asari, but realized you were mentally ill." Naruto clarified. "You're melding had shut down parts of your brain that made you feel remorse, among other things. So I turned it back on."

"Change me back." Morinth whimpered. "CHANGE ME BACK NOW!" She whaled hysterically, breaking into tears. "The voices….. they won't stop." She whimpered.

"So you would go back to killing?" Asked, causing Morinth to flinch. "We'll talk more a bit later when you've claimed down. In the meantime, I suggest that you think. Think hard about what you've been given." Naruto said. "And if you pull anymore stunts like last time you'll be gassed again, you won't get the easy way out of this." He finished, cutting off the comm. Now turning his attention to the manufacturing array controls, he got to work there were many things that needed to be built.

24 hours later…..

Naruto, having finished a few components and modules for his armor drop suit, made his way to the research module. His focus at the moment is to try to consul Morinth, who at the moment seemed to have claimed down. Sakura had finished mining for now and was watching over the proceedings. Now entering the living area of the module Naruto took a moment to survey the condition of the room, something that couldn't really be done with a single camera. Everything that wasn't bolted down, got flung every which way, and nearly all of the lights were destroyed, resulting in the room being mostly dark. Over in the area that used to be where the TV was once set up, Morinth sat up with her back to the wall with an unreadable expression. Naruto grabbed a nearby chair and sat down in front of her, during all this, Naruto's presence seemed to go unnoticed by the Asari. After a few minutes of silence, Morinth spoke.

"Thank you." She said.

"You're welcome." Naruto replied.

"You're done with me now right?" Morinth asked. "Surely you must have gotten all the data on biotics you would need by now."

"I have, you've been a great help in my studies, more than you'll ever know." Naruto answered.

"Then please….Kill me." She begged quietly.

"No." Naruto answered simply, causing Morinth to look at him desperately.

"Why not? You've killed many before. What does one Asari matter?"

"I kill to protect." Naruto began. "I kill to serve my people. I would never kill someone in cold blood."

"It won't be in cold blood." Morinth argued. "Don't you see? I've murdered countless people."

"You couldn't help yourself."

"YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" She shouted. "Four hundred years. Four hundred years I've committed countless crimes. And for what? Some sick pleasure." She said in disgust. "You don't understand. I've killed men, women…even children. It goes beyond simple killing the ones that caught my interests were always those who could advance their people on a cultural level. I've done more than simply kill I've on more than one occasion stared entire cultures down a destructive path."

"So you feel that you should be killed to make up for your past crimes?" Naruto asked receiving a nod from Morinth. "Bullshit." This caused Morinth to look at him in anger. "You want to die because it's the easy way out, plain and simple."

"It's what I deserve!"

"Tell me. If I killed you, what would happen?" Naruto asked, getting no response. "Exactly, nothing. None of the wrongs you committed will be undone. Your death would be a waste of life in more ways than one." Naruto paused to let his words sink in. "In 400 years, you must have melded with quite a few people, Their deaths allowed you to become smarter and more powerful. Intelligence and power that would go to waste and make their deaths utterly pointless if you were to just die. You owe it to them to live on delicate your life to atone for the things you've done. You can help in the fight against the collectors and the reapers." Naruto finished before standing up and extending his hand to Morinth. "Don't be so quick to throw away your life. Now come on lets get this place back in order. Can't have you living here like this." Morinth slowly grabbed his hand and was pulled to her feet. 'All she needs is time.' Naruto thought to himself as he watched Morinth use her biotics to move the furniture back in place.

Timeskip: One month Later...

The past month had been very productive for Naruto. Tons of ore had been mined and refined, and now he was in the Assembly array, watching his thorax class cruiser. It was the latest tier 1 cruiser in the federation, while it couldn't dish out as much as it's tier 2 variants, it was still a force to be reckoned with especially when fitted properly. With it's microwarp drive, it could achieve normal speeds that rival the Normandy SR-2. In the way of defense, he employed a technology that is unknown to the milky way: Hardeners. By Fitting a ship with these modules, you can get your shields or armor resistant to a particular type of damage. Here in the milky way, there were only two types of damage the weapons inflict: thermal and kinetic. So the shields were set to be resistant to them, able to negate as much as 70% of the damage. With a shield recharger, he would be able to restore his shields to full strength, yet another innovation that is new to the galaxy, Ships that had it's shields taken out have to rely on it's armor until it can get back to a station to have it recharged. But despite all the ship's defense, Naruto still had to be careful. The defenses would allow him to take on ships of comparable size, but nothing bigger. His cruiser was only as big as one of this galaxy's frigates. At the moment, The Normandy is the only frigate with Enough fire power to utterly destroy the thorax thanks to it's thanix cannon, a weapon reversed engineered from reaper tech. The thorax also held impressive firepower, with a total of 10 Tier 2 medium railguns and an assortment of Attack drones. The stealth system as well as several other newly built modules were added.

As he stood at the console overlooking the ship's construction, his attention was bought to Morinth, who was Using her biotics to load up supplies onto the ship. She had been given a fair deal of freedom Over the past month. She was slowly getting over her issues and it showed with a partial return of her personality. Her love for art returned, and Naruto used that to his advantage by encouraging her to pick up painting and sculpting. Sometimes he would join her to kill time, painting things he remembered from New Eden. She also helped where ever she could, no doubt a means to help her cope with what she had done. Finally after moving the last crate of supplies into the ship Morinth left the construction area. Not long after she entered the control hub where Naruto was working with a pair of ration bars in hand.

"You haven't eaten anything at all for the day." She said as she handed him a bar.

"Thanks." Naruto said as he took the bar. "I'm just excited to finally have a combat worthy spaceship." He explained as he opened the package and took a bite. "And thank you for all the hard work. Your contribution helps speed things along, if it was just me and Sakura, we'd still be working another month or so on this ship."

"It's nothing. It's the least I can do all things considered." Morinth paused. "This past month was rather hectic for me." She said looking at her own nutrient bar.

"I would imagine."

"I hardly thought about my family at all." She said taking a nearby seat.

"Come to think of it, the matter of your family was the one thing you never really liked taking about." Naruto commented. "I was under the impression that you disliked them or something."

"No, that wasn't it at all." Morinth began. "Even before your treatment, I always thought of my sisters."

"I'm sure you are in their thoughts as well." Naruto said in a minor attempt to comfort Morinth.

"They're Ardat yashi like I was." Morinth stated surprising Naruto a little bit. "But unlike me, they chose to remain confined to a monastery on a moon."

"Have you ever tried contacting them?" Naruto asked.

"Several times, but it's doubtful they even get a chance to read my messages." She answered. "The life in the monastery is extremely strict you are limited to how much you can do. And time on the extranet is something that is heavily restricted. Added to the fact that messages most likely get screened and chances are, they don't get to read anything I sent them. Which may had been for the best. Some of what I send them was outright tempting them to run, to come to my side."

Naruto remained silent, choosing to let Morinth talk. It would be best to get this off her chest.

"I was hoping you would treat my sisters like you did me. They deserve a fair chance at life."

"Treatment for them would come in time." Naruto answered. "The treatment you have isn't exactly permanent."

"What?" Morinth asked in shock.

"Those nanites that fixed you up will only be active for so long, in fact they may only have a few more weeks of power left." Seeing a look of horror on Morinth's face Naruto quickly put her mind at ease. "You don't need to worry about reverting back to who you were however. The person you were was a result of your lack of morals and conscience, The nanites fixed that. As long as you don't meld, you are at no risk of turning back." At this Morinth seem relieved. "I'm working on an implant that should act as a permanent solution for you. Even allowing you to meld safely with your partner. You would be able to live your life as you see fit, and should it prove to be successful, your sisters will be the first to have them."

"How long until you finish the implants?" Morinth asked.

"I can't say. Implants are not quite up my alley, but I find myself needing to learn more about them to push forward with other projects. So who knows?"

"Thank you Naruto. My sisters mean a lot to me, despite our lack of contact." She said as she left.

With the door closing shut behind her, Sakura spoke out over the intercom. "Well she's getting better."

"How long were you listening?"

"Please the minute you two are in the same room I drop what I'm doing and give you guys my full attention."

"Awww and here I thought you trusted her now." Naruto joked.

"She isn't the sex crazed killer she was before, I'll give her that, but I won't over look the fact that she's still not fully stable mentally. Never know when you'll need a quick vent of gas."

"Your concern is appreciated." Naruto said before going back to work.

3 Days later...

The ship was now completed with most of it's systems fully tested and operational, something that made Naruto overwhelmingly happy. All that was let to do was a combat test something that had to be done out in space. And something that had to be improvised since he didn't exactly have anyone to have a friendly space fight with. Which was why Naruto was in the ships control pod, readying for the Thorax's first launch. Sakura and Morinth went along as well if only to finally get out of the station. With the final launch checks finished, the docking couplings released the ship before it backed out of the construction array and turned around, aligning to the mass relay, and activated it's FTL drives, to find a secluded place where they can do the testing.

After a few hours they finally reached their destination. Dholen. This was a good choice because several the systems could be tested. The shielding, would be under damage from the nearby star, which was rapidly turning into a red giant, allowing them to test It's limits and there were several things to test their guns on

Upon entering the system, their shields slowly started to decline, which was brought back up to strength with the shield recharger. With careful tweaking, they adjusted the shield's resistance to the thermal energy the star was giving off, which reduced the decline in shields to a negligible level. Next they moved to a near by asteroid field to run a weapons test. Locking on to several asteroids, all guns opened fire. The results made Naruto frown, all but one of the guns missed. "Sakura your calibration are way off on these guns." he said.

"Cut me some slack, in all our years of flying ships we never bothered using freaking rail guns, so excuse me if a few errors are made." She defended as her eyes glowed blue. " I'm re calibrating them now, give me a few minutes."

"I'll be running a test scan of the system in the mean time." Naruto said. Naruto activated the ship's basic scanner. It was a standard in all ships from new eden. An omni directional pulse is sent through space simulator to sonar, but instead of sound various signals would be sent out. Able to move faster than light, scanning a larger area of a system is relatively fast. However the scanner only gives rough info. It can tell if a ship, asteroid field, or structure is in range, and give a general idea of the direction it's in, but nothing more. Detailed information would require probes and while probes were equipped and ready for launch, using them would be a waste, as they had little to no shielding which meant they would be destroyed after leaving the ship. The scan of the system proved to be a bust however. There was hardly any information, Naruto could only assume it was due to the nearby star. Even the asteriods that were floating in the front of them didn't pick up on the scans but this was an issue that could be looked at later, Sakura had completed the calibrations to the rail gun.

"Alright give them a try." Sakura said.

Naruto fired the guns again, this time hitting all the targets with pin point accuracy. "This is more like it." Naruto commented, firing several more shots, all hitting their mark.

" Asteroids are child's play, if only we had a nice fast moving target." Sakura stated. Immediately after those words left her mouth, Two Geth dropships warped directly on top of them.

"Dammit Sakura!" Naruto shouted over the comm. Thanks to Naruto being interfaced with the ship, the reaction to the Geth ships was instantaneous. Every rail gun turned to a single geth ship and opened fire while the ship shot off at high speeds. The Geth ships quickly began pursuit, firing off several shots all of which hit the ship. "Thermal based weapons" Naruto commented. As the ship shook from another hit.

"Drones would even the odds Naruto." Sakura suggested.

"Agreed. I want you to take control over medium drones. They won't last for long in the radiation the star is emitting if you see they're about pop, bring them back."

"Got it." Sakura said as she connected to the 5 Drone in their drone bay.

Naruto gave the ship a hard pull up, hoping to capitalize on the ships in ability to fire in all directions to allow the drones to be deployed safely. As planned, the Geth ships where not able to keep up with the maneuver. This is where the ships of New Eden shined, the ships in the milky way could only fire in the front for the most part, new Eden ships however could fire their guns in any direction, granted they could only bring their full armament to bare if faced directly to their target. It still made the ship highly dangerous and drones could more than make up for any guns that may not be in the firing arc. Naruto fired several more volleys at one of the ships while deploying the medium combat drones. The drones hovered in spaced momentarily before bursting into action. Focusing on the same ship Naruto was targeting, the 5 drones began orbiting the ship at high speeds and opened fire. The Geth ship responded to the situation by ignoring the drones. They were moving too fast for their weapons hit. Realizing the capacities of Naruto's ship, that is, it's ability to attack from any direction, the damaged Geth ship acted as bait, running away so Naruto would give chase, while the other geth ship would in turn chase Naruto. The Geth ship flew throughout the asteroid field obviously trying to lead Naruto into a situation where a mistake could be made. Soon the combined firepower of the drones and the guns of Naruto's ship would prove too much. The Geth ship blew up, scattering debris in all directions. Naruto immediately maneuvered out of the denser part of the asteroid field where he was lead. Thanks to him being directly linked to the ship, he could maneuver inside the field much like the geth however that didn't mean he liked it, after all, Morinth was on board and she didn't have the luxury of immortality. To Naruto's surprise, the other Geth ship didn't give chase instead remained in the dense area of the field. "Sakura bring the drones back in." Naruto ordered.

"Their shields are at 55% on the drones, we can take it."

"No you can bet reinforcements are on the way. We got a good test run, no reason to continue this fight."

"Fine." Sakura said, calling the drones back to the ship. Just as the last drone entered the ship, 5 additional Geth ships warped in.

Immediately Naruto activated the thorax' warp drive and escaped. As they were in warp Naruto activated the ship's stealth systems, knowing full well that the Geth would likely pick them up shortly after leaving warp. "That went better than I hoped." Naruto said out loud.

At this point, Morinth who had remained silent through the ordeal spoke. "Did the ship get damaged?" She asked.

"Not a starch, the shields held up really well due to them being calibrated to resist the thermal damage of the local star, it just so happens the Geth also used pure thermal based weapons. So the shields took nearly all the damage although they are only at 54% now."

"You have all sorts of other tech that would have made things easier on you. Why not use them?" Morinth asked.

"Because the last thing I need is for the Geth to find a way to replicate my tech. If it were anyone else I would have used the full combat capabilities of this ship."

"Naruto there is a transmission coming from a nearby planet." Sakura interrupted.

Lets hear it."


"Can you clear that up Sakura?"

Without a word Sakura's eyes flashed green for a few moments and replayed the message.

"This is Reeger of the Qurian marines. If there's anyone out there we need immediate backup, we're heavily engaged with Geth on the planet Haestrom ."

"Morinth, Sakura, suit up and be on standby. we're going to help those guys out." Naruto ordered.

"Got ya."


The Thorax left warp and turned to the planet where the transmission originated before warping again.

By the time they arrived, Naruto was out of the ship's pod, allowing Sakura to take control while he suited up. He looked over at Morinth who was making another check on her pistol. "We'll be hot dropping right in the fight." Naruto began. "You remember how to use the inertial stabilizers on the suit right?"

"Yes. During free fall I just need to assume a kneeling position and it actives, letting me safely drop to the ground from any height without any harm."


Shortly afterwards, the ship arrived at the planet and entered it's atmosphere. It didn't take long before they arrived in the area where the quarians were engaged with the Geth. Sakura brought up the fight on the display. Naruto could see several quarians clearly outnumbered and outgunned by the Geth, who had colossus with them. "Before we drop out, open fire on that colossus and some support fire in the places where the Geth are most concentrated." Naruto said. "After that leave the controls to the onboard A.i."

"So now we get to go toe to toe with the Geth. I'm kinda excited." Sakura commented.

"Just don't do anything stupid." Naruto deadpanned. "I took the liberty of equipping the dropsuits with higher Resistance to thermal damage that should give us some leeway when fighting in direct sunlight but still be careful, the Geth seem to use both kinetic and thermal based weapons. Letting yourself get slammed by a few rounds while standing in the light may not be the smartest thing to do."

Now high over the combat zone, Sakura aimed the ship's rail guns At the Geth colossus and clusters of Geth before opening fire. The effect was immediate, the colossus was utterly destroyed and the Geth suffered heavy casualties. Now with Sakura back in her body, they jumped out of the ship and nosed dived to the ground, intending to capitalized on the opening the barrage created. Upon reaching a lower altitude they assumed kneeling position, which caused mild field to form below them before slamming violently onto the ground. They quickly stood up and the fire fight began. They quickly scrambled over to nearby shade, all the while opening fire on any nearby Geth. Just as they went into the shaded area they were shocked to see 4 Geth right there, before they could even react, a rocket came from behind them and blew the Geth away. Looking behind, Naruto noted a lone figure in a red body suit and a helmet, distantly quarian in design. 'So that's a quarian.' He thought to himself as he watched the quarian fire off another rocket. The fight was short thanks to the bombardment before hand. With all the Geth taken care of Naruto and company made their way to where the red clad quarian was last seen. Upon reaching the area they found him sitting on the ground with labored breath. Naruto quickly rushed to his side.

"I don't know who you are, But damn you're a sight for sore eyes." The quarian commented, holding on to his side.

"How bad is it?" Naruto asked.

"I'm swimming in antibiotics and the wound is already contained. I'll live" The quarian answered. "But enough about me, in that door on behind the Geth colossus wreck is another quarian. The data she has is very valuable to the fleet. I need to make sure she's safe." He said slowly getting up. He was about to stumble over but Naruto caught him.

"Hold on there. I'll give you a hand." He said slanging on of the quarian arms over his shoulders to give him support and started making their way to the door.

"Thanks. The Name's Reegar by the way."

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"Thanks again for saving my ass. A shame the rest of my squad didn't make it."

"I'm sorry we couldn't make it sooner." Naruto said.

"Nothing to apologize for." Reegar said before chuckling.

"Something the matter?"

"No just that I nearly blew you three to bits when you dropped out the sky. I thought you guys were Geth."

At that Naruto chuckled back. "I suppose organics dropping in like that would be surprising." He said as they finally reached the door. Using the comm Reegar spoken to the occupant inside.

"Ma'am The coast is clear, open the door."

At this a feminine voice pondered. "Reegar I thought you were dead. I'll open the door in a minute.

Not long after the door opened revealing a room that had a few destroyed Geth and several old computer consoles, most of which were inactive. They were greeted by the other quarian, who quickly rushed to Reegars side. "I'm okay ma'am. These beautiful sons of bitches saved my ass."

At this the other quarian turned her attention to Naruto and company. "Thank you. We own you for this."

"It's nothing, we happened to be in the system testing our new ship." Naruto answered. "I'm just sorry we couldn't make it in time to save the others.

"My name is Tali'Zorah vas Neema . And on behalf of the quarian fleet I thank you for what you've done." Tali said. "I just hope the data I extracted with worth the loss of life."

"Tali? Where have I heard that name before?" Naruto asked aloud.

"If I'm not mistaken Shepard talked about a quarian by that name before we parted ways." Sakura said.

"You know Shepard?" Tali asked.

"Yes. We're working with him to take down the collectors." Naruto answered, immediately lifting his hands up in the air as tali pointed her pistol at him.

"The last time I saw Shepard he was working for Cerberus." Tali began. "You're most likely with them to aren't you?"

At this Reegar spoke up. "Hold on. I'm no fan of Cerberus but you have to admit them having an Asari with them flies in the face of what we know about Cerberus let alone them coming to help anyone other than humans."

"We are not with Cerberus." Naruto said. "We are easily the most far removed from Cerberus in the galaxy. That is one of the reasons why Shepard sent us off on our own. We can operate outside of Cerberus' eye and give him a hand when needed, particularly in the likely event they backstab him."

Tali kept her gun trained on Naruto, still not trusting him. "Look This stand off is exciting and all, but lets not forget that we're still in Geth occupied space." Sakura said.

"Let's go back to my ship, I can put Shepard on so you can talk to him yourself." Naruto said

At this Tali lowered her gun. "Fine." She said as she walked right up to Naruto's face. Naruto would never really admit that he found himself slightly intimidated by the quarian. He could see his own reflection in her helmet, and her eyes glowing eerily. "But know this, until proven otherwise, I don't trust you." She finished as she stood by the door. "After you."

They quickly made their way to a large clearing that was big enough for the Thorax to land boarded the ship, and took off, leaving the system as quickly as possible. 30 minutes into the flight, the tension was high. Naruto had forgone piloting the ship and left it to Sakura, wanting to dispel Tali's distrust. To that end, he opened a comm to The Normandy and asked for Shepard not long after Shepard appeared as a projection on the bridge.

"What is it Naruto?" He asked.

"Sorry for interrupting you Shepard" Naruto began. "But I find myself in an odd position and I want you to vouch for me." He said as he stepped to the side, letting Tali stand in front of the comm.

"Hello Shepard." She greeted.

"Tali?" He asked in surprise. "What are you doing there?"

"It's a long story." She answered.

At this Shepard chuckled. "If Naruto is involved I'm sure it's one hell of a story. So what do you want to talk about?"

"I just want to know how far I Trust this guy." She said looking at Naruto. "He says he's with you, that makes him Cerberus doesn't it?"

At this Shepard understood what this was all about. "Ahh I see. You concerns are for nothing. He's not with Cerberus, in fact, until recently, he didn't know anything about them." He answered.


"It's his story to tell." Shepard said glancing at the blonde. "Have you reconsidered coming along with me?" He asked. "I could really use your help."

"I'm sorry Shepard." Tali said looking away. "I just can't bring myself to trust Cerberus."

At this Naruto spoke up. "How about her tagging along with me? I could use some extra hands." Naruto could tell that she was hesitant to the idea, and apparently, so did Shepard.

"You can trust him tali." He said. "Cerberus would more than likely try to capture him if the opportunity ever presents itself. He has tech that is rather unique that they no doubt want to get their hands on."

After a short pause, tali finally caved. "Alright, I'll stick with Naruto."

"Thank you Tali." Shepard said. "It makes me feel a lot better knowing I have someone I can trust backing me up." He paused. "Although Garrus may be a bit disappointed that you didn't join up with us." He chuckled.

"Oh why am I not surprised Vakarian is tagging along for you little escapade?" She asked jokingly. "If you need anything Shepard, you know who to call."

Shepard nodded with a smile and cut the comm.

An hour later, they dropped Reeger off at a quarian drop point so he can be picked up by the fleet. She left all the data with him to give to the admiralty board and left with Naruto. With this, Naruto had an engineer on his little group, this would be a huge help in the future.

A/N: Yeah, Tali is on Naruto's crew. The next few chapters are pretty much going to be about Naruto building up his own team. Just need to put it into writing. The next chapter is about half way done but going slow due to me using a little bit of bureaucracy on the New Eden side of the story. To me it's a minor, but important detail so i'm trying to get it right, or at least good enough. Until next time.