I love my fake Girlfriend

"This guy wouldn't stop bothering me, Harper so I kinda told him your my girlfriend. He wanted proof we just have to act like a couple for a little bit." Said Alex . It was the last thing Harper heard before her life got turn upside down.

Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place WOWP ( Set during Wizard's vs Vampire's.

" Look , leave me alone I don't want to date you" said Alex as she looked at The guy who has been bothering her for the past couple of day's. They where in the school hall way and school just let out. She wanted to get to her locker fast but he was faster and beat her to it.

" Come on Alex, your smoking hot and I could show you a good time. If you know what I mean" said The guy as he smiled at Alex.

" Look, Dude I don't like you and I said no , a dozen times now leave me alone" said Alex as she slammed her locker.

" Oh, feisty I like that in a girl" said The guy as he licked his lip's.

" Bruce , listen and listen well I DON'T WANT TO DATE YOU" said Alex as she yelled the last part out.

" Why the hell not, you haven't had a man since Dean left." said Bruce as his face turn red in rage. Alex looked around and saw Harper walking by, then it hit her the perfect lie. Lying is a girls best friend.

" Your right Dean was the last guy I dated, but I'm taken I'm dating Harper. Shes my girlfriend." said Alex as she pointed to Harper talking to her younger brother Max.

" Finkle ! your dating that redheaded freak" said Bruce as he frowned. Alex smiled, her idea had work.

"Yeah , I am and shes all I need. So leave me alone. Don't ever call her a freak" said Alex as she walked away and headed towards Harper.

" Prove it," said Bruce as he crossed his arm's and smirked at Alex. Alex looked at him and rolled her eye's she had to play it cool.

Alex reached Harper she hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. At the corner of her eye she looked to see if Bruce saw it and he did , his face was turning very red with rage. Alex smirked , she pinched Harper on her but and dragged Harper out of the school building.

( Out Side )

" Okay, Alex whats up with the whole touchy thing, You hate when people touch you." said Harper as she looked confused. Alex smiled Harper knew her better then anybody on the planet.

" This guy wouldn't stop bothering me , Harper so I kinda told him your my girlfriend. He wanted proof, we just have to act like a couple for a little bit" said Alex as she gave Harper her innocent smile and batted her eye's.

" You did WHAT!" said Harper as she looked shocked. She couldn't believe what she heard. Why the hell would Alex do that.

" Harper please be My Fake girlfriend for a little bit, please as my best friend would you do me this huge favor. I'll owe you big time if you do" pleaded Alex as she gave Harper her puppy dog pout.

" You say that all the time and you already owe me 5 big time's" said Harper as she rolled her eye's.

" What's one more, so are you my fake girlfriend or not." asked Alex as she smiled.

" For how long do we have to do this" muttered Harper as she gave Alex a lopsided smile. Alex jumped up and down and hugged Harper.

" Hahaha, yippee ! I promise to be the best fake girlfriend you ever had Harper and Oh we have to go to Zombie prom together." said Alex as she looked at Harper. Harper frowned she really wanted to ask Zeke to go with her.

( Mean while with Bruce )

" Yo, lady's how's it going. I have some question's" said Bruce as he walked up to the cheerleader's.

" Sure, Bruce what is it" asked Tara one of the blond Cheerleader's .

" It's about your captain Finkle , is she dating Russo." asked Bruce. All the girl's started to laugh.

" No, Harper and Alex are just best friend's, Hahahaha " laugh Tara as she smiled. Bruce nodded and headed towards the detention crew.

" Eddie, Them and Sal I have a question for you, It's about Russo" said Bruce as he looked at the tough guy's.

" What is it Bruce, we don't have anytime were going to pull off a good prank." said Eddie as the rest of the guy's nodded there heads. Eddie was talking in very bad English.

" I just want to know what's the deal with Russo and Finkle are they dating or they just best friends" said Bruce again the people he asked that question to broke in a fit of laughter.

" Nha, bro they just best of friend's there tighter then tight pant's on a Emo kid." said Eddie as he rolled his eye's at Bruce's stupid question.

" Hmm, thanks see you's guy's around" said Bruce in the same bad English . Bruce started to look for Alex and Harper. He want's to know if Alex lied to him or is everyone in the dark about those two.

( Back with Alex and Harper)

" I was going to asks Zeke to go with me" said Harper as she looked at the ground. Alex frowned then hugged Harper.

" But Harper, your going with me and you know you'll have a lot more fun and there's always other dances." said Alex as she patted Harper on the back.

" Your right, and I'll be easier to go with you then Zeke. But We are dancing all night you got it." said Harper as she poked Alex on her arm.

" Wouldn't have it another way. Girlfriend" said Alex as she winked at Harper. Harper smiled and rolled her eye's . Typical Alex always having fun and getting into trouble.

" Oh no , here come's Bruce " said Harper as she pointed at him. Alex saw him walking towards them.

" Harper babe tell him your my girlfriend he won't stop bothering me and I hate when people hit on me when I have you" said Alex as she started to acting she knew she had to do. Harper wrap her arm's around Alex waist and glared at Bruce.

" Bruce my honey bunny told me you wouldn't stop bothering her. Is this true ." said Harper as she frowned . Harper kissed Alex on her neck. As Harper did that Alex ran her finger on Harper's cheek.

" The word around school is that you two are best friend's. Kiss , I want to see you two kiss." said Bruce as he looked at Harper and Alex. Alex turned around fast and grabbed Harper's face and brought it close to her's. There lip's met and both counted silently in there head to five.

" There I kissed my girlfriend , Like I have been doing for the past month." said Alex as she smirked. She looked into Harper's eye's and ran her hand's threw Harper's hair. She knew Harper loved when people ran there hand threw her hair.

"Whatever" said Bruce as he headed towards his car and drove home.

" Let's go girlfriend I need to get you home so I can magic you up some brownies" said Alex as she smiled. Harper grinned back she loved the brownies Alex could make with magic.

" Mmm, I love your brownies" said Harper as he eye's glazed over thinking of the yummy treat.

"Hey I'm your girlfriend now , you have to say you love me" said Alex as she lightly pushed Harper.

" Why, I just called you my Honey bunny isn't that enough " said Harper as she smirked. Harper started to running home.

" Honey bunny my ass" said Alex as she chased after Harper. Both girl's ran home chasing each other. They entered the family restaurant.

" Hehehe, You can't catch me Russo" said Harper as she smiled as sat down breathing hard. Alex stumbled forward and Harper caught her and looked worried.

" Got...you" said Alex out of breath. As she rested her head on Harper's shoulder.

" No I got you " said Harper as moved Alex so she can sit on her lap.

" Whatever, your so competitive Harper" said Alex as she got her breath back.

" Yeah , I am but now I'm your competitive redhead." said Harper as she winked at Alex.

" You where always my redhead Harper, now let's go upstairs and I'll make those brownies." Said Alex as she dragged Harper upstairs.

( The Russo Kitchen )

" And here you go Harper I slaved over a hot wand for you" said Alex as she handed Harper a plated full of brownies. Harper kissed Alex on the cheek and smiled.

" Wow Alex , you are the best fake girlfriend in the world" said Harper in a cute voice.

" I know now we need to talk about , how were going to fool everyone about this us dating thing." said Alex as she sat down by Harper and grab one if the brownies.

" All we got to do is hold hand's and call each other pet names." said Harper as she smirked , she knew Alex hated pet nicknames she thought they where stupid.

" No no no, no pet nicknames no more honey bunny" said Alex as she glared at Harper.

" You want me to be your girlfriend , I'm going to have fun by calling you every embarrassing pet names I can think of. " said Harper as she licked her lip's looking at the brownie in her hand.

" What no , that's not fair Harper come on you know how I hate them." said Alex as she whined.

" Oh I know how you hate them, but sweetheart I'm your girlfriend and you love me when I do that to you. Now say yes to me booboo bear" said Harper in a baby voice.

" Err, fine but if your doing that, then I expect you to grab my ass a lot. You know how I love my ass be grabbed you are after all my girlfriend" said Alex as she pointed to her ass.

" No, I not putting my hands anywhere near there. It's too dangerous and I seen better asses on other people so why bother," said Harper as she had a disgusted look on her face.

" WHAT THE HELL DID YOU SAY HARPER JENNIFER FINKLE" yelled Alex, how could anybody say that her ass wasn't perfect. It was an ass of a goddess , she was a goddess with a perfect ass.

" I said Your ass isn't that good." said Harper as she rolled her eye's. She knew Alex was obsess with her ass. But she didn't care she was not grabbing her ass. This was a fake relationship.

" Oh no , Finkle we have to make this relationship look real and that means you grabbing my ass and smacking it once in a while when we're dancing. I know you like when people run there hand threw your hair. So If you grab my ass, I'll touch your hair." said Alex as she smiled, she wanted this to work and that meant acting like she dose with the guy's she dates with Harper.

" If I say yes , will it shut you up" said Harper as she now wishing she didn't say yes to this crazy lie.

" Yes, it will shut me up" said Alex as she had a big smile.

" Fine I'll grab your ass but that's as far as I'm going " said Harper as she frowned.

" What else do we need to do to make us look like a real couple." said Alex as she sat down on Harper's lap.

" I don't know none of the guy's at School like me" said Harper as she frowned.

" Well after this they will. I'll spread the word that your a great kisser." said Alex as she smirked.

" Hehehe, what if that brings the girl's to me and not the guy's." said Harper as she had a lopsided grin on her face.

" Then Harper you just have to fight them off with a stick." said Alex as her smirked grew bigger.

" Oh, fun. When you think of how were going to act like a real couple tell me. Right now I have to do my homework and make some of my butterscotch" said Harper as she pushed Alex off her lap.

" Hey, don't push me" said Alex as she lightly smacked Harper on her ass.

" Tell me when I care Okay" said Harper as she walked to the basement. Alex rolled her eye's .

" This is going to be harder then I thought, I hope she saves me some of her butterscotch I love her butterscotch " said Alex as she walked up to her room.

( Dinner time)

" Mom , Dad, Max, Justin and Juliet I want you to know. Harper and I are fake dating. So if anybody asks if we're dating tell them yes" said Alex as she walked downstairs from her room.

" Hehehe, what . Is this some sick joke Alex what kind of prank is this." said Justin as he laughs. As the rest of the Russo's looked at Alex and nodded there heads.

" This guy at school wouldn't stop bothering me so I told him Harper's my girlfriend, so we have to act like a couple for a little bit and then we break up." said Alex as she shrugged her shoulder's.

" I'm actually okay with you dating Harper, at least it's not a boy." said Jerry as he smiled. Harper walked in and looked at everyone.

" Harper I think you can do so much better then Alex" said Max as he smiled. He hoped that would get Alex mad at him so he can get her in trouble for something he did.

" Yeah you think, you hear that Alex I can do so much better then you" said Harper as she grinned.

" Well, dad says he's okay with us dating" said Alex as she struck her tongue out at Max and Harper.

" Well, I hope you guy's know how to act" said Juliet as she looked at both girl's. The blond vampire thought in all her life never heard of someone fake dating.

" It won't be that hard we know everything about each other all we have to do is kiss and hold hands" said Alex as she leaned on Harper. Harper wrapped her arm's around Alex and placed her head on Alex's head.

" See we can do it. Our bodies fit perfectly together " said Harper as she grinned. Alex place her arm's on Harper's arms .

" Fine, but if you two are dating I don't want anything to do with it, I think only trouble can come from this plan." said Theresa as she looked at Alex and Harper.

" Whatever. Just do what I said , if anybody ask you say what" asked Alex as she rolled her eye's.

" Harper and Alex are dating" said everyone as the too rolled there eye's.

" Good now let's eat, and tonight Harper I need you to listen to my plan. We have to make this look real good" said Alex as she looked at Harper.

" Sure, whatever" said Harper as she frowned.

Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place WOWP

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