I love my fake Girlfriend

"This guy wouldn't stop bothering me, Harper so I kinda told him your my girlfriend. He wanted proof we just have to act like a couple for a little bit." Said Alex . It was the last thing Harper heard before her life got turn upside down.

Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place WOWP ( Set during Wizard's vs Vampire's.

( The Russo home Prom night)


" Man do I look good" said Justin as he finished brushing his hair. Justin looked at himself in the mirror and winked at him self tonight was going to be the perfect night for him and Juliet. He was in a classic white tux.

" Nothing could go wrong tonight" said Justin as he looked over himself one more time.


" I look so cute and sexy who am I kidding I'm hot for a dead girl" said Alex as she finished her make up. Alex picked up her purse and walked down stair's so her parent's could take picture's of her. Alex's dress was a light teal color, her hair was messy yet neat. Her skin looked grayish and she looked like she was dead.

" Harper your going to have the hottest dead girl on your arm" said Alex as she reached the bottom of the stair's.


" Fuck, Fuck fuck. Damn dragon why did you burn my dress." said Harper as she glared at the dog and the burnt dress. Dragon whined in a doggy way.

" No, no crying now. I'm sorry for being mad." said Harper as she frowned. Dragon flew to her close and started to play.

" DRAGON NO" yelled Harper as she chased after the dragon dog. As Harper reached the closet she found Dragon digging in a box.

" Wow, I forgot about that dress." said Harper as she smirked.

" Hmm, okay dragon I forgive you now hehehe the whole school is going to see a different side of me." said Harper as she picked up the black silk dress. Harper ripped some of the dress up and put it on.

" Who said Zombie's can't look slutty and hot." said Harper as she looked at herself in the mirror. The dress was very reviling half the dressed reached her right knee. On the left side reached mid thigh . The chest had a low V cut reviling perfect amount of cleavage. Not to much and not to little.

Her hair was wild and messy , she left it down so it reached her shoulder's.

"Time to dance" said Harper as she walked upstairs . Harper reached the upstairs she saw Alex,Justin and Juliet posing for picture's.

" Hey guy's wow you look great" said Harper as she smiled at them . Everyone looked at Harper and there jaw dropped.

" H-h-h-harper" said Alex as she looked at Harper.

" Yeah, Alex wow you looked great" said Harper as she smiled and walked over to Alex.

" You-you looked great wow no your smoking HOT. Damn Harper were did you get that dress. But just damn you-you-you look just well damn" said Alex as she looked Harper up and down.

" Thanks Alex I was going for a hot smoking a little slutty zombie but now I think I got it" said Harper as she grinned.

" Yes, yes you did and I'm going to have Thee hottest girl in school on my arm and well DAMN" said Alex as she looked at Harper.

" Hehehe, well your pretty damn hot two." said Harper as she smirked at Alex.

" I'm a little jealous here Alex maybe I should be asking Harper out" said Juliet as she looked at Harper.

" Well, let's take some picture's of you and Alex Harper" said Theresa as she held the camera. Harper smiled at Alex and Alex leaned against Harper . After ten picture's they all left for there prom.

( School gym , Zombie Prom )

" Wow , everything look's great Harper. You did a great job" said Alex as she smiled at Harper. Harper blushed even with the pale grayish make up you could still see her blush.

" Thank you Alex, I hope it give's off a creepy Zombie vibe." said Harper as she looked around.

" I definitely feel something" said Alex as she looked at Harper's back side. Alex blused she didn't know what was going on but that dress made Harper's ass look great.

" Really , it's not to scary is it" said Harper as she frowned .

"NO,no no no no, not to scary at all Harp's. But you might give some people some a heart attack." said Alex as she smirked at Harper.

" Hehe, if I didn't know any better I would think you where flirting with me" said Harper as she smirked back at Alex.

" Maybe I am , maybe I really think you could get someone to drop dead because of how hot you look." said Alex as she entwined her and Harper's hand's together.

"Mmm, thank you but I think you look hotter and I might die and become a real zombie." said Harper as she leaned closer to Alex.

" Hehe who's flirting with who huh" said Alex as she blush.

" Wow, you two look great but man Harper I know you have a nice rack but damn that dress just make them pop out" said Tara as she and her date looked at Harper.

" Hi Tara you look great too." said Harper as she smiled at her fellow ex-cheerleader.

" Thanks , you guy's know my boyfriend Ben." said Tara as she pointed to a cute blond with bright blue eye's.

" Hey, Ben how's everything" asked Alex as she smiled.

" Hey, it's good" said Ben as he smiled.

" Well, we got to go mingle you two look great I hope you have fun." said Tara as she and Ben left. The music started and Harper smiled. The first song that played was Low by Flo Rider.

" OHHH, I LOVE THIS SONG" yelled Harper as she smiled.

" Then shall we" said Alex as she pointed to the dance floor. Harper grinned and started to walk to the dance floor. Alex and Harper dance for an hour strait. Not noticing everyone watching them dance.

" I'm thirsty " said Alex as she stop dancing.

" Same, but this is so much fun." said Harper as she walked to the punch bowl. Harper poured two cup's for her and Alex.

" Here you go, do you want a cupcake to" said Harper as she handed Alex her cup.

" Thanks and yes." said Alex as she took the cup.

" Mmm, cupcakes" said Alex as she took the cupcake from Harper's hand.

" Hehehe, I made them" said Harper as she grinned.

" I can tell, your food always taste great." said Alex as she licked her lip's.

" Aww, Alex that's so sweet of you to say" said Harper as she kissed Alex on the cheek.

" Get a room, freaks" said Gigi as she looked at Alex and Harper.

" Gigi" said Alex as she glared at Gigi and her date Zeke.

" They should lock you two dyke's up" said Zeke as he glared at Zeke.

" Hehe, wow you two together huh . Well at least I can say my date won't give me rabies Zeke" said Harper as she glared back at him.

" Haha that was so funny babe but Zeke's just a little mad because he had wanted the hottest girl in school but I got you baby" said Alex as she kissed Harper and ran her hand's over Harper's body.

" No I got you" said Harper as she grabbed Alex's ass and pinched it.

" Let's go Zeke I don't want to get sick and catch what they have. Dirty fucking lesbian whore's" said Gigi as she dragged Zeke away from them.

" If I kill them do you think anybody would miss them" asked Harper as she galred at the evil couple leaving.

" No, but I 'll help hide the body how's the middle of outer space sound to you." said Alex as she too glared at them.

" You know let's forget them and have fun with the rest of the night. I think I owe you some more ass grabbing right" said Harper as she smirked and wiggled her eyebrow's.

" Yes,you do and I want to run my hand's in your wild red hair." said Alex as she started to run her hand's threw Harper's hair and Harper grabbed Alex's as she slowly started to dance. They where looking into each others eye's and smiling at each other.

" This is a perfect night" whispered Harper into Alex's ear.

" Yeah , it is. Nothing could go wrong." said Alex as she closed her eye's and in haled Harper's scent. She smelled like lavender and cherry blossoms.

" ARRRRRR" yelled A zombie as it walked into the gym. Alex and Harper looked at it and knew it was real.

" Oh no, I must of fucked up the spell." said Alex as she looked at the mob of real non living Zombie's coming into the school.

" Go get Justin, I'll hold them off." said Harper as she pushed Alex threw the other door.

" Be careful and don't die" said Alex as she ran off looking at Harper. Harper nodded her head and headed towards the zombies.

Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place WOWP WOWP Wizards of Waverly Place WOWP

So what do you think, tell me? I'm going to make Harper a lot braver and have a dance battle by herself with the zombie's.

Dedicated to Adiza my pimp mama