The Joker's Heart?

A The Dark Knight fan fic

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the characters you don't recodnize, ie, Kara, and her school...and oh, you get the point.

Chapter 1

The Joker walked around the back entrance of the school, rolling his eyes as he saw the big prom poster. He cocked his gun and swung his head towards one of his goons. Will you go to prom with me? He asked in a flirtatious manner. The goon (A.N: Don't really know the names of said goons , so if someone can help me out w/that, that would be awesome! K, back to the story) looked at his boss, unsure of what to say, and a bit uncomfortable at what he had just been asked. I was kidding! Jeez! No one can take a joke any more! C'mon. Let's go to Prom. He said as he shoved his goon infront of him. There were initially 4 who were supposed to be there with him, but they weren't so eager to go to a highschool dance. Kara Robinson looked around uncertainly at all the couples dancing to a slow song at the prom. Her friends had told her that it would be fun, and that she wouldn't be alone. Of course she trusted them. What a big mistake. They had all broken up into their own little making out couples, and Kara had once again been left alone. Not that she wasn't used to it, she was. But it was something that she really didn't want to think about at the moment. Instead she just sat at one of the empty tables, sipping strawberry melon punch. It was still early in the prom, and she would rather drink the punch now, before someone in their infinate wisdom spiked it. She was nonchalantly lounging around, when all of a sudden, the dance was interrupted by a round of shots being fired into the air. Everyone screamed, except for Kara who turned halfway around to see 1 guy in a clown mask, and another with a purple suit, dark pants, and multi-colored face paint...crrreeeeepppyyy!
Hello Juniors and Seniors of Spencerville High! We just wanted to interrupt your dance. We are tonight's entertainment! The Joker shouted into the group of highschoolers, as the girls scattered and hid behind their boyfriends. You know, I find this moment very, nausiatingly- is that a word? never mind. Nostalgic. I never went to my prom, because I didn't have a date! I was always the outcast, who was alone! A lot, a lot like you! He exclaimed as he pointed at Kara, sitting there at the table, as she put down her cup. He walked up to her, and pulled her up to her feet. He then held her so close that one could feel the other breathing. Alone. Kara read his body language, and knew that he and his goon weren't going to do anything, unless provoked. Sadly, no one else knew this. Hey! Back off you freak! one of the jocks yelled. Kara rolled her eyes. She was alone since she and her friends first got into the school. She really didn't need anyone's help just now. She tried to turn over to him, and tell him to shut up, but when she turned, the Joker dug his nails into the back of her neck, holding her uncomfortabley close against him. He's just scared. she said. At this, Joker yanked her head back so that she looked him in the eyes. She noticed that underneath the red smile, there were two long scars, that made the appearance of a smile. And he should be. He said as smiled eerily down at her. And how bout you angel? Are you scared? he asked as he pulled a small serrated knife out of his pocket. No. She answered, her voice unshaking, looking right into the eyes of the Joker. He was taken a-back by this. He'd never heard this answer before. This had to be fixed. Now, see, I was about to let you go. But you know what? I won't think that I will. Because you just gave me the wrong answer. With that, Kara felt her captor slide his hand to her lower back, and then a painful whack to the side of her head. When her world went black.

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