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Warnings: Gauche/Lag, implied stuff, and ignorance on everyone else's part.

"Ah! Gauche! That hurts!"

Sylvette, Aria, Niche, and Connor could all hear Lag's protest from within the small house. It was probably loud enough to disturb the neighbors, but no one commented on that.

Ever since plenty of Letter Bees decided that it was "OK" to visit the Suede's house without notice, it had been chaotic to no end. With Lag's dingo, Niche's, temper tantrum from time to time, it was not good for anyone's sanity and health. So they figured that they should just leave them alone to their own business.

Since Gauche's wake, he and Lag had retreated to the elder's bedroom after many deliveries. Sometimes they would hear groans of pain. No one bothered with it, thinking that it was just Gauche tending to Lag's wounds. Everyone knows that Lag was reckless during his job, even with Niche around.

Though Slyvette was awfully concerned. When Lag returned today, she didn't see a scratch on him. Yet he had gone up to Gauche's room anyway.

Directly underneath Gauche's room was where Slyvette currently sat. She was suddenly startled by an earthquake like effect over her head. Niche and Connor immediately rushed upstairs while Aria took Sylvette's wheelchair and... carried her up with much difficulty, cursing how kids (Niche and Connor) were no help these days.

All of them pressed their ears to the door. They could hear banging of wood – it had lessen considerably a few seconds after it started, soft moans, and whimpers, persumely from pain.

Connor and Aria's faces turned red. Slyvette's face was red also, but Niche remain clueless.

"Is Gauche hurting Lag? Because if Gauche is, I'm going to hurt him," said Niche. Her hair turned into the menacing blades that was used during battles.

"A-ah... I'm sure Lag just had some really bad injuries," said Slyvette, "I think we should leave them be, you know how Lag is... he's so sensitive with pain."

Niche merely huffed in annoyance and began prodding at Steak.

Aria looked unsure, glancing at the door wearily with every squeak inside the room. It was the bed, she suppose. Connor tried to imagine a Lag being chased by Gauche so the elder could tend to his injuries. But due to the noise he was hearing outside of the room, he couldn't help but to picture it in a different light.

"L-let's just go okay?" Slyvette mummbled, and wheeled herself out of the area with Niche following.

Connor and Aria didn't know what to do. They didn't dare to barge into the room because they think they might see some unpleasant things. After a few self-bullying, they managed to stuff what they had heard back in their brain. Somethings were better left unanswered.

Meanwhile Gauche just sighed from within the room.

"When are they going to figure out?" he asked Lag.

The little Letter Bee just blushed from underneath Gauche.

A/N: WHUT WHUT IN THE B- (is killed and left for the vultures to pick off)