The Morning After

I knew I was awake by the constant pounding in my head. I apparently had my own little drummer boy stuck in there. What I didn't know was why the sheets were so soft, or smelled so good; clean with a hint of… man. This was my first indication something was wrong.

The second came when I opened my eyes and had no clue where I was.

I quickly closed them again, trying to remember as much of last night as I could. There were visions of doing shots at the bar, dancing and celebrating my new promotion with my best friends but after that… nothing. I don't remember a drummer boy... how'd he get in there anyway?

The words 'one night stand' swam around in my head. I gingerly rolled over to see if I was alone. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding when I realized I was alone and in the most comfortable bed I'd ever been in. Whew... that bullet dodged. Just as I was beginning to relax back into the covers, I heard the water running. Picking my head up slowly I noticed what looked to be the bathroom door left open a crack. Did he leave it open with the intention of wanting me to wake up? Why did he get up so early? And, who is he?

I took quick inventory of the immaculate bedroom. King sized four poster bed which I currently inhabited, a tall dresser, two bedside tables, my clothes thrown around the room, and what looked to be a huge walk-in closet. No personal items, pictures or knickknacks, mostly simple clean lines. Thankfully, there was an alarm clock that informed me it was only 6:30. At least I wasn't late for work.

"I gotta get out of here," I mumbled to myself. Just as I was about to throw my clothes on and leave while my mystery man was still in the shower, the water stopped. Crap! Maybe if I pretend I'm still asleep, I can do the walk of shame after he leaves. This was my plan. Of course, nothing ever works out the way I planned.

My mystery man sauntered out of the bathroom in a low slung towel and headed into the walk-in closet. I could see him pulling things off hangers and then he disappeared for a few seconds. I vaguely remember seeing him at the bar last night. Visions of green eyes and crazy hair flashed into my mind. He was sitting alone at one end of the bar drinking a scotch and watching us dance. Alice pointed him out and before I knew it, I was sitting next to him with a drink in one hand and the other rubbing his thigh. He had a smile that could melt an iceberg and an old world charm about him that left me speechless. Basically, I was putty in his hands. I guess you could say that's how this all started.

It wasn't long before my mystery man emerged from the closet, buttoning up a shirt over his rock hard six pack. I think I drooled a little. Suddenly, I had a few visions of our late night activities in my mind. He finished getting dressed while I daydreamed of the many times and ways he and his magic fingers did amazing things to my body. Some of those things I didn't think were even possible. I always thought seven times in a night was a myth, but not with mystery man. With him it was just the beginning. I was so engrossed in my memories that I almost didn't hear him when he spoke.

"Oh good, you're awake," he barely looked in my direction as he greeted me. There was something different about him today, something cold and unwelcoming. I'd have to put an end to that immediately.

"Good morning. You sure are the early bird." I tried to be cute, maybe he just needed to remember how good we were together last night.

As if my speaking didn't phase him, he gave me a crooked smile and said, "Anyway...thanks for last night, I left some money on the dresser." With that he turned and walked out of the bedroom.

Wait… what just happened? My jaw dropped. Did he seriously go there? Before I could stop myself, I flung my half naked body out of bed and followed him into the living room. It took me a minute to locate him in his ridiculously large apartment. I finally found him sitting at a large table with a cup of coffee, reading the morning paper. I couldn't contain the anger I felt at this beautiful man. "YOU THINK I'M A HOOKER?" I all but screamed.

That got his attention.

"I'm sorry, Isabella, I must have been mistaken," he replied calmly, staring at me from over his paper. Without another word he went back to his paper as if he didn't just insult me. I stood there completely amazed for a minute. I couldn't do anything, but stare back at him, trying to figure out what happened to the sweet, funny, playful man from last night. And more importantly, my brain kept screaming, 'Crap he remembers my name, and I still have no clue who he is!'

Before I could make more of an ass out of myself, I turned on my heel, and stalked back into the bedroom. How dare he! Once I found my jeans and shirt, I threw them on, and grabbed my purse. I took one last glance around the room to make sure I didn't forget anything. I certainly never wanted to have to see him again, especially by having to come back and pick up something I forgot.

I've never done this one night stand thing, but I was pretty sure this wasn't the way it was supposed to go. Wasn't there supposed to be coffee in bed and numbers exchanged? Fake promises of "I'll call you" and "let's do this again"? How did I manage to find yet another loser? Story of my life.

With my head held high and a scowl on my face, I walked out of the bedroom and made a beeline for the front door. Luckily for me he was nowhere in sight. I made it into the hallway and onto the elevator before he appeared in front of the doors. He threw his arm in the elevator to stop the door from closing. Seriously? Now he wanted to talk?

With a smile on his face that screamed 'I'm a jackass' he had the nerve to ask, "Can I call you?" Oh, now you want to know if you can call me? I don't think so buddy!

I was so frustrated that I only had one reaction. I gave him a flirty smile and flipped him the bird. From what I could tell, he had no reaction to my finger at all! His natural ability to remain unphased irritated me completely.

Somehow luck was on my side and the doors closed as if on cue and I was whisked away from those green eyes that if I wasn't careful I could quickly get lost in again. Right then and there, I decided not to spend any more time thinking about the huge ass who called me a hooker. I left the swanky apartment complex with a deep cleansing breath and didn't look back. Glancing at my watch, I realized I had just enough time to catch a cab home to change and get to the office.

Hot coffee in hand, I walked into the office 5 minutes early. I was quite impressed with myself considering the short amount of time I had to get ready and get to work. I worked for a large publishing firm as their newest producer. Along with my new position, came a new office and a new assistant who was due to start today. I found his application on my desk and looked it over. Edward A. Cullen. Yale graduate, internships all over the country, great qualifications, on paper this guy was going to be great for the position. I let out a sigh; at least I would have some help getting all the added work they threw at me done.

Just as I finished reviewing the application, I heard my cell phone ringing from the depths of my purse. I found it just before it went to voicemail. "Hello?"

"Oh good, I was afraid you'd be too busy with the new job to chat," my best friend Alice joked.

"Well you've got about 30 seconds before my new assistant shows up, and then I have a feeling my day is going to be packed," I replied looking at all the paperwork littering my desk.

"Ok, I'll get right to the point then. So, how was he?" Alice asked.

"Ugh! I don't want to talk about it ... EVER!" I replied, immediately feeling like the hooker he thought I was. I turned around to look out the huge wall of windows that was the back of my office. My new position had its perks.

"Uh huh. I always had a theory that the really hot guys sucked in bed cuz the only thing they've been blessed with was good looks."

"Quite the opposite, Alice, he was amazing. I don't think I've ever… ya know… that many times," I replied, remembering the amazing tricks he could do with his tongue.

"Oh, well, then I don't understand." She sounded confused.

"Let's just say he thought I was a working girl," I explained, never feeling more naive in my life. What would a great guy like that be doing alone at a bar on a weeknight? Looking for a hooker, that's what. What was I thinking? Oh wait, I wasn't. I was drunk. That will be the last time I ever leave anywhere with a man I didn't come with. I never want to make that mistake again.

"That bastard!" Alice had a way of telling you exactly what she thought. Good or bad, you were gonna hear it. It's just one of the many reasons I loved her.

"Yup... and I don't expect to see him ever again. So, let's just pretend last night didn't happen and go back to our perfectly happy single worlds," I suggested.

"Deal. Some of us are going to go out after work tonight, you wanna tag along?" Alice offered.

"That's alright, I think I've had enough of the bar scene for a while."

"Ok, but give me a call if you change your mind Bells. Oh, hey, I have go. I'll call you later."

"See ya, Alice," I answered while turning back to my messy desk. I threw my cell phone back into my purse and decided to quickly straighten up my desk.

As I put my last file away, my phone beeped and the lobby receptionist spoke, "Bella, there is an Edward Cullen here to see you."

"Thank you, Jane, show him back, please." It was time to forget that bozo from last night and concentrate on work. I was just logging into my schedule, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone walk in to my office. "Have a seat. Sorry, I'm not as organized as I normally am, rough night." I apologized without looking up from the monitor that was quickly updating, telling me that I had a very busy day ahead.

"I'll bet," a smooth voice replied with a hint of a laugh.

I finally looked up to see green eyes shining back at me. My jaw dropped completely open and my cheeks blushed crimson. I quickly looked at my computer and closed my eyes hoping this was some sort of practical joke. It had to be a joke, right? There is no way that karma was this much of a bitch.

"You've got to be kidding me." I moaned.

Oh no, no joke. It was him.