This is an unofficial fan story written solely for the enjoyment of Moo Mesa fans and is not intended in any way to infringe on the rights of any holders of the copywrights to the show or related merchandise.

Moo woke, realizing he must have dozed off. At the sound of a gasp he lifted his head and pushed up the rim of his hat to see Bessie standing at the opened door with a shocked expression on her face. With the beginnings of a welcoming smile he sharted to rise from his chair.

He got just far enough to miss the chair as his foot gave out from under him. Landing on his stomach, Moo pounded his fist just short of the floor and bit back a yelp, determined not to disturb T-Bone in the next room. Bessie rushed to his side and he opened his watering eyes to see her as pretty and winsome as he remembered.

She was looking in horror at his bandaged foot. Now worse than before it was obvious he would do no more walking til it healed. Without a word she surprised Moo by taking off his hat to observe the fading bruise on his head.
"Hello, Bessie." Moo's voice and smile were the warm greeting of a brother to a sister long missed. Noting her concern, he hastened to explain.

"It's not has bad as it looks. I just had a little run-
in with a booby trap."
"Trap?" Bessie's tone was as if mesmerized as she helped Moo back into the chair.

"One set by a masked bull. He..."

Moo was shocked when Bessie burst into tears. He had never seen her carry on so, even when he had left Miller's Glen.

Awkwardly, he raised himself on one arm to wrap the other around her heaving shoulders, and she collapsed to bury her face into his chest.

Moo wrapped his other arm around her and tried changing the subject. "What's this I hear about you getting married without inviting me?" He half joked.

Tearfully Bessie raised her head to look him straight in the eyes for the first time since her arrival. Her voice was deep with despair. "Moo, I'm so very sorry. I thought he was you." With that, she pulled out of his arms and stood before he could recover from his surprise.

"Bessie, what are you saying? Who...?"

"It's better this way. I only hope that someday you'll forgive me." With that cryptic remark, she literally fled outside.

Moo looked out the window from across the room to see her climb into a surrey with a large bull and strained to hear what she was saying.

"...changed my mind. I'll marry you, Stephen."

"Bessie, wait!" Moo's cry fell on deaf ears as the surrey disappeared into the early evening.