Edward left Bella in new moon and didn't come back, only they had, for lack of better words consummated their relationship before he had left. Unknowingly leaving Bella alone and pregnant with his child. Now Bella must learn to live in this new world that she has been thrown into with a baby that is unlike any other in the world.


A new world

I held my belly as I feel and stumbled threw the undergrowth of the forest. Pain shooting threw my spin every few minutes; finally I couldn't move anymore and feel against a tree on the soft moss that grew at the bottom. How could he do this to me leave me alone, put me threw this pain, I hate Edward Cullen.

An agenizing scream ripping out of my lungs, I flung my head back against the tree and my world went dark.

My eyes fluttered open, the pain was gone and in its place was a dull ache. A soft cry drew my eyes from the tree tops above to see a small baby, covered in blood laying at my feet, my baby, a baby girl. I tried to move and take her in my arms but my body wouldn't move, my baby looked at me with big green eyes and stretched and little hand out to me. I tried to move again when another shot of agenizing pain ran threw me, my brain telling me to push; I bared down and did so. I kept on pushing I felt as though I was being ripped open, reaching down I felt the small roundness of head, NO, I pushed again and pulled at the same time. Another cry rang out in the silence of the woods. I could move a little more now so I use all my strength to pull myself up against the tree, holding my son to my chest; I reached forward and held my daughter with the other.

I held them to me, tiring to keep them warm, my body was once again unable to move so I sat there and held my children to me. My son looked up at me with the same green eyes as his sister and then bit down on the thin flesh of my chest, I screamed but I knew it would do no good, so I simply held them to me as the hot racing pain spread threw my body.

We three sat under the tree for three agenizing days, the heat that ran threw my body growing stronger, this is it, I was changing, and this is the pain that Edward wanted to spear me of. Now a small part of me knew why he never wanted to change me and had to leave, though the larger part still wanted to kill him for leaving me. As the sun set on the third day the heat grew to unbearable standards and I withered under it, still clutching my children to me, it kept on growing the pain increasing, my hart felt as though it was going to burst out of me until, nothing, the pain was going, my heart stuttered out one last beat and then it was silent.

My body felt strong and powerful, my eyes flickered around the woods looking for any danger. Then slowly I stood, keeping my children close to me and running at a full and powerful speed into the woods, my throat burning with hunger. I found a bush that had soft looking shrubs and pulled my big rain jacket off and wrapping my children in it I trucked them under it so that I could go hunt and then try to figure out what our next move would be.

I made sure that they were covered and that no one or nothing could get to them.

"Momma will be right back babies." I told them and kissed them each on the forehead. I sprinted again into the woods, I let my nature take over and sniffed the air, I could here a spluttered thumping of a heartbeat to the north and took off in the direction. Coming to a stop I spotted the mountain lion that the heart beat belonged to, it was drinking in the river; it was very relaxed and didn't know that it was now the prey, my prey.

I lunged out of the trees and landed on the beast back, snapping its neck and sinking my teeth into its thick hot flesh. The hot blood ran threw me, warming me, I felt even stronger now, though to soon I had drained the animal and it fell limp completely. I quickly drug a deep hole and buried the dead animal in it, covering my tracks. I quickly feed again on a few smaller game animals before heading back to my children, a bunny for each of them.

On my hunt I had been thinking of names, I already new what my little girls name was going to be,

Elisabeth Alice Rosalie Cullen Swan.

And my beautiful baby boys name would be

Landed Edward Cullen Swan.

I made it back to where I had tucked them away and brought them to me, each of the clung to me, I could see that they were both hungry and cold. The bunny idea seemed like a good one at the time now I felt a little silly, how babies were going to eat bunnies.

I shouldn't have felt silly though, for when they smelt the bunnies they looked around trying to find them. They both had full sets of baby sharp teeth. I sat with the two of them between my legs and sat up against me, they were not like normal babies they were a lot stronger and could hold them selves up, they smiled and could grasp at the bunnies sinking their little baby teeth into the necks of the bunnies.

While my babies drank their bunny my mind was working at a hundred miles an hour, I needed to get us away from here and start us a new life, just me and my two babies. To start I was going to need to get a few necessities and then a car, and we could start our new life.

I didn't need Edward Cullen or his family; I could do this on my own. I would do this on my own, and if I ever seen Edward Cullen again, he will no the pain that he has put me threw.