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There will be lots more where this is coming from; sorry it's so short right now. I've been working on this story since the episode aired, and I've wanted to publish it forever, but didn't have the first part right. I'm only publishing it now because I got so impatient I couldn't have it sitting around unfinished anymore. I know this is really, really short, but it'll get longer (and I hope better) so stick with me. Thanks :)

PS—I, too, am liking April more and more ;)

"Lexie, for god's sake, Mark never thought you were a psycho; he lovesyou. That's why he stares at you, because he cant keep his eyes off the woman he loves…Of course, he's never going to say anything because he doesn't feel like he can..."—April Kepner, 6x03

Lexie checks herself in the elevator with her mirror, doing some quick retouches. Satisfied that she looks as good as possible for the moment, she allows herself a small smile. If Mark really loves her like April said, this wouldn't be so hard, right? She'd told him to leave her alone…But she could go to him, couldn't she?

Getting off the elevator, Lexie hears distant laughter and the sound of a couple kissing. She grins to herself; Callie and Arizona were such a cute couple. She could actually allow herself to be happy for them now that she was finally going to be able to fix things in her personal life. But as she walks towards the end of the hallway, Lexie is met by something very different from Callie and Arizona.

"Hey, guys is Mar—" Lexie starts, not bothering to wait until she sees them to find out where he is. But her voice falls short as she's stopped by the image of Mark and Amelia kissing, not the two women she was just thinking of.

The two look up as they hear her voice, and Lexie's face immediately falls. Mark pulls away from Amy as if he's been given an electric shock, and Amy, for her part, just looks confused.

"Lex," Mark says softly, his eyes falling on her. His voice turns defeated, knowing what she'll make of this.

"I—I n—need to go," Lexie manages, turning her back on them and walking quickly down the hall.

"Mark, what…" Amy trails off, having no idea what's going on.

"Lex," Mark calls, finding his voice. "Lexie, wait!"

She doesn't respond, simply continuing to flee the scene as fast as she can without looking too pathetic.

"Hey," Mark calls, reaching out to stop her.

"What?" She yells a bit too loudly, jerking away from him. "What do you want?"

"I…I'm sorry, Lexie. I'm…It's not what you—"

"Not what I think, right?" Lexie interrupts, whirling on him with malice in her voice. "Well, what I think is going on is you're still sleeping around, after telling me that you didn't want to be with anyone but me. Obviously," she says, with a fake laugh, "those plans have changed." Amy walks around the corner, wondering what the hell is going on.

"You told me to leave you alone!" Mark shouts, getting angry despite knowing he's at fault here. "I'm trying to do that," he says, quieter now, pleading.

"Oh? Are you?" Lexie asks in a mocking voice. "By screwing around?"


"Cause that's what it looks like to me," she growls, pushing the button for the elevator as he follows after her.

"I never said it wasn't what it looks like."

"You were going to."

"And you know that how?"

"Because I know you. And I know what people say in these situations. So instead of reenacting it, I'll be leaving. Let you get back to…that," she finishes scathingly, looking to Amy as the elevator doors open.

"Don't," he says, putting a hand on her arm to stop her from getting on the elevator.

"Let go of me," she growls, shrugging his hand off and stepping onto the elevator.

"Lex, come on," Mark implores her, leaning into the elevator. She just looks away, hitting the button to close the doors, but they remain open, blocked by Mark's arm. "Just talk to me."

"We're done talking," she says flatly, shoving his arm out of the way and hitting the lobby button again.

"Lex," Mark murmurs as the doors start to close. She turns away from him, trying her best not to let him see her cry. Mark stands there for a moment after the doors close, leaning against the elevator, before straightening up. He moves so quickly, Amy isn't even sure what happens until he cries out.

"God damn it!" He yells after punching his fist against the elevator, the sickening crack echoing in the empty hallway as his hand collides with the metal.

"Tough break," Amy comments from his apartment door. Mark whirls around, surprised. In all the chaos of the argument, he'd forgotten Amy was even there.

"Sorry, I…Sorry," Mark finishes lamely.

"I think I should go…" she says, walking towards him and the elevator. She pushes the button to call the elevator, her eyes on the lights as they climb up to floor 5. Mark rests his good hand on Amy's wrist.

"Stay. Please," he whispers.

"Mark…" She says, looking over to him. She'd come here for a good, carefree time before heading back home. She'd obviously gotten more than she bargained for. "I don't think its such a good idea…"

"Amy, come on. I—I just…I need a distraction."

Amy sighs. "Mark, really…"

"Amy, please. I need this."

"No, you don't," she says firmly, looking over to him. "I'm not what you want or need."

He looks quizzically at her.

"Why don't you go after her?" Amy suggests gently.


"Yes, you can. There's…" Amy lets out a little chuckle. "There's obviously some unresolved issues between you two. Go. Just…go."

Mark looks at her, trying to process what she's saying.

"No, I can't." He looks to her. "Will you just…Will you just…stay with me? Please?"

Amy closes her eyes, not knowing what to do. He's obviously hurting—both physically and emotionally—and it's a bad time to leave him by himself. He could get into even more trouble…But she shouldn't stay, either. She can't let things get out of hand, especially when Amy's sure he'll regret it in the morning.

"Fine," she answers against her better judgement. He looks to her, not expecting her to grant his wish. "I'll stay."

"Thank you," he says, moving towards her.

"Stop," she says putting up a hand to stop him. He looks at her, confused.

"You just said—"

"I know what I said," Amy says, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Look, I will stay. But I'm staying on the couch. And we're fixing that hand of yours, okay?"
He sighs, irritated.


"Fine," he snaps, walking back towards his apartment.

"This is going to be a long night," Amy mutters to herself. Just as she was about to walk after him, he comes back, throwing something at her. "Hey, what the hell—" She yells, catching the flying object in her hands.

"Calm down, they're just the keys."

"What? Where are we going?"

"To Cancun," he says sarcastically. "We're going to the hospital. You can drop me off at the ER; Torres can set this," he informs Amy, striding past her.

"Mark, I can fix your—"

"It's fine, Amy. Callie'll do it. She's on-call anyway."

Amy glares at his back for a minute. Sure, he's pissed, in pain, and probably heartbroken…But does everyone have to act like she doesn't have a medical degree?

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