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Ch 6


I woke up to the best thought ever: I just had sex with Edward Cullen. And not just any sex, but super-hot-mind-blowing-best-sex-of-my-life sex. And judging from the hardness poking my back, he's ready for round 2.

I was lying on my side, his arms wrapped around me, his breath even on my shoulder. I snuggled back into his embrace and felt him sigh.

"Mmmm... good morning," he murmured.

"Morning," I replied turning around in his arms.

Edward placed a soft kiss on my forehead, his smile radiating in the morning light.

"What are your plans for the day?"

"You mean besides dishing all the details of last night to Rose and Alice?" I joked... somewhat.

He chuckled slightly and mumbled something about girls and gossip that I couldn't quite make out.

"I have a fun filled day of laundry and grocery shopping," I said. "I know, my life is oh so glamorous."

We laid there kissing for quite a while. Edward had just rolled me on top of him, and I sat up to straddle him when we were interrupted.

"Yo, Bro!" Emmett yelled.

Edward groaned and looked at his watch. "He's early... he's never early..."

"I know you're up there!" he continued to bellow from downstairs.

"Maybe if we ignore him he'll go away," I suggested, really wanting to get back to what we were doing.

"You guys have 5 minutes to get down here, or I'm coming up there!"

I groaned and rolled off of Edward's chest. Clearly the moment was lost. Stupid cock-blocking blockhead.

Edward sat up and put his feet on the floor, rubbing his face. "He means business. He walked in on his roommate in college numerous times."

"In that case, I'm getting dressed." I grabbed my underwear and clothes and made a beeline for the bathroom. When I was done, Edward was nowhere to be seen, so I decided to head downstairs. I found Edward and Emmett, three coffees and a box of donuts sitting on the island in the unfinished kitchen.

I walked over to Edward, who put his arm around me. Once I was snuggled against his body and had a sip of coffee, Emmett finally spoke.

"Ok, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you two need to see this."

He slowly slid a tabloid across the counter to us. It was this morning's copy of "Moon," one of the sleaziest tabloids out there.

"Em, you know not to believe everything you read, right?" Edward asked barely looking at the rag.

"I know bro. You've been saying that for years, but trust me: you need to see this."

Emmett opened the front cover and that's when our lives changed. There - in black and white, and color pictures - were pictures and some raunchy details of us having sex. I couldn't believe someone would do this... how did they get in here? Where did they get the pictures from?

Apparently my inner monologue wasn't so inner today. Emmett and Edward were staring at me while I ranted and raved.

"Bella... baby... relax..." Edward was rubbing his hands up and down my arms, trying to get me to calm down.

I turned to him, stunned. "How can you be okay with this?"

"Someone just has an overactive imagination," he said. "Its more common than you'd imagine."

I must have l looked at him like he had two heads because he laughed and told me to read it again.

I actually had to read it three more times to realize all the details were wrong! According to this article, we skinny dipped for hours, had sex in the hot tub, and slept outside all night. Too bad the pool and hot tub aren't filled with water yet!

But that did little to explain the picture. It was grainy, obviously taken from far away, probably on a boat. But there we were, against the window in his bedroom. All you could really see was my back, and you really had to squint to make out Edward sucking on my neck. It really could be anyone, but I was sure it was us.

"What about the picture?"

"Well, I'm pissed. I don't want anyone to know what we do behind closed doors, but there's nothing we can do?"

"Anyone can rent a boat," Emmett chimed in.

Edward was looking at the "article" again, scanning the page. When he stopped and chuckled, Emmett and I both looked at him like he lost his marbles.

He snuggled up close to me and whispered in my ear, "Looks like we'll always have evidence."

I choked on my coffee. Of all the things he could have said, that was certainly not what I expected to hear.

When I regained my ability to speak I turned to him, and with the most innocent look I could muster, I said, "You could have just kept my underwear."

Edward snickered and said, "I love your sense of humor."

He loved to make me blush.

"So what do we do?" I asked. No one seemed to have an answer. We all just stood there for a minute, lost in our own thoughts.

All of a sudden, I was filled with dread.

"Oh God! My parents are going to kill me!"

"No, I'm pretty sure they'll want to kill me," Edward chuckled.

"This is no time to joke. You haven't even met the Chief yet." I started pacing around the island. There was no way this was going to end well.

On my third pass around, Edward reached out and pulled me to him. I snuggled up against him, my back against his chest.

"Bella, relax. We'll tell them the truth, there was no skinny dipping."

This made Emmett laugh. "Good plan, Bro."

"Have Mom and Dad seen this yet?" Edward asked Emmett.

"I dunno, the only reason I saw it was 'cuz Rose looked at it first thing this morning."

This caught my attention. I immediately quirked my eyebrow and asked, "Oh really?"

"I... uh... I mean..." Emmett stuttered.

Wow... I made outgoing, cocky, confident Emmett speechless... didn't see that one coming.

"It's ok. Rose is a big girl, she can do whatever she wants." Or whomever, I guess.

"Good," he replied clearing his throat, "We'll have to triple date sometime."

"Triple?" Edward asked.

"Yeah, Alice and Jazz hit it off last night too," Emmett said.

"Oh good, she was picking out her wedding dress before we even made it to dinner," I added. "She tends to get a little carried away..."

"Back to the matter at hand," Emmett interrupted. "What are you going to do?"

Edward took a deep breath before kissing the back of my head. "I'll contact my agent an see what the plan of attack is."

He gave me a quick hug and left to make the call. Emmett told me about the rest of their date, thankfully leaving out all the personal details I didn't want to hear. We were finishing our donuts and coffee when I asked if he could drop me off at home.

"No can do babe," Edward announced as he came back into the kitchen. "We've got a meeting with my agent and a reporter she trusts. Plus, you have wild torrid sex with me, and another Cullen drops you off? That won't look too good, babe."

"Oh yeah, I guess. I didn't think about that."

"Can you have Alice bring you some clothes?" Edward asked. "Looks like we're gonna go public."

"Uh... didn't we already?" I was slightly confused. "I mean there are pictures of us all over the place for the past week."

"True. But that's not how it works in the biz... we make a statement, and then it's real."

"Wow... it's kinda like being in elementary school all over again. Do you pass me a note and I have to check a box?"

Edward quickly grabbed the box the donuts came in and scribbled something on it before passing it to Emmett. Emmett went to look at what was written but Edward stopped him. "Don't read it, dude! Just pass it!"

Emmett passed me the box and on top I saw the cutest thing, a note saying, "Will you be my girlfriend?" and below it two boxes, one with yes on top, the other no.

I grabbed the pen off the counter and quickly checked the 'yes' box and passed it back to Emmett.

"Can I look now?" he asked.

"No! Just pass it!" Edward and I both shouted.

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