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The loud rumble of a motorcycle could be heard from down the street, drawing nearer and nearer to the Santa Barbara Police Station. As the man on the bike pulled up outside the familiar building, a female emerged from inside.

"Jules! How weird is it that we both come to this spot at the same time? I think it may be fate." The man said the last sentence rather huskily, arching his eyebrows and flashing her his signature smirk after he had removed his helmet. Juliet, however, seemed unconvinced.

"Shawn, you called me and asked me to meet you here," She pointed out with a roll of her eyes, trying to hide the amused smile she felt tugging at the corners of her mouth. "You mentioned something about a vision pertaining to the location of Elizabeth Bay?" Her tone and expression was more serious now; they were dealing with a kidnapping and it shouldn't be taken lightly. Elizabeth was only six years old, and her parents had barely left the police station. Everyone wanted to find the little girl so she - and her parents - could finally go home and they could all relax.

"I did say the second thing, but that first thing is irrelevant. Fate has brought us together today." Shawn said in a determined tone. Still making no move to get off his motorcycle, he held his helmet in his lap and looked up at the beautiful junior detective with a mischievous glint in his hazel eyes.

"Shawn!" Juliet hissed, putting her hands on her hips and unmasking her angry face.

"Okay okay, I'll take you there." Shawn agreed, amused by her annoyed presence. But as Juliet nodded and turned to hurry back into the station, he called out to stop her. "Wait! I meant I'll take you there! You don't need ole' Lassifras to drive you when I've got this baby." He grinned, patting the side of his motorcycle.

Juliet turned and blinked at Shawn, looking the motorcycle up and down. Her brows were scrunched together, as if she was battling with herself whether or not to just go with Shawn, or wait for her partner.

"C'mon, you know how he gets when he hasn't had his coffee." That was enough to get Juliet back down the steps, facing Shawn on his bike.

"How am I supposed to ride on that with you?" She asked skeptically, biting her lip as she eyed the two-wheeled metal contraption.

"Oh Jules…" Shawn sighed, shaking his head a little. "Haven't you seen it in any movies? The girl always rides behind the guy so she can hold on to him, then deny she ever enjoyed it when she secretly loved it and wished she could it again." He explained, like she should already know.

"Really? And what about a helmet? I'm not riding on that without one, and neither are you." She told him, thinking she'd finally found a way to get out of riding on the back of a motorcycle. Not that wrapping her arms around the psychic detective and holding on to him while he drove didn't sound like something from one of her daydreams… Not that she daydreamed about her and Shawn. That would be inappropriate, of course.

"Ah ha! I thought you might ask about that." He grinned triumphantly, feeling one step ahead of the game as he presented her with another helmet. "Look! I got it just for you!" Handing it to Juliet, he watched her stare at the pink and black flames decorating the shiny new white helmet with an expression of surprise on her face. She wasn't getting out of this, not this time.

"Okay… but we're just going to check it out. If your vision is valid and Elizabeth is there, we're calling back-up immediately." She warned, reluctantly fitting the helmet over her long blond waves.

"Wow, Jules. I must say, that's hot." His grin broadened as he took in the flames and her reddening cheeks. At his comment, she quickly slid the face shield down and snorted. Stifling a chuckle, Shawn put his own plain silver and black helmet on and revved the engine. "C'mon, get on. I promise I will not let you die, this is completely safe."

The tone of Shawn's voice, teasing yet serious at the same time, and the sincerity behind his words made her heart flutter. "I know that!" Her own words came out a little harsher than she had meant them to, but Shawn didn't seem to notice. "Okay," She breathed, stepping up to the motorcycle and looking down at it, trying to figure out how to get on without embarrassing herself.

"Need a hand?" Shawn asked, looking over his shoulder as Juliet lifted her leg, then set it back down as she reevaluated the situation.

"Um, no." She mumbled, scooting towards the back of the motorcycle to try climbing over the back. It worked until she put her foot on something it apparently wasn't supposed to go on, and she started slipping off the side before she could catch herself.

But a strong arm caught her and pushed her back onto the seat, making her blush deepen. Good thing Shawn couldn't see her face through the dark face shield of the helmet.

"Jeez Jules, it really isn't that hard to get on a motorcycle," He laughed, revving the engine again and putting his foot on the gas.

"Well-" She started to protest, but was cut off as Shawn shouted something to her a second before the motorcycle lurched into movement.

"Hold on tight!"

She hadn't been planning on clutching onto Shawn like she might fly away if she didn't, but she ended up doing just that. Within two seconds her arms were wrapped tightly around his waist and her head was buried in his shoulder. Riding a motorcycle wasn't how she thought it would be, it was exhilarating and frightening and the most fun she'd ever had all at the same time. Of course, the fact she had squashed herself as close to Shawn as humanly possibly may have been the highlight. She could smell his shirt through the face shield, and found herself take deep breaths to fill her lungs with the Shawn-scented air. She liked this feeling. Like he was keeping her safe, and she had to rely on him. She had to trust him. Which she did, with all her heart.

"Oh my God! Shawn!" She squealed as they rounded a corner, her arms squeezing his waist and her eyes flying shut. It didn't matter that she trusted him, riding a motorcycle was still absolutely terrifying.

"Jules.. Gotta.. Breath.." He managed to shout over his shoulder, sucking in a breath as she slowly released her death-grip.

But whenever her death-grip returned, a pleased smile crossed his face. He liked the feeling of her arms around him and her face - even though it was covered by a large hunk of whatever helmets were made of - against his back. He liked feeling like he was protecting her, and that she trusted him to keep her safe. For once she was depending on him and only him. He already knew he trusted her and could always turn to her for a helping hand when he needed to, and he knew that she would always be there to give it to him. He would definitely do something crazy for her, like take a bullet. But in the leg or arm or something, nowhere that could kill him.

Who was he kidding? He'd take a bullet anywhere for her, especially if he thought her life was in danger.

I don't like Serious Shawn. He scares me. He thought, shaking his head a little to clear his thoughts.

"Shawn what are you doing!"

Cursing under his breath when he realized he had probably made her wobble a little, Shawn turned his head a little to answer her. "Good news! I just ate a bug! Now we don't have to stop for lunch!"

"That's disgusting!" She groaned, making sure to firmly clamp her mouth shut afterwards.

A few minutes later, Juliet spoke again. "Are we there yet?" Her shouts were muffled by the wind and the fact her head was still buried in his back, but somehow he understood.

"Soon!" He responded cheerfully, forcing himself not to lean back into her touch. "You okay back there?" She nodded into his back, making him chuckle.

"Don't you dare laugh at me!" She squeaked, making Shawn's shoulders shake harder. "Shawn!"

"Sorry Jules, it's just…"

"What! What's so funny!" Her face was still shoved into his back, and he could only assume her eyes were jammed shut.

"It's just, we stopped." He could barely contain his laughter as he shut off the engine, kicking down the kick stand and resting his feet on the pavement.

"What?" Her voice was small as she looked up, taking in the row of houses before them.

"We stopped." Shawn repeated, taking off his helmet as Juliet detached herself from him and looked around.


Shawn chuckled and maneuvered himself so he could get off his bike without hitting Juliet, who was still sitting on the back with her helmet on. "Here," He said, reaching forward and placing both hands on her helmet to lift it off her head.

"Thanks…" She mumbled, running a hand through her hair to make sure it wasn't sticking out at odd angles. Then, swinging her leg over the bike, she straightened her shirt and pretended to be very interested in the house so she wouldn't need to make eye contact with the man who made her knees go weak. Her knees were already weak from the ride, and she just knew if she did meet those brilliant hazel eyes she would fall over right then and there.

"So?" Shawn asked, a goofy grin spreading across his face.

"So what?" She retorted, still refusing to meet his gaze.

"You totally loved that. Admit it."

"Shawn. Shut up."

"Oh, so you're going to do the whole deny it and secretly with you could do it again route? See, I told you that always happens."

"I did not enjoy any part of that and I do not wish I could it again. I'm riding back with Lassiter. In his car." She grumbled, angry that he had pegged her so easily. Then again, he was a psychic. That still wouldn't stop her from hiding that she did actually want to climb back on the motorcycle behind him and feel those feelings again.

Shawn tried not to look disappointed. He did know that she lying, and that she really did enjoy it, but he also knew she wouldn't be admitting that to him or anyone except her diary anytime soon.

Both had begun to think the same thought as they stood there, pretending to be studying the house before them.

I wish this really was like the movies, at least then we would get our happy ending…