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Warning: abuse, language, psychotic behavior, not for the faint of heart.

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The tea's gone Mad

Chapter 1 Nightmares from the Past

I held back the tears burning my eyes as I dragged my hysteric twin brother out of the bright house and into the dark night. Together we stumbled down the gravel driveway in the direction of our black Hummer, my arms wrapped securely around his quivering form.

We had to run.

We had to get out of here.

We had to move.

"Keep quiet Kaoru." I mumbled as his gasps began to turn into muffled screams of pain. "I know it hurts." I glanced down at the blood oozing from his arm then turned my gaze back to the shimmering Hummer in the distance. "But stop screaming. Keep your mouth shut."

He's in pain.

I know he is.

But we needed to leave.


"It hurts Hi…Hikaru…" He whimpered and stumbled to the ground. I grabbed his slumped form before he collided with the cold rocks and held him up.

"Shit shit shit!" I whispered and glanced behind me to see the shadows moving throughout the house.

Time was running out.

Soon they'd know we weren't there.

Panicked, I began to slap Kaoru. "Wake up!" I slapped his cheek. "Come on! Wake up!"

Groggily, his eyes fluttered open and he regained control of his legs.

"Get moving!" I pulled him to the Hummer.

Behind us I heard yelling.


They figured it out.

I leaned Kaoru up against the cold car and pulled the ring of keys from my pocket. "Stay with me Kaoru." I mumbled and opened the driver's door manually. "Don't pass out on me again."

Slowly he nodded at me.

I leaned inside the Hummer and opened the passenger door.

"Come on." I grabbed his aching body and pulled him to the passenger side and opened the door. "Get in." I hurriedly shoved him inside and shut the door then sprinted to the driver's side and shoved the key in the ignition. "Buckle up." I ordered.


I glanced beside me as I reversed out of the driveway.

There Kaoru sat, hunched over his bleeding arm, his face contorted in pain.

I breathed deeply and bit my lower lip as I drove away from the horror that was our house.

"Don't worry Kaoru." I murmured, rubbing his back with one hand as I drove the car with the other. "I'll get you to a hospital."

Just then I heard gunshots fire behind us.

The teas gone Mad The teas gone Mad

I woke in a cold sweat.

With a start, my neck snapped to the side to see my younger twin brother sleeping beside me, his body curled in my direction.

The familiar scar running along his lifeless forearm.

Slowly I sat up and ran my long fingers through my sweaty scalp.

Every night.

Every goddamn night.

I re-live that fucking nightmare.

The teas gone Mad The teas gone Mad


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