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Bella's POV

My name is Isabella Swan, but call me Bella, I just moved back to Forks, Washington with my dad, Charlie. I was previously living with my mom, Renee, and her husband Phil in Phoenix, Arizona, but I decided I wanted to give them a little more privacy. My parents had gotten a divorce when I was seven because my mom wanted to have more of an adventure and she didn't believe she could get that in Fork or with my dad. When they did get divorced, my mom took me away to Phoenix and I only visited my dad in the summers once school was let out. I didn't hate living with my mom, but I felt like a burden on her and Phil, Phil is much younger than my mom and he is a baseball player and is gone a lot, and when is does come home I feel like I'm intruding.

My dad was heart broken when Renee informed him that she wanted a divorce, he was so in love with her, he couldn't see straight. Breaking it more when she took me with her to Phoenix, he became extremely depressed, I could hear it in his voice when I would talk on the phone with him. He never pressured me into making a decision on whether to come back to Forks, which I didn't for awhile, because my mom was always the more fun parent, while Charlie was the disciplinary parent, but I missed being away from him, so I finally made the decision to let mom and Phil have their privacy and go live with my dad, that decision made when I was seventeen.

After the plane ride back to Forks had landed, going up to Charlie in the airport was a bit awkward. For the passed three summers I hadn't come to visit him so we really didn't know how to act around one another, neither of us were the emotional type. We ended up having an awkward hug, him just patting me on the back and me just kind of just standing there, but it got a little better once we got to his house, my new official home. He had painted my room a nice dark purple color and had new purple and black bed sheet set on my full sized bed, Charlie carrying my bags up to my room but not staying long or saying much, which I loved about him, we never had to say much to express what we wanted, he just knew I didn't need his help. Once I was done unpacking I tried to think of something to do, when Hastings popped up in my mind, I could get a new book to last me for a couple of days before school started.

"Hey Dad?" I asked walking down the stairs looking around the living room and not finding him there.

"In the kitchen Bells," he answered me. I have always loved that nickname he has had for me since I was a child. Smiling while walking into the kitchen I find him bending over looking into the refrigerator pulling out a can of pop and turning around to look at me.

"Can I go over to Hastings, I want to get a new book to entertain me until school starts?" I asked him.

"Yeah, go ahead Bells, you can take my truck," he answered. I was relieved when he said that I could take his truck, I definitely didn't want him driving me in his cop car, you see he is the police chief of the Forks Police Department and I do not want to be seen in that things when I just moved back here.

"Thanks dad," I thanked him, picking up the keys on the table by the door before heading out the door. Climbing into his truck, I headed toward Hastings, which I was very excited to get a new book, yes I am a nerd and love to read. But yet I hate getting assigned books in school, most of the assigned one's are boring to me and I have no interest in reading them and I hate being forced into reading books, I like reading on my own time, not the teachers.

Browsing through the book section at Hastings, I can't help but feel as if something big is about to happen. But yet I blow it off as me being paranoid and keep looking through the romance section of the store. I come up to a section by Nicholas Sparks, I have heard from a few of my nerd friends that he is an amazing author, so I think I may try one of his book, so I pick The Notebook. Reading the back cover, I instantly want to throw myself on my bed and read all day. Going over to the check out counter, I pay for my book and when turn around to leave, I run into something hard and fall back.

Looking up from being knocked on the floor, I am awestricken by the man I look up at. Tan skin, muscular built, the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. A hand shooting down to help me up, a big muscular, manly hand, pulls me upright and I brush myself off while blushing from embarrassment. Once I looked up into the beautiful man's eyes, I fell as if nothing bad will ever happen to me, as if he will protect me forever, I felt as if I knew this man my whole life, and I couldn't help but feel completely in love with him. Looking into his eyes, I felt complete, and by the look in his eyes and face he felt the same.

"Hi, I'm Paul," he said in the most sexiest, husky voice I have ever heard.

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