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Chapter 13

Victoria's POV (hehe)

Looking around me, all I saw was destruction everywhere. All the newborns I had changed were out of control. I knew if I didn't get them under control soon the Volturi would step in soon. I had created these newborns to destroy anything in my path to my Paul. I wouldn't let anything get in my way to get him back, I would do anything to accomplish this, even if it caused thousands of deaths.

From the spy's I had lurking around La Push, I knew that Paul had phased and was in a fairly large pack of wolves. Yet this wouldn't stop me in my quest, even if he had phased into my enemy. Paul was my soul mate and soon he will figure that out too.

Knowing I would have to act soon before that pathetic existence of a girl got Paul to wrapped up in her. I had found recently about imprinting, but this was no match to the love that Paul and I share. I would fight for him and soon we would live eternally together.

Paul's POV

"Miss me Pauly," she sneered. Those three words were the most horrifying words I had ever heard muttered out of someone's mouth.

I couldn't believe she was back, and a vampire at that. Who changed her and when was she changed? It had been almost a year since we parted ways. Maybe she was just changed recently. But what would she possibly want with me?

Standing there speechless in my wolf form, I couldn't seem to move a muscle. My instincts were telling me to run and rip her apart limb for limb but my muscle didn't seem to listen. COME ON PAUL, DO SOMETHING! My internal monologue was screaming at me, but still nothing.

"He can't seem to move Love, he seems to be speechless," I heard a man say. Looking over in that direction, I saw a bronze haired vampire with blood red eyes that seemed to be glaring into mine.

"Thank you Edward," Victoria thanked him in a smug voice. (Please don't kill me, I think I have plans later on for Edward!) "Speechless huh Paul? Well that just won't do for what I have in store for us."

For us? What did she mean by that? I couldn't seem to get my head screwed on straight. PAUL, wake up man, we have two vampires on our land, we have to do something. Sam demanded in my head. Once I heard this, I seemed to wake up and couldn't help the fierce growls that escaped my mouth. Snapping my teeth at her, I wanted to rip her apart and set the fire for her myself. She was up to something big, I could feel it.

"He's getting livid Vicky," the one named Edward said, I could tell my Victoria's facial expression that she did not enjoy the nickname. She had never liked to be called anything else besides her whole name. I could tell that she was just using Edward for whatever she is up to and then will get rid of him. He was just a puppet and Victoria had full control over the strings.

At this, I got a snarl out of the bronze pansy. WAIT! That must mean he can read me mind. This thought resulting in a smug grin upon his pale white face. This was just wonderful. All I wanted was to kill these leeches and get back to my Bella. This was when I finally understood why Victoria was here.

"Pauly, I came back for you, now you and I can be together forever," she said like she was doing me a favor. All I could do was growl back at her. "You were always so feisty, I did always like that, lets go now Paul."

She truly was out of her mind if she thinks I would ever go anywhere with her. I had the love of my life waiting back home for me and I would never give that up for some leech. This had to be taken care of now, she and Edward had to be burned to ashes.

Bella's POV

I could feel my legs giving out on me when Paul had whispered in my ear. He called me baby, I could definitely grow to absolutely love that. He was an absolute tease when he kissed the corner of my mouth, and he knew exactly the type of reaction he would get out of me. Jerk. But he was MY jerk, and I was quickly falling in love with the jerk.

Our date had been going wonderful until his friend Jared had shown up in a rush. I understood, emergencies happened and there was nothing he could do about it. I do hope whatever it is, no one is hurt and my Paul doesn't get hurt. Even though I had only known him for less than a week, I knew I wouldn't be able to survive without him. Just then a deep pain in my chest happened and I knew something was wrong.

I couldn't even control my actions, the next thing I know is that I am running out the door hearing my dad yell at me. I didn't know exactly where I was running to, but I knew something was wrong with Paul and I had to get to him and quick. I had never ran so fast in my life but it seemed as it was taking me forever to get to him. I was going to be to late.

All I saw was trees and more trees, I couldn't focus on anything around me, my full focus was on getting to Paul. Something was extremely wrong and something was telling me that Paul needed me, that I was the only thing that could help him. I would do anything to keep my love safe, even if that was sacrificing my own life.

The pain in my chest deepened and I knew I was getting closer to him, I could feel it. Pushing my legs harder, I knew I was very close now. What I saw next, nothing could of prepared me for the heartache I felt at what I saw. A silver wolf was laying on the ground covered in blood, with shallow breathes that could barely be seen. Even though I knew I was crazy, I knew this was my love. How could this of happened. All I heard next was a loud piercing scream and the light sound of a roaring fire behind me.

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