Summary: Things at the Palmwoods are about to be shaken up. It probably has to do with the four new kids.

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Big Time Move

Big Time Poolside

It didn't take long for the group to make it through the tour. The band chatted on and on about Palm woods, joking and laughing with the girls. They told their unusual, freaky stories about their Palm wood experiences, showed them everything about the place that they could. Sure, it took a lot of walking but it didn't seem to bother the girls, so it didn't bother Big Time Rush. The eight were at the end of their tour and had come to their last stop.

Palm Woods pool was overflowed with people in and out of the actual pool. Many were lounging on chairs, sipping on smoothies and chatting animatedly. It was loud and bustling with activity. It didn't seem to trouble the boys as they high-fived anyone that offered it. Plopping down on four lounge chairs, they looked up at the group of girls standing in front of them. Kendall offered a smile, whipping his arm out as he gestured around the pool.

"Our last stop on our Palm Woods tour," he said, grasping his hands back together and leaning his head forward, "Palm Woods pool."

"This is where we usually hang out if we aren't doing anything," Logan chimed in, nodding his head in a matter of fact manner. Carlos agreed with a nod, leaning back in his chair with a heartfelt sigh.

Lily looked around, brushing a tendril of blonde hair off of her shoulder, "It's awfully loud," she observed, just as Laii tilted her head and nodded. It really was loud; everyone was just having a ball with trying to talk over one another. Laughter rose into the air like smoke and words rolled out of people's mouths 100 mi/hr.

"That's how it usually is," Logan continued on, folding his hands behind his head as he mirrored Carlos's actions from before.

"You'll get used to it," muttered James, stretching out his legs, enough to make Kaylie back up. She backed up a little too far, even with the warnings of all the guys. In less than 10 seconds flat, the girls were on the side of the pool, trying desperately to fish their friend out. Kat reached out, grabbing Kaylie's hand as Laii grabbed onto her waist and the two dragged her out. Kaylie spit and coughed up water.

"Sorry," James apologized, sucking in his breath. Kaylie sighed, picking herself up off of the concrete. She didn't look mad or annoyed, since she waved the apology off.

"You okay?" Lily asked, hoisting her up off of the ground. Kaylie nodded, finding her balance as she shook herself. "Kaylie!" Lily then yelled, along with the others. She grinned under her sopping wet hair, looking through the strands.

"Aww, you ruined my hair," James whined, patting down his hair. Kaylie's grin turned into a confused frown as she glanced over at Kat. Kat shrugged, rolling her eyes at how immature James was acting about his hair.

"He's usually like that," Kendall whispered, pointing at James that just got done smoothing down his hair. Kat nodded, biting down on her lip.

"Really?" she asked, cocking her head to the side. Kendall nodded before Kat looked over at her friends. Lily was furiously shaking her head, Kaylie had snagged a towel from a cart that had been near them and didn't notice any of the commotion going on because she was drying her hair. Laii was giving Kat a look. Kat rolled her eyes once more, she seem to do that a lot around her group, and just stood there.

Carlos quickly changed the conversation around when he said, "So, that's the tour," he said, sitting up quite quickly. Kaylie dropped the towel from her head, running her hand through her brunette hair.

She smiled at her friends then, "I think I might like this place, How about you guys?" Laii grinned, nodding her head to what Kaylie was saying. Lily enthusiastically agreed and Kat mumbled her own yes. No one paid much attention to her grouchy mood. "Soo.." Kaylie said, turning her lips into an 'o' shape, "What do you guys do during the day?" she asked, wanting nothing more than to know the boys and gain friends here at Palm woods.

"Well, we either chill here," Logan said, waving , once more, to the pooling area.

"Or record/dance/do whatever at Rocque Records," Kendall added on.

"Terrorize Bitters as you saw before," James continued.

"Or, eat!" Carlos said, having a corn dog in his hand. Lily looked confused and pointed at the corndog but didn't say anything, no one else seemed to notice.

Logan rolled his eyes, "No, Carlos eats, that's all we do during the day. Chill, work, hang out." He said with a small smile that showed the dimple on his cheek.

Kat raised her eyebrow slowly, "That sounds productive," she commented, her arms folded across her chest. Logan nodded his head, keeping his mouth shut on the snarkiness of her voice. He turned toward Kaylie, giving her a look that asked, is she always like that? Kaylie merely nodded. Kendall started up a different conversation.

"So what do you girls do? We've been talking so much about us and haven't even asked you a question," he let out a chuckle after all that. Carlos sat up, eagerly munching on his corndog and James just sat there. Logan was still laying back in his chair, though still listening in on the conversation.

"Well, Kat and I are singers," Kaylie said, jerking a thumb toward Kat. Luckily, her hair was drying but at a slow rate. The incident seemed to slip past everyone's mind, it hadn't bothered anyone else that was stationed near the pool.

"And Laii and I are actresses," Lily commented with a bright smile on her face, glancing over at her friend. Laii nodded, smiling just as well.

"That sounds awesome. Our friend, Camille, is an actress too. Overdramatic, but an actress," Logan commented, looking at the guys for confirmation and when they nodded, he looked back at the group of girls.

"Sounds great, maybe she could give us a few pointers," Laii said, nudging Lily with her elbow. Lily agreed under her breath, always happy to have someone helping them.

"Are you guys doing anything today?" Kendall asked before tearing an empty corndog stick that Carlos was munching on even though the food was gone. He hadn't seemed to notice, obviously.

"Nope," Kaylie said, popping her lips on the 'p', "Just hanging around until Chastity-Anne needs us tomorrow. She's our manager." Kendall nodded before standing up, spreading his arms out.

"So, why don't you hang with us?" he offered, a smile covering his face. The four girls exchanged glances before Laii shrugged her shoulders.

"Sure, why not? We have been hanging with you all day," she said, replacing a smile onto her own face in response to his. His grin wider and he clasped his hands, "Why don't we pair up though? Instead of crowding around in a group. It'd be much easier," Kendall paused for a moment, turning toward his band mates.

"What do you say guys?" he asked, turning toward them all. There was another pause as they exchanged glances before there were three nods. Kendall turned toward her, "Sounds good to them," he then reached over and hooked his arm through hers, "I chose you, now, I have this amazing placeā€¦." Kendall's words trailed off as he showed Laii toward whatever place. Laii looked back, seeing nothing but three waves from her friends.

"I guess we get to chose," Logan muttered, shrugging his shoulders then, standing up. There was an exchange of looks between the girls. He merely asked, "Who is in museums?" Kaylie lifted her shoulders before letting them fall and raised her hand. He smiled, "Great," he gestured with his head before beginning to walk. She gave a thumbs up to the two remaining girls and quickly followed after them. Lily and Kat were turning their heads toward the other two guys before Lily was almost dragged off of her feet by Carlos.

"I chose her!" he merely said, letting her regain her balance before walking her, or dragging her, away from the pool side.

Kat watched with vague amusement before fixing her attention on the boy in front of her. He had a grin on his face and he was standing up. It was a smooth grin, as if he were luring her toward somewhere. It dropped when she spoke, "Awesome, I get you." In a bored tone. James didn't understand why she wasn't flailing for him like most girls would. It was bugging him.

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