Another Leprechaun story! This story takes place in the 5th movie In the Hood, where Post and his friends try to get their rapping career started. Post has a sister who shares the very familiar sibling relationship. But what will happen when Post and his friends come home with the flute? What disorder will take place in this? Find out and I hope you enjoy the read.

The Magic of a Leprechaun's Flute

I sat in the livingroom watching a basketball game my older brother recorded. He told me not to watch it until he got home but I'm deffinately not doing that. Too many times he's promised not to do something but does it anyways. Now it's my turn and you know what? I'm actually enjoying the fact he could unexpectedly walk in with his friends and get mad at me for this. But, I'll get my mind off him and enjoy the game as much as I can before he gets back.

I'm Ciara (Pronounced kee-a-ra). I'm 19-years-olds, 5'7", 140 pounds, have long straight hair, and bright emerald eyes. I wear boys clothes and people always mistaken me for a guy. I usually keep my hair hidden under my beanie, which usually does the trick for why I get mistaken for a boy.

Anyways, Post is my big brother. He dreams of being a rapper but giving a positive influence out in his music. I tried telling him once that it wouldn't work but he got onto me for it. I usually stay quiet when he goes on about it. Right now, he and his two friends, Bullet and Butch, are out doing something. Not really sure what but I guess it doesn't matter.

A few hours later, Post and his friends rush into the door looking extremely scared. Oh god, don't tell me he did something that involved the cops, I thought to myself.

"What the hell is going on?" I ask.

"You know Mac Daddy, right?" Post asks frantically.

"Yeah? What about him?"

"Well, we kind of went to his house and some things happened."

"What things happened there Post?" He explained everything to me including that they stole that flute from his weird statue.

"You did what?" I shouted after he was finished.

"We didn't mean to hurt him! It was all an accident!"

"Oh my god, what if he dies?"

"Don't say that, Ciara!"

"What if, Post? What if?"

"I don't know!"

"My god, you make me sick." I grab the flute he took and ran out the front door.

"Ciara! Where are you going?" Like I was going to tell him that? Obviously, I'm going to find Mac Daddy and return it to him. Hopefully, he won't press charges against us. That's only if I'm lucky though.

I ran through the park to take a short cut but tripped on something. I got on my hands and knees and looked up to see a really short guy wearing a lot of green. He had a cane with him, his face looked kind of strange, and his hair was long and red.

"Excuse me young lad but I believe you have something of mine," the man spoke with a strong Irish accent. I didn't realize until he was looking down at my hand with the flute in it that he was referring to it.

"It's not yours. This belongs to someone else." Obviously, since this is made of gold, the guy just wants it to pawn it or something.

"Oh? A dark man about your height? Maybe taller?"

"Maybe, maybe not. There are lots of men taller than me."

"Is he possibly famous?" Okay, maybe we're talking about the same man.

"Most likely."

"Well then, lad, you have been mistaken. That flute was mine but he took it from me."

"Oh yeah right!" Before I knew what else happened, the man raised his cane. I thought he was going to use it to stab me or beat me with it, but I was wrong. A green light shot out of it and almost hit me in the face. Instead, it hit my beanie, making my hair fall over my shoulders and back. I can't believe this guy was trying to kill me! He put the cane to my forehead and pressed it a little roughly against my skull.

"Give me the flute or I'll crush you like a worm!" I threw the flute at him which he caught without any trouble. I got back on my knees and began sobbing onto the ground.

"Mister, I'm so sorry for what my brother and his friends did! Please don't kill me! I can't help what they do!" At first, I thought he was going to walk off or kill me anyways. Instead, he asked in an almost sympathetic tone, "Can you show me your face, lass?" I looked up at him with tears still leaking out of my eyes. He stared at me for a few minutes before looking straight into my eyes.

"Your eyes have the most beautiful green color to them. I've never seen such an eye color in all me years."

"Th-Thank you?" I was slightly confused but accepted the compliment. No one ever said anything about me was beautiful before.

"What's your name, lass?"


"What a pretty name. Has anyone ever told you that?"

"Not really."

"That's odd. Beautiful name, beautiful woman. People these days must be blind."

"You think I'm beautiful?" This isn't just loaded flattery is it?

"Heavens yes! Why wouldn't I?"

"Because I look like a boy most of the time."

"That is true but I think I like this look. What is it called?"

"Tomboy. Some think it's cross dressing."

"Maybe so, but you look really lovely in men's clothes."

"Thank you. No one's ever told me that." I was strangely feeling a lot less comfortable around him. Maybe because he doesn't have a deadly, wooden cane pointed at my temple.

"Again, people must be blind these days." I giggled a little bit at this.

"Yeah, I guess so. Hey, are you hungry?"

"A little. Why?"

"I know a really good place around here that serves mean bugers."

"What is a 'burger?'"

"You've never had a burger before?"

"I've been in a stone-like state for years. Plus, I'm not accustumed to this time." Obviously. Besides that, he seems very inhuman. Not by his height but everything he's done and ends up saying.

"What are you?"

"Why, I'm a leprechaun. Can't you tell?"

"I didn't think leprechauns existed."

"Well, we do. Well, you can say I do. All me other brothers and sisters went back home."

"Why did you stay?" We heard a weird grumbling coming from him.

"I'll tell you all you need to know once we have this burger thing." A strange man indeed. My stomach growled as well when I thought about a good burger. I guess we don't have to talk right now.

"Okay, it's a date." We leave the park to go to get some food while learning about each other. Something tells me I'm really going to like this.

ATTENTION: If you haven't read the summery of this story, then I'll tell you what's going on. As of now, I am discontinuing one-shots and one-shot requests. I really wish to concentrate more on my stories and get them finished. Please do not be disappointed by this. If you have any complaints just message me.