Everyone betrays.




You know this, had come to expect it, to find amusement in it, but, somehow, you had never imagined it would end like this. End with Gig.

He was different.

He was your soulmate and you his.

You suppose you shouldn't have felt surprised. Everyone betrays. Even soulmates.

Especially soulmates.

Had things turned out different, you may have turned on him. Devoured him. Left yourself with nothing and nothing and destroyed everything.

You knew yourself to be insane and evil and everything they accused you of. Even now, defeated, you feel no regret. You don't look back on what you did and what Gig did with sadness or horror. If anything you look back on your short reign with what may be happiness, though it's been so long since you'd felt such things you can't be sure. It had been just you and Gig. The others hadn't really mattered, they had been pawns and playthings. You had liked Gig, not loved, you weren't sure there was enough left in you that was human to love, certainly there hadn't been in him.

You were both too broken, too twisted. Fragments don't love. Fragments aren't loyal and both of you were shattered.

Gig came to you broken; mad and evil and finding cruel delight in torment. You had had little interest in such things, but had quickly come to understand his joy.

When you had come to him, been forced to him, you'd been whole. Too quiet, perhaps, but happy in a way you can't now contemplate, let alone understand. You had your family, small though it was. You knew what it was to love and be loved.

Those feelings hadn't lasted. Reality is a harsh teacher and knowledge a cruel whip.

Truth can break people in ways too terrible to comprehend, you've learned this very well.

You think you may have been able to look past it, a destiny you never knew or wanted, had you not been scraped bloody against Gig's broken pieces. Dawning realization and horror had met with madness and you did not come out the better for their meeting.

But, it was truth, in the end, that broke you. Broke you and twisted the pieces beyond recognition.

They say you betrayed the world. That the twisted bits that is all you are turned it's back on everyone. That you refused your destiny to destroy mindlessly, to become a monster in human shape.

Perhaps you had, but you hadn't intended to.

In the beginning, you were simply striking out against she who had raised you and lied to you and been willing to sacrifice you without a thought. She who would have sent you to save a world you didn't know at whatever cost was necessary. You knew she hadn't expected you to survive. You had only been striking back.

Everything else... just fell into place.

And now, at the end of everything, Gig, Vigilance, had become whole, had been forgiven. He had looked down on you, he who was fixed and unbroken once more, and had seen your twisted pieces. Vigilance had pitied you and disdained you and misunderstood you in a way that would have been impossible for your soulmate. Some small portion of Gig, fading swiftly, had looked out of this strangers eyes and reminded him of a fondness already half forgotten. Then, as everyone does, he'd turned away and betrayed you.

You wonder if, later, you will be angry. If you will be sad. If you will feel something other than a numb emptiness where another broken soul used to be.



It could never have been just you and him, together forever. You had been foolish to even partially believe in such an end.

There are no happy endings.

And, everyone betrays.