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"Hey Don, about your project… is there anything you can do?"

"Unfortunately no" Don sighed.

"I'm sorry about that"

"It's ok… besides, I'm kinda glad they had destroyed it…" Don smiled.

"Huh? But I thought…"

"Yeah… I'm still angry about that, but look at the bright side: if they hadn't destroyed it, I'd never came here, relax a little and have a nice time with my brother"

"Heh… you're right… I guess I needed some air too, but when I'm training I just lose track of time" Leo sighed as he lay down on the grass.

"Anyway… I'm gonna restart the project, I still have the data on my computer"

"Lucky you… and don't worry, you won't be alone on this… I'll help you"

"Really? But, what about your training?"

"Master Splinter always says we have to train our minds and bodies… and I think I already have my body trained" Leo smirked.

"Hahahaha… so, you're gonna be my assistant or my apprentice?"

"Mmm… don't know, maybe both!"

"Ok… we'll start tomorrow… hehehehe" Don giggled.

"What's so funny?" Leo started to incorporate.

"Heh… nothing… hehehehe… it's just… I imagined you wearing a lab coat and a pair of glasses… HAHAHAHAHA" Don laughed.

"Har di har Donatello" Leo narrowed his eyes.

"Hehe… sorry… hahaha…"

"Ok genius, time to go home!"

"Aw! Can't we stay here a little longer? Please…!" Don pleaded like a little child.

"Master Splinter is worried enough Don, maybe tomorrow. Raph and Mikey will be doing some 'extra chores' " for a month so…"

"A month? Woow! I hope they don't hate me for that"

"Nah! They deserved it… well… we gotta go. I promise we'll come here tomorrow… ok?"

"Ok" Don hugged Leo.

"Thanks for everything onii-san"

"Heh! At least you're the only one who pays attention to my Japanese lessons"

"Of course I do, I never told you before though… sorry…"

"It's ok outoto-chan" Leo hugged back.

"If you wanna talk about something, then… tell me, ok? I'll never be too busy for you, for any of you!"

"Ok…" they hugged again and stayed there for a couple of minutes.

Then, they stood up.

"Hey Leo, race you home!"

"Are you sure Don?"

"What? Scared of losing?" Don said with a playful gaze.

"Never lil' bro!"

They both started to run through the park, making their way to the sewers of New York.


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