UNIVERSE:TURO /Planet:Earth Location:Gantu's ship

625:ok lets try this again

625 looked at the experiment intently as it looked at him interested now out of its container,

625(pointing at the experiment and elongating his words): Yoooooooou (points to himself) help Me (fling and out as if grabbing something) CATCH (holds up a flash card with an experiment on it) EXPERIMENTS

after ten times of going over this the little blue experiment finally seemed to understand for he nodded.

625: finally, sheesh I was starting to think you were as dense as oll' blubber but... hey what am I supposed to call you (puts hand on chin and turns around) hmm... you don't have a number, that I know of anyway( the little blue experiment walks around to face 625) I don't suppose you had a name

the little experiment shook its head disappointed in disagreement, he couldn't remember his name 625 went over to the computer and hopped up into the chair, he clicked a few keys and clicked the mouse a few times

625:(mumbles)ahha! Popular Earth names(he begins listing them waiting for some type of approval from the small blue one.










The experiment looked skeptically at 625

625: Kidding... sheesh cant take a joke?... How bout Joey...

the experiments eyes suddenly widened as he remembered that name, he didn't know why

he suddenly flashed back to the only thing he remembered , the explosion and a yell, what was that yell


Suddenly he snapped out of the flashback and yelled Ih!

625:really you like that


625:well I guise ill call you joey... now how bout some lunc-


the pod container repeated its warning twice more before 625 got over too it.

It says here that this experiment mixes up peoples words and makes it imposable to communicate.

Well lets get this over with so I can get some lunch

he grabbed a plasma cannon and a capture container and then grabbed Joey's arm and headed out the door.

UNIVESRE:TURO/ Location:Galaxy Defense Industries

Crator sat by the broken container that one housed the incomplete experiment 700, he had a worried look on his face what if I cant find him? What if his gone for good this time? What am I saying he can take care of himself... I hope..

Jumba: AHH! I have found something

Crator(excitedly):What.. is it joey?(rushes over to the computer next to where Jumba is standing, Jumba gas his goggles on and is looking at the computer)

Jumba(still looking at screen):well not exactly, it is more like I have discovered the exact moment the boy and 700 had vanished. The weird thing is the explosion had been occurring at the exact same time as the creation of the experiment!

Crator(growing impatient):SO?

Jumba(takes off goggles and looks at Crator):you are needing to be letting me finish!

Crator:fine Continue

Jumba:This is also the exact second the computer had stopped with the detecting of the young boy and 700

Crator(stomps foot):but that doesn't make any-

Sparky(the cube comes fling over to Crator): Hey boss

Crator(excited and anxious): yes what did you find

Sparky: wow calm yourself , my readings of the area around the container indicate that an energy gate opened approximately 30 min ago...

Jumba&Crator(in unison with realization) : THE EXPLOTION!

Jumba(looking at Crator):What is for being this "Energy Gate"

Crator(relieved):its like a portal that can travel anywhere and when in any universe, the explosion combined with Joey's powers must have caused a gate to open!(somewhat overjoyed) He is Still Alive!

Jumba:And 700? he was expensive

Crator:Probably with Joey!(turns to Sparky) Sparks pinpoint the coordinates of the other end of that gate!

Sparky:Got it... And its in the same Universe too!


Sparky(suddenly disappointed): But...

Crator(suddenly a look of despair on his face): but what?...

Sparky: Uhhhhh your not gunna like this

Jumba(Him and Crator leaning In toward Sparky: what is the little blue reptile like thing trying to say?

Crator(growing impatient):Come on... Spit it out!

Sparky(eyes closed looking down): it may be in the same universe...(looks up at the other two) but its not the same time!

Jumba: WHAT?

Crator(looking down):oh this is way out of my mission permissions! I'm going to get in so much trouble for this...

Jumba: So we are able to retrieve them?

Crator:YES!..but we must be careful, especially you, not to interfere too much!

Jumba: Why is for me especially?

Crator(very matter of factually):because... you have already existed through this time and this is your universe, you can alter your past while I technically have no past and future to alter!

Jumba(looks away and crosses arms, grumpily):you are not having to be so rude

Crator: sorry it's just I'm worried for Joey...

Jumba(turns back with a sympathetic look on his face):is OK we will find him. Is he your Ohana?

Crator:my what?

Jumba:your family?

Crator(looking down a semi distressed look on his face):I guess you could say that(turns away from Jumba) ... He's really my only friend.

Jumba(pus his hand on Crator's shoulder): Smart Little girl once told me that Ohana Means /family, and family means no one gets left behind, or forgotten

Crator(jokingly , cheering up a little):you really aren't an evil scientist are you...

Jumba(also joking):hey I am still have little bit of evil genius in me.

Suddenly sparky interrupts

Sparky(cutting in):sorry to kill the moment but the gates all ready to go.

They both look past sparky at the green swirling vortex. Crator steps forward goes right up to the portal and stops right before entering. He yells back to Jumba who hasn't moved at all yet.

Crator(without turning around):you coming?

Jumba nodded and ran up to the portal, sparky flew back to Crator as they entered the gate. And Crator stepped thru then right after Jumba entered the gate. The lab was left quiet.