Location: Pelikai Residence Just outside

The Future Jumba burst out from the bushes toward the house with an excited look on his face.

Jumba(excited):Come it is for to being this way!(stops in front of house and looks up at it) Ahhh what memories

Crator then exits the woods after him putting his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. As Jumba proceeded to lumber up towards the stairs, Crator following behind him still out of breath . When Jumba got to the top of the stairs he knocked on the door and waited. Suddenly Crator's eyes widened in realization of what was happening .

Pleakly(from inside): I'll get it

quickly Crator grabbed Jumba's hand and dove over the side of the reeling into the bushes, taking Jumba with him and held his hand over the now mad and confused scientists mouth.

Pleakly answered the door looked around and saw no-one muttered the word Interesting and closed the door again.

Crator let out a sigh of relief and removed his hand from the mad scientists mouth

Jumba(enraged):WHAT WAS THAT FOR?

Crator: well I couldn't let them just see us like this, Remember your not supposed to interact with the past! And I'm not even supposed to be IN THIS UNIVERSE!

Jumba(calmed down now):Oh yes... Is correct... so now what do we do?

Camera switches to Crator dressed up as a human child, with a striped shirt jeans and a baseball cap. He is standing halfway up the stairs and he looks over at the bush to see Jumba giving him a thumbs up. Then Jumba goes back into the bush as Crator knocks on the door. And pleakly answers it in his usual "Aunt Pleakly" disguise,

Pleakly(faked female voice):Hello little boy

Crator(in a ummmm... kind of way):hello...Mam? Is(he leans his head over toward the side of the railing that the bush Jumba is hiding in is on and a mumbling is heard from below, Crator nods) Lilo here?(forced smile)

Pleakly(faked female voice):No I'm sorry she's-

just then Lilo and Stitch come running up the stairs knocking Crator over the railing into the bush, two Omphs are heard from the bush, then lilo and stitch continue running past Pleakly into the house.

Pleakly(faked female voice):ohh I guess she is home (forced laugh) come in come in, ill go get her.


Pleakly(faked female voice)(entering the living room): they'll be out in just a minuet(sits on couch next to Crator)... so nice weather we've been having...(Crator looks at him a little weirded out by the sudden bout of small talk.


Past Jumba(happily):ah ha so I see little girl has had run in with experiment 125 yes?

Stitch:Ih (acts out whole scene)

Jumba(not to be worrying is easily curable. With this holds up something that looks like a blowhorn

Lilo(questioningly): noono leeeee lee ha gaaloo-

Jumba puts on headphones and presses button on air-horn like device

Lilo and stitch are blown back from the noise and stitch gets up and shakes his head rappidly then picks some earwax out of his ears and flicks it across the room while lilo gets up and rubbs her head

Lilo(grumpily):hey what was...(suddenly happy) I can talk again! (goes over and hugs Jumba ) Mahalo Jumba, but what about the rest of the island.

Jumba: I am suggesting you should take buggy, horn on buggy is making same loud sound as compressed noise canister.

Lilo:OK Stitch lets go!

Jumba:Et, before you are to be going one eyed one is saying you have visitor

Lilo:There no time, we still have to rescue Gibberish from 625!

Jumba:oh little girl is already giving experiment name.

With that Lilo left followed by stitch and they ran out the front door through the living room

Pleakly(fake female voice)(forcing a smile)(to Crator): I'm sure she'll be right back hee..hee... so...ahhh nice weather we've been having?

Lilo got in the passenger seat of the buggy and put on her large red rimmed sunglasses while stitch proceeded to hot-wire the car, while lilo looked over and saw the keys already in the ignition.

Stitch:Kadigiba ZIZ ZIZ

stitch sat up, now with sunglasses on, and hit the gas and drove toward town.

Her and stitch arrived to crowds of people all yelling at each-other in unrecognizable languages no-one having any idea what anyone else was saying, whenever they drove by someone stitch would hit the horn and suddenly people would talk normal again.

Lilo:its working stitch!

After about five minuets of doing this everyone was returned to normal and all the arguments had subsided.

Lilo(determined): Now lets go save Gibberish!

Stitch:Ih maka maka Tooki Bowaba

And stitch hit the gas and headed off toward Gantu's Ship.


625 just finished setting up the teleporter with 125 inside and a voice called out


625(rubbing hands together):now that's taken care of it think its time for A little snack

her leaves and heads for the galley and is followed by Joey.

The second the doors close lilo and stitch arrive in the elevator thingy dressed as cat burglers, with black jumpsuits and ski hats, with charcoal under their eyes. Lilo puts her finger over her moth then proceeds to act out several random poses, one involved acting like a chicken, before pointing to the experiment in the teleporter and whispering "go get em stitch"


Lilo(whispering):wow he wasn't lying the big dummy really is gone!

Stitch lifted up the glass cover and grabbed the grateful experiment and quietly made their way back to the elevator thingy. And left.


Then 625 and Joey enter the main room both carrying stacks of sandwiches, 625 is lecturing Joey on propper sandwich making

625:you see it's all in how you spread the mustard, its all in the wrists...

then the videophone suddenly turns on


The camera view zooms out to the outside of the ship as we hear Hamsterveil continue the rant

625: oh blitznak

Location:Pelikai residence NIGHT TIME

Pleakly: sooo... nice weather we've

Crator(extremely annoyed): yes for the 37th time the weather has been BEATIFUL!

Crator starts thinking to himself "that scientist is so lucky he doesn't need to stay in here and... WAIT A MINUET I FORGOT ABOUT HIM! I wonder what hes doing.."

Crator:May I use your bathroom?

Pleakly:sure its right down the hall, if you need help just call,(Crator gives Pleakly a WTF look and proceeds down the hall. Upon arrival in the bathroom he sneaks out the window just as Lilo and Stitch Return With the experiment

Lilo: I know exactly where this little guy belongs, ill have to call Cobra Bubbles in the morning to talk to him about it...

Pleakly(angry): Lilo you have kept your guest waiting all day and according to a television program I saw that is very impolite!


Crator snuck out the window and began searching for the future Jumba only to find him sleeping in the same bush he had left him in before, he was just about to wake him, when he heard the voice of a little girl coming from inside the house

Crator(whispering):that must be her

so he ran back around the house and climbed back in the window and hurried into the living room ready to finally meet the person that could help him find his best friend.