Title- One For Casual, One For Best
Characters/Pairings- 4/RomanaII
Rating- K+
Summary- A little drabble from the Doctor's POV, set during Destiny of the Daleks. Because you know there was more going down with Romana and the Doctor than met the eye...

When Tyssan tells him that Romana has been captured, his hearts skip a beat.
He can't lose her, not now, not after all they've been through! She's so young, not even three centuries yet and just out of school...
He keeps a brave face, as he always does. It won't do any good to panic.

When they find her again, she's back in just minutes to her usual self, joking about her hearts- one for casual, one for best.
He wants to kiss her. It's a temptation he hasn't felt in several hundred years, and Romana is still so entrenched in the customs of Gallifrey that he suspects she would frown on such a very human action...
He keeps a blank face, as he always does. It won't do any good to alienate her.

Afterwards, she tells him about how she fought the leader of the Movellans for control of the nova device.
He is amazed. This new regeneration is so different and yet... so the same. The story of what she was doing while he was busy with Davros reminds him of the dark-haired girl who stared into the face of a mile-high sea monster and hardly batted an eye...
He loses all self-control and gives in to temptation.

Romana surprises him; it seems she's not quite as entrenched in Gallifreyan customs as he thought. And his hearts skip a beat for a different reason.