Dramacon a la Matt

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OK so this is my very first fan fiction so please don't be too harsh on me. Comments and tips on how to improve my writing are very much appreciated. Please don't hate me for my bad grammar skills. This story is going to be about the first book in Matt's point of view.


I do not own Dramacon in any way. The characters and the story belong to Svetlana Chmakova.

Chapter 1

Here I am once again at this gathering of freaks and anime nuts. Myself included I guess since I'm obviously here. I'm dressed up again in some monstrosity my sister designed, along with my trench coat and trademark sunglasses. Sometimes I wonder why I come to these things since I have my aversion to people. Oh yeah, because no one notices me among the crowds of cosplayers.

The day started quietly enough. I helped Sandra set up the booth while Greta went to set up the table in the artist's gallery. After we finished I decided to wander for a bit. People pushed and chattered around me but thankfully never gave me a second glance. I was not paying attention to anything in particular when someone bumped into me.

"Hey, watch it." I said. The person, a redheaded girl just gave a quiet ouch. I looked at her and asked, "Are you okay?" The girl looked up at me and I was startled by her bright blue eyes that were full of tears. The girl reached out to me and broke down against me. Normally I would have pushed her away but something told me that she was genuinely hurting and I should listen to her story. So I stood there and put a hand on her shoulder as she quietly cried. After she calmed down a bit I said, "Come on. Get you a drink."

I lead her towards a wall and she sat down as I grabbed a bottle of water. I passed it to her and she said, "Thank you. Sorry I broke down like that. It's been... a long day."

"Your first con?" I asked.

"Y-yeah. How did you know?" Thought so.

"No offense, but you've got NOOB written all over you." I had to suppress a smirk as I watched her try not to take offense.

"I-I see... I gather you've been to one before?"

"A few. So why were you crying?"

"Ummm..." Was that all she had to say? She then launched into an explanation of her crazy day dealing with her first con, her insane roomies, and her boyfriend who flirted with any girl he saw. I zoned out a bit thinking how much I hated those kinds of people, who had no regard for the feelings of those around them. I noticed her waving her hand in front of my face saying, "You'd better not be asleep..."

"If he loves you..." I said, "...he shouldn't do things that hurt you."

"So simple..." her face lit up. "What else?"

"Be firmer about what you want and what you don't. Or people will walk all over and manipulate you."

"Ma-ni-pu-late me. Got it!"

"You're writing it down?" Weird.

"You kidding? This stuff's gold! Just what I need to tell that prick off!" Then her face fell again. "...Wait. What if... He thinks I'm being clingy... what if he... B-breaks up..."

Sheesh this girl seriously needs to get a backbone. "And that's a loss... how?" I asked.

"Um... well... I'd rather work it out. I mean, I love him, and he loves me... I think.

This girl... "SIGH... Don't tell me he was your first." The look on her face said it all.

"Of c-course not! I don't know what you're talking about!" Ha, nice try. Can't fool me.

"I'll take that as a 'hell yeah.' Don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

The girl smacked me on the shoulder and shouted, "Then how about you wipe that grin off your face, too?" I couldn't help but laugh. Weird, we were acting like we were close friends or something.

"Imagine him in his underwear, if that helps you work up the courage."

"Hee, I've seen him in his underwear! Not gonna help at all." Interesting.

"Hmm...How about a bikini, then?" She roared with laughter.

"Okay, now you just want to scar me for life. Say, how come you're wearing shades inside? Isn't it harder to see things?" My good mood died as she touched a delicate subject. I stood up then offered my hand to her.

"Come on."


"10 bucks says you forgot your map at the table and need someone to take you back." She took my hand with a feeble thanks and I pulled her through the crowd towards the artist's gallery. "Keep up, it's easy to get separated in the crowds."

"Okay, but could you maybe slow down?"

"No, I'm late as is." Sandra will throw a fit if I take any much longer. Then I shivered. Brr chills all of a sudden. Almost like someone was glairing at me. We reached the artist gallery. "That's the artist alley. See your table?"

She glanced around for a sec then gave a half hearted, "Yep, I see it."

"Cool. See ya." I quickly walked through the crowds back towards the booth. I stopped when I realized that I didn't even get her name. Oh well, no big deal. We probably wouldn't meet again anyways. As I predicted Sandra had a fit over me being late then she ordered me to go get Greta and take over the table in the artist alley. The artist alley again? Maybe I'll see that girl there.

I headed back and surprise, surprise, she was right there next to our table. From the look of things it didn't go so well telling the prick off. I got a look at him and he seemed like a scrawny little jerk that was obviously not boyfriend material. I watched that instead of scolding him the girl got scolded instead. I wandered closer and heard the prick say he was going to the Lida Zeff panel and left the girl behind at the table. I smirked as she sat down dejectedly.

I walked up to her and said," Way to tell the prick off." She looked at me and almost had a heart attack. I smirked again and gave her a, "Howdy, neighbor." I turned to Greta and said," she needs you at the booth. I'll take over here."

"Okey-Dokey!" the older girl said. "We still packing up at 8?"

"Yeah. See you then." She left and I sat down next to the redheaded girl. I pulled a program from my pocket and passed it to her. "Lida's running another panel tomorrow, for writers."

"Ohhh! There is a program, I see... No one told me there was one." Yup, this girl was a noob all right. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. Grow a backbone by tomorrow, and you might even get to attend." I know, I'm an asshole but I can't help myself.

The girl was pissed off by my comment, "Oh yeah? How about I just borrow some of your NERVE instead?" I smirked. I think this year's con is going to be fun.

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