Dramacon a la Matt

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Chapter 6

"Hey, what's going on?" Sandra said as she came out of the hotel room. She took one look at Christie and exclaimed, "OH MY GOD, What Happened?" That's what I want to know.

"U-umm. M-my boyfriend, h-he..." She broke off as she wiped away her tears when they started to well up again.

"Did he do something?" Sandra placed her hands on the trembling girls shoulders looking serious.

"H-he... he tried to, uh. But I, um. I hit him, with something. A-a clock, I think. And then I ran away. Here." That was all I needed to know. The bastard had tried to rape her. Now I am going to rip him limb from limb.

"Is he still there?" I asked, my voice sounding calmer then I felt.

"I think... I don't know," she replied

"I'll go check," I said turning to walk down the hall.

Before I could get anywhere Sandra grabbed my shoulder and shouted at me, "Wait you idiot!"

"Let go," I said, still sounding calmer than I really was. Sandra persisted.

"Matt, COOL IT! Beating him to a pulp and getting yourself arrested is NOT the way to handle this!" Dammit! I hate it when she is right. Sandra turned to Christie, "right. You're staying with us for the night. Wait here, and we'll go get your things, Okay?" Greta steered Chris towards our room and Sandra turned back to me. " You know which room?"

I still remembered how Christie accidentally gave me her room number. "612," I told her. Before we could leave Christie interrupted us.

"Wait. I'll come with you."

"Are you sure?" Asked Sandra. Chris nodded. So all four of us when into the elevator and I pushed the button for the 6th floor. Sandra looked at Christie then said, "OK tell us exactly what happened."

The girl hesitated for a moment, and then went into an explanation to how her boyfriend got drunk and got angry when she told him that she wanted to break up with him because she had enough of his attitude. The more I listened, the angrier I got. When we reached the 6th floor I was more than ready to kill the bastard. When we stopped in front of room 612 I knocked on the door. The guy opened the door looking dazed and sporting a nasty bruise where Christie had struck him.

When I saw that asshole I just snapped. I grabbed the front of his shirt and snarled, "You miserable piece of shit." I could hear Sandra shouting at me to stop in the background but I was too angry to care. Even when she grabbed me in a headlock I was still going to beat the shit out of him. Then someone with a much weaker grip grabbed my arm and I looked at Christie's wide blue eyes.

"Please don't," she said it so quietly I almost couldn't hear her. Suddenly the prick caught me off guard and punched me in the jaw. It didn't hurt very much since I've gotten much worse from Sandra when I've pissed her off. The problem was my shades were knocked off my face. The prick took one look at me and burst out laughing.

"He is a freak! HA HA HA!" Tears began to well up in Christie's eyes and she slapped him hard.

"Shut Up, just SHUT UP!" she yelled at him. He immediately stopped laughing and grabbed a fistful of her hair.

"YOU shut up! YOU shut up you stupid..." he shouted. Christie screamed when he pulled on her hair hard. For me that was the last straw. I punched him in the face as hard as I could. He fell against one of the beds and I grabbed his shirt so I could look at him right in the eye.

"Touch her again..." I snarled, "...and I will break your arms." I meant it. Just then the chaperons finally decided to show up. They've done a pretty lousy job by leaving Christie and this idiot alone together and leaving behind alcohol when it was obvious he would drink it. I noticed at least four empty bottles on the floor. I held on to the prick and let Sandra explain the situation while Christie and Greta gathered Christie's things. The chaperones were reluctant to let Chris stay in our room tonight but Chris reassured them that she was fine, and Sandra said that it would be better for Christie to stay far away from Derek for the time being.

I kept a tight grip on her hand as we walked back to our room on the third floor. Even though it was close to midnight none of us were tired, and our pizza had finally arrived so we sat down to eat. A movie was playing on the TV but no one was really watching it. I looked at Christie as she laughed at something Sandra said. Then I watched as all the drama from the last few days finally caught up with her and she began to cry silently again. Sandra pulled her into a hug and I could only look as she finally cried herself to sleep.

I got up off the floor and picked her up. She was so exhausted that she didn't even twitch. Sandra pulled back the covers and I laid her down gently on the bed. She groaned slightly as Sandra tucked the covers around her but didn't wake up. Sandra looked at me sadly. I just sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Christie's sleeping face.

What a heck of a weekend this has been. Right now my brain can barely process everything that has been going on. I know that things are not supposed to be normal at an anime convention but all this has just been crazy. I sigh and run my fingers through my hair. I've been doing that a lot lately. I get up and grab an extra blanket, pillow and small mattress and lay them on the floor between the beds.

"You don't have to do that." Whispers Sandra. "One of us can sleep next to Christie and you can..."

"I'm fine here," I say a little to harshly. Then I say, "sorry. I'm just really tired."

Greta nods in agreement. "We're all tired. Lets get some sleep." Sandra and Greta crawl into bed and I hunker down on my spot on the floor. Sandra turns the light off and the room is plunged into darkness. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep.

I didn't know for how long I was sleeping when I woke up to the feeling of someone brushing my hair away from my face. I saw Christie looking down at me from the bed, one hand dangling over the side. "You okay?" I ask.

She looks at me and whispers," thank you." I don't know why I did it; it just felt right. I reached my hand up high enough so my fingers could entwine with hers. We both fell asleep that way.

I was the first to wake up, blinking my eyes from the sun coming through the curtains. I turned my head and noticed that my fingers were still entwined with Christie's. She was still in a deep sleep. I gave a small smile; I have to admit that she is rather cute when she is sleeping. She let out a rather loud snore. Then again maybe not. I sat up and stretched, what a long, crazy weekend this has been. At least today's the last day of the con.

Sandra and Greta finally got their lazy butts out of bed. We let Christie sleep for a while longer, she deserved it. Sandra and I went out to get breakfast, Sandra insisted on finding the convenience store by her-self, which took her half an hour to find even though it was just a five-minute walk away. When I told her as much she denied it and claimed my watch was broken. Ha, she knows she got lost and doesn't want to admit it. When we got back to the hotel room Christie was awake and looking much better.

So today is the very last day of the convention. Christie stayed with Sandra in the booth while I went to the table in the Artists Alley. I noticed that the table next to me was empty. I guess the prick didn't plan on setting up today. Later Chris and I hung around for a while in the different galleries, I have absolutely no idea how that girl can consume the amount of pocky she bought. When I saw the prick I still felt angry but I felt some satisfaction when I saw him still sporting bruises from the ass kicking I gave him.

We stopped by a pillar and I noticed Sandra dash behind a sign. Sheesh, how long is she going to follow us? I tried to ignore her and pay attention to the girl next to me. She was smiling but I felt a pang in my chest with the realization that after today I probably wouldn't see her smile again. I must have been looking serious because she looked curiously at me and asked me, "What?"

"Nothing. What were you saying?" I asked turning my head away.

"Um, that I'm going to run off for a couple minutes."

"Okay, I'll wait here." She started walking off in the wrong direction. "The little girls' room is the other way." I said pointing it out to her.

She froze, turned around, and then started walking in the right direction, her face red. "When I get back I'm taking you out for some TACT. My treat." I snickered. Yeah right. Sandra had been threatening me with that for years and it hasn't worked. Speaking of Sandra.

"If you think that you're the queen of stealth or something- you're not." She popped up from behind the sign attempting a composed look.

"Don't get all paranoid, I was just on my way to the bathroom."

"For all of the hour you were following us?"

"You're imagining, brother dear. Soooo... did you ask her yet." Ugh, of course.

"Quit butting in."

"Want ME to do it?"

I glared at her. "You do that and I'll never speak to you again. Mean it."

She looked at me with concern. "Matt...you like her. And she is head over heals for you. When was the last time... someone accepted all of you? Didn't flinch or walk away?" In forever, which made me feel more pissed off.

"Right. I should be grateful."

"That's not what I...! Urgh." Sandra leaned against me and rested her head in my shoulder. "Things were never easy for you."

"Your point?"

"You've become harsh. Distrustful. You push people away like they're garbage. But this girl...you laugh with her like you do with me. You never laugh with others like you do with me." Dammit! I know she is right. Again. But...

"...She's still in high school. On the opposite end of the frigging country."

"High school is not forever and east coast is not the moon. Just F.Y.I. Any other lame reasons." I've had enough of this.

"I'm not talking about this." Sandra gave me a furious look and stalked off, yelling coward over her shoulder. "Dammit!" I growled running my hand through my hair for the tenth time this weekend. I really am a coward but I just can't do this. I really like Christie, but I'm scared that I will just end up hurting her and push her away like everyone else. If there is one thing I have learned is that people change and Christie may like me now but once she is back to her normal life she will probably get over it and forget that I existed.

I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard Christie asking me if I was okay. "Do you have a headache?" She asked.

"I'm fine."

"You looked like you were in pain."

"I'm FINE. Quit it with the puppy dog eyes. You look ridiculous." Shit, I'm doing it again, getting all defensive and lashing out. "Weren't you threatening to buy me something?"

"Ah, yes. Tact. Tell me you've at least heard of it." I relaxed a bit when I realized she wasn't taking too much offense from my outburst.

"In passing. A most foreign concept, if you ask me. Off-topic-get everything you wanted from the dealers' room? One hour till they close-that's when all the deals are on, too."

"Oh...that's right. The con, it's... Yeah. Yeah, we'd better hurry." I looked at her. Why did she get all dejected all of a sudden? Well duh Matt, she's sad that the con is almost over. And you probably will never see her again.

The day finally ended and we met outside by Christie's ride to say goodbye. She hugged Sandra who ran off to finish packing. That just left the two of us in a very awkward moment. I honestly had no idea what to say after all the drama that happened this weekend. She bumped into me crying her eyes out, we laughed together and almost shared a kiss on the elevator, we really did share a kiss at the dance, she almost got raped and I beat up her now ex-boyfriend. And now we were saying goodbye.

Before I could open my mouth she spoke up first. "Okay, before this gets any more awkward...I'm just so glad to have met you." She hugged me. "Thank you. For everything." I had absolutely no idea what to say. All I could do was hug her back. She pulled away and said a little too cheerfully, "Well, I'd better let you go. Sandra'll have your hide for a handbag if you don't help her pack."

"Do I detect a note of glee at the prospect?"

She laughed, "Take care, you. I'll see you next year."

"Have a safe trip." And that was it. She was gone, and now I feel really empty inside. I wandered back inside to find Sandra waiting for me. She had a smile on her face, which worsened my sour mood.

"Cheer up Matt, you'll see her next year." I grunted not feeling like answering her. I started to walk away but she wasn't finished yet. "And besides... you might just hear from her sooner then you think." I froze like a statue. She didn't. I turned around and saw the wide smirk on her face. "Since you were being such an idiot I took the liberty of giving her your phone number since it's obvious you just let her go without trying anything."

I stared at her in disbelief, and then I started laughing. Sandra looked at me like I had lost it but I couldn't stop. This is obviously a symptom of anime convention madness that I heard about. But despite that I know I'm in for an even crazier time next year. And I absolutely don't care. This is Matt saying so long and thank for enduring all the madness with me.

Well that's the end of Dramacon a la Matt. This chapter was the hardest to write because it was much more difficult getting into Matt's head for the end. But it was worth it. I thank you very much for all your support and every review was appreciated. Again I apologize for taking so long to finish this chapter but I hope that you feel the wait was worth it. For my next story I'm planning on doing a crossover. Don't expect a sequel for this because I honestly have no idea what to write for the second book because Matt is not seen as often so it's harder to know what her is thinking. Thank you very much and all input is appreciated because I want to improve my writing.