I DON"T OWN MONSTER! Seriously, I couldn't make up that stuff if I wanted to.


A small child is often viewed as a fragile thing. If they get a little too cold, they die. If they get a little too hot, they die. If they are left on their own, they die. It's as simple as that. They can be completely helpless and perfectly vulnerable. But sometimes, small children aren't given enough credit.

Children have an amazing ability to learn, and to adapt to their situation. When one smiles at a child, the child learns that a smile is a symbol of pleasure and happiness. Thus, they adapt- they learn to smile back. When you wave to a child, they will learn that a wave is a greeting, or else it is a goodbye, and learn to wave back.

Likewise, if you frown at a child, they will learn that a frown is not a good thing- something to express displeasure or disapproval. If you strike a child, they will come to associate the gesture with pain. And, in time, they adapt- they learn to hit back.

Given the fact that we as humans learn these behaviors as such small children it is safe to assume that we cannot change the behavior. It also appears to be a fact that one can train a child to do anything if one has enough time and patience to do so.

You can mold a child when they are young to be anything you want it to be. A doctor, a lawyer…

…Even a madman.

When we know this, there is no doubt that the man known as The Monster was the product of environment- a monster is never simply born. They must be molded into a monster by some outside force. Something hurts them over and over, so eventually, something inside of them starts bending until it just…breaks. They compensate for their childhood weakness in their adult years, hiding their vulnerability behind a mask of madness. They learn to be cruel and vicious, as the world has been to them.

Because children adapt remarkably well.