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Chapter 6 Sasuke's Plan

Sasuke was doing it again. No matter how many times he tried to stop he just couldn't. What was he doing other than train himself into the ground you ask?

Why he was watching one Hinata Hyuuga as she trained in her team's training ground. Even when her teammate's and sensei left for the day she would always stay longer to improve herself. But to Sasuke she was perfect the way she was.

Now you must be wondering why Sasuke was watching her. Well, truth is Sasuke Uchiha was in love with Hinata Hyuuga. Yes that's right people The Sasuke Uchiha was in love with the meek, quiet and shy Hyuuga girl.

You see Sasuke has had a crush on Hinata since the first time he laid his eyes on her in the Ninja Academy. When she walked into the room that day she had her head down, but after a few seconds when she lifted her head and Sasuke saw her face he gasped quietly as a single thought passed through his mind. (Sh-she's beautiful.) And that's where it all started.

From then on Sasuke kept an eye on the shy girl and did everything his tiny 6 year old mind could think of. But no matter what he did she never seemed to see him. Instead she saw Naruto the class clone. He knew Hinata liked Naruto and always seemed to be watching his every move. So he worked hard to get her to notice him and see that he was the one for her and not the blond idiot. So for 2 years he tried his best to be noticed by her, but instead of getting noticed by Hinata he got noticed more by his fan club.

But soon thing's changed for the worst, the day before he was going to tell her how he felt TheUchiha Massacre happened.

Now contrary to popular belief the 2 week's Sasuke didn't go to school where not sitting in the hospital room, or going to the Uchiha Compound, or even training all his anger and hate on a practice dummy in one of the training grounds like everyone had thought. Instead he was fallowing Hinata around because whenever he saw her, he was put at ease, the hate for his brother was gone, and he felt there was hope somewhere in the world.

She was he angle, his light and the reason he didn't slip into the world of insanity.

It was in those 2 weeks that Sasuke found out the reason why Hinata, his cute Little Kitten always had her head down and never seemed to believe in herself.

Sasuke was sitting in the tree outside the dojo in the Hyuuga Compound. It was funny to him that over the weeks he had been there the so call 'All seeing eyes' couldn't see an 8 year old sitting in a tree in the middle of the Compound even with the guards looking with the Byakugan. He was soon brought out of his thought when he heard the cold hateful voice of Hiashi Hyuuga.

"Hinata, I have called you here to tell you that you have once again brought shame to the Hyuuga Clan. And for that I have decided to not waste my time on you anymore and will now be training your sister." Sasuke watched as Hiashi glared at Hinata with hate in his eyes after a long moment Hiashi stood up and left his daughter sitting in the meeting room.

The silent whimpers of Hinata reached his ears as well, and it took every fiber of his being to not jump out of the tree, give her a hug, and tell her everything was going to be ok. But he couldn't because of a few reasons, One, He would get in trouble for trespassing. Two, If his fan girls' got wind of him hugging her they would rip her limb from limb, and finally Three, His brother could be watching from anywhere without him knowing it. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her or put her in danger.

So he stayed in place as he watched her leave for her room. By the time he made it to the tree by her window she was already asleep, but the tears of sadness never stopped flowing.

Then he did something he'd been doing for the last few weeks. He crept into her room and caressed her cheek with love and comfort. And like all the other times she'd move into his hand with a content smile softly gracing her face.

He then leaned over and whispered softly into her ear. "You are not worthless. You are strong, kind hearted, and most of all beautiful. So always remember that no matter what people say, I'm always right and they are always and I mean alwayswrong. If they call you a weakling, a failure, an outcast, or a loser then it's because they are not pure enough to understand how wonderful you really are." He stated firmly but at the same time his words still held their kindness and love for her. And with that said he kissed her forehead and was about to step out of the window when a voice that was a soft as a wind chime called out faintly to him.

"Thank you." Sasuke smiled softly at her words before he disappeared into the night.

That was four years ago. Though he stopped going to her room at night due to them almost never being in the village at the same time, being too tired to do anything else but sleep, and a sudden boost in the Hyuuga night guards. But whenever they did have a day off or they both didn't have missions he would fallow her and make sure she was doing ok. He knew over the years that bastard she calls a father has only got worse in tormenting her and bring her confidents down even lower. He was soon brought out of his thoughts when Hinata started talking to herself.

"What does he know any ways." Hinata's was low as her words carried on the wind as her open palms turned in to fists as she pounded at the stump. "He's never seen me train or seen my mission reports, never checked my progress with Kurenai-sensei. All he sees is me not being able to use the Gentle Fist."

As she spoke Sasuke was surprised that she had stopped stuttering all together. Another thing he noticed was that her chakra was becoming visible. While the standard chakra was a sky blue hers was a sickly dark purple and water and electricity were gathering around her hands and arms. (What the hell is going on?) The onyx eyed boy asked himself as he silently watched his Little Kitten beat the hell out of the practice log.

"Well you know what? Fuck him and everybody else! I don't care what they time anymore; I'll do what I want and disregard what they saw! I'LL SHOW THEM I'LL SHOW THEM ALL WHO THE REAL WEAKLING IS!" And with that last angry cry the water and electricity formed together and blew up the log in to random sized chunks. But that wasn't what got his attention, no far from it. The thing that had Sasuke drawn to her face was the fact that she had two red eyes spinning like a pinwheel, as they slowed down to a stop he saw 3 commons before her eyes went back to their normal pulseless light lavender.

(Sh-she's got theā€¦) Sasuke watched as Hinata let out a loud gasp before looking around at the mess she had caused before she backed up and ran out of the field and back to her home. Hope no one had seen her destroy it.

When he came out of his hiding place from a tall tree out of her Byakugan's range, he once again looked around him a then in the looked off into the direction his Little Kitten had disappeared too.

"Now I have more of a reason for getting her out of that damn Clan. I will no longer stand for them treating my future wife like they have any longer. Before I have not had a good argument for getting her out but now that I know she has Sharingan, I have more than enough reason to get her to be with me. Now all I need is an idea and I'm all set." He pondered for a moment before he finally came up with a plan on how to help her out and to get her as his girlfriend at long last, it had taken 4 years but it would finally happen.

(It's Sunday, so it starts tomorrow.) As he walked home he had a true smile on his face. By the end of the week Hinata would be free of her Clan, have more confidents then she knew what to do with, would loss her stutter, and hopefully his girlfriend and future wife.

They very next day Sasuke put his plan into action.

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