Will and Halt were tracking down some bandits in eastern Redmont. These bandits were terrible. They stole only the jewels one might own and whether or not you put up a resistance or you were home, they slaughtered you and your family.

The two rangers had been tracking them down as soon as they caught word. They left three weeks ago.

Halt looked at his companion. Will had a hard set determination about him that had been unmasked since they saw the first house. Will had been thoroughly shocked. In fact, he had nearly thrown up.

"Don't worry Will we will catch them. Then punish them to the fullest extent." Halt tried to reason and calm Will.

Will just nodded imperceptibly and continued on in silence. Halt sighed. If the boy wanted to be head strong, let him. It was not like he could force it out of him.

Both riders came to a stop as they heard a scuffle up ahead. Will dismounted and sneaked ahead, gesturing for Halt to stay in case it was a trap.

It was.


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Halt heard Will yell several minutes after he slinked out of sight. Halt quickly dismounted because the brambles would slow the horses down. He ran as fast as he could when he heard the snap of a bow being broken in half and a scream of pain.

"Will," Halt whispered pausing to try to hear where he was going. His son was in pain and needed his help, but in his haste Halt had gotten hopelessly lost. He ran quickly again as Will yelled for him.


Will had been ambushed as soon as he was out of Halt's sight. A gag had been shoved in his mouth and a voice had whispered in his ear.

"Now now Will, we can't have you spoiling the game before it starts now can we." It crooned. In addition to the gag there was now a dagger digging in to his throat. Will struggled again, harder. The voice laughed.

"Oh Will, you are so naïve. You see if you tip off Halt over there, Guile here will shot him with his crossbow". To emphasize his point, he gestured over to where Guile was stand poised, with a bolt knocked.

Will's heart sank as realized that it was pointing to Halt.

The leader lead will down the path in to clearing that was difficult to get to if you didn't know how to get in by the path. The man sang medically to Will.

"Now Will, it's time to put on a show. You are going to yell and put up a fight, while we are winning, Halt will come rushing in all concerned and scared. We will kill you in front of him, and then let him go. It will teach a lesson to you stupid meddling Rangers!"

Will struggled again against his bonds, but to no avail. Tears pricked his eyes at the thought of Halt and Alyss and how they couldn't hear him say just how much they meant to him. "Ah, isn't that cute! Willer is crying for his poor master. Well no matter."

The man untied Will and gave him back his weapons. He laughed without mirth and with the cruelty of the deepest pits of (insert the deepest bad place you can think of).

"Let the show begin!"

Will immediately killed the men who were dragging him along. He then turned to the rest, who were out of the range of his knives. He brought around his bow and shot several before a man came up behind him and broke his bow. After the bow, the man proceeded to break Will's arm as he swung Will around to the ground and applied pressure to the other side, effectively snapping it.

Will couldn't help but scream in pain. He twirled around with his saxe and plunged it in the man's gut and rolled away to avoid being crushed. Will looked around and sighed in despair. He was surrounded and the bandits were getting closer.

Their leader chuckled, "Will it's almost time for the grand finale! Your master approaches."

Will tried to yell out a warning but he only got out a strangled "HALT," before one of the closer men threw his hand and muffled out the rest. Several other men backed away quickly into the bushes as they heard Halt's cries.

The leader laughed again and whispered in Will's ear." If you even try to tip him off about the men in the trees, it will be Halt's death that will be told about." He grinned as Will went still and his eyes went wide.


Halt slashed the vines that held him back from the clearing. When the last vine was hacked away Halt burst into the clearing to find a scene from his worst nightmare. Will was being held by a giant of a man. Beside him was a slight man who had a sadistic pleasure about him. Will looked horrible. One of his arms hung at a funky angle and he was covered in cuts and bruises. Halt couldn't help whisper his name.

"Will" he whispered, and try as he might, he couldn't keep the anguish from his voice. The leader was the smaller man he surmised. The man walked over to Will and whispered in his ear.

When he walked away, with a smile on his face, Will looked at Halt and then looked down with tears falling down.

This broke Halt of his shock and he grabbed his bow and without a breath of pause had an arrow on the string.

"Let him go and no harm will come to you." Halt demanded to his dismay he found that his voice quivered.

The man laughed again. "Oh really, and what would the great Halt do to me if I refused, I wonder? Would he hit me with that big stick of his, or would he yell me into hell?" a broad smile was now plain on his face, "And what would he, you do if I killed the man beside me?"

The blood drained out of Halts face as the man pulled the dagger from his waist band and twirled it around his finger and shoved it under Will's chin. Will tried to pull away and got a hilt to the face for his troubles. The man gestured for only Will to see, the crossbow pointing out from the trees at Halt.

Halt could see Will's eyes flow with tears of despair, though he resisted to look behind him for the source of his former pupils distress.

"I will slice you into the deepest pits of (another deepest darkest horrible place you can think of.) and dip you in the acid of the earth."

The man laughed yet again, and then smirked.

"Well then let's hold you to that."


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