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"Well let's hold you to that."

Time slowed down as the man lifted the dagger, ready to plunge it into Will.

Halt fired his arrow.

It soared silently across the clearing.

It sliced through the wind, the tension, the pain, the shock, and the love.


While the arrow flew, Halt and Will looked at each other.

Halt's eyes were full of pain, anguish and pure love all marred with a growing horror.

Will's were the same except that instead of horror it was a cruel despair of acceptance of his fate.



The arrow missed.


A millisecond before the dagger plunged deep into Will's heart, which beat only a couple times more.

Halt was completely numb to everything as the man who was Halt's like son looked at him. The look said everything words could not say. They said that everything would still be ok, that life was too short to morn his death to long; they said they had a wonderful time in life. But two things were most clear in Will's eyes, an unconditional love and that he was sorry things were this way.

With that one look at Halt, Will died.

The thug that was holding Will dropped his body in the dirt.

Halt just stood there as the bandits surrounded him and tied him up and put a sack over his head.

Throughout the whole ride Halt silent.


The next morning Halt found himself in the Redmount infirmary. Pauline stood over him with a concerned yet relived smile on her face.

Halt was completely numb to everything. "How did I get here?"

Pauline answered him softly," The night guards found you on Abelard riding in unconcince."

Halt looked at the ceiling, "Pauline dear, could you please message Horace, Gilian and Crowley to get over here as fast as they can, and when they get here could you send them and Alyss along with yourself to Will's cabin? Thank you."

Pauline just stuttered and said ok before quickly.

Halt got out of bed and started his long walk to his former home.


They all gathered in the living room, wondering what the heck they were doing in Will's house while he wasn't there.

Halt came in and simply said, "I missed".

There was a knock at the door. Halt walked over to the door. Everyone was confused on why that mattered so much. There was messenger at the door with a letter. He just gave the letter to Halt and walked away. Halt read the envelope.

To my dearest Halt, for which this letter is of great importance.

Halt tore the letter open and read what it said.


I wanted you to know how pleasurable last week was for me. I mean just to hear your pained and panicked screams as your precious Will was being attacked. And you got lost too! Ha and to see the dread in your face when you saw that Will was captured and broken, priceless! Let me tell you something, Will was being so cooperative. He knew he was going to die, I told him after all, and he compiled to every word I said once I pointed out that if he didn't do everything I said to, I would kill you instead. Now back to the scene, I cannot believe you actually missed me! I mean I was about to kill the man you thought of as your son and you missed me by a foot! This is just too awesome to keep to myself so I thought, Hey why not torture Halt in addition to the pain he is already in! I have to tell you about the sheer delight I felt when I plunged my knife in to his weak, defenseless chest. I have never felt the high it gave me when I pierced his heart. And I'll never forget how you did nothing to save him.

That was too much for him and Halt collapsed on the floor in a ball as the sobs racked his body. He cried all of the tears he had hidden away all of these years and many more.

Pauline ran over to her husband.

"I missed the man I was aiming for and Will is dead because of it. The first time in over twenty years I miss and it costs Will his life!" Halt wailed as he handed the letter to Pauline who read it. Soon she was crying as well.

Alyss and heard Halt's outburst and was crying. When Pauline gave her the letter and read it, Alyss was sobbing uncontrollably.

Horace was crying softly for his best friend. Thinking about the times they had shared together, the dangers and the joys.

Gilian was in shock. His mind just couldn't comprehend that Will might be dead. The boy had just fit so perfectly into their family that it was impossible that he not be there.

Crowley looked out the window after Halt had collapsed, with soft tears running tear tracks down his face. He knew what it meant to Halt that Will was dead. It was like a son being killed. Crowley was also hurt by Will's death but not as much as the others, but he knew it was an incredible loss for the Ranger Corps as Will was the second greatest ranger.

When Crowley read the letter, he whispered, "Oh my god" and walked over to where Halt was still sitting on the floor, Crowley wrapped his arms around the man. It must have been excruciatingly painful for Halt to bear witness to Will's death.

"Halt we will find and kill these men, so don't worry about them. All of the rangers will be at your side, and when the time comes, at Will's side."

"Thank you," was all the reply he got. To Crowley that was more than enough.

Halt slowly got up and walked back down the hall and into his former room.

Alyss also got up and with Horace's help walked out the door and back to the castle.

Pauline turned to the two rangers. "I think you guys should stay here with him. He will need you guys more now than ever," She than left without another word.

Gilian and Crowley could hear Halt's anguished cries all through the night. Somewhere around midnight, Halt fell asleep. Gilian and Crowley turned to each other.

"I don' want to be that man when Halt comes out for revenge."

"I believe I quite agree with you, but first Halt has to survive this."

Gilian looked to pick up the envelope and fond it still occupied. In the bottom of it lay Will's oakleaf.

It was covered in blood.


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