Later that night, Harry laid in Draco's bed the green Slytherin curtains drawn around them. After dinner Draco had kicked everyone out telling them they could return in a couple hours. Their first night together had been magical and Harry was in his own form of heaven. Everyone had returned to their room to find Draco's curtains drawn as they were now and Harry sleeping next to him. Now Harry was awake. He leaned over and kissed Draco causing him to stir.

"What's-the-matter, sweets?" Draco asked softly opening his eyes. Harry snuggled down next to his first lover.

"Can't sleep." Harry whispered back. "You looked so good I couldn't help it."

Draco smiled. "Well, let me help you." Harry nodded. Draco pulled his arm from under Harry and threaded both his hands into Harry's hair running his fingers all along the scalp. "Sleep my sweet." Draco murmured. He replaced the arm under Harry and continued his ministrations on Harry's head. Whispering in his ear all the while.

The last thing Harry remembered before he succumbed to sleep was Draco's soft voice. "I love you, Harry." With his own sleepy reply. "Love you too, Draco"

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