Down in the Tube Station at Midnight

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Chapter twenty-six:

"So I've got an idea." Harry brought up Wednesday evening over a late meal. Draco and Harry somehow managed to get the lounge completely painted by Sunday night, and the room felt better already. Harry thought about ripping out the carpeting before Friday to have it done for the party, but just in case the whole floor didn't look good after the reveal, he didn't want to take his chances. The carpet would stay for now. There may have been a good reason someone covered it up! Maybe there was a giant bloodstain in the middle of the room or a gallon of yellow paint splattered all over it. The possibilities for potential catastrophe were endless!

"Let's hear it." Draco prodded, taking a bite of his sushi, nearly choking on it. They made those pieces so goddamn big.

"Maybe we could see what Seamus and Blaise are up to Friday? I feel like it's going to be awkward with just Ron and Hermione, and if Blaise's here there'd be one more on your side." Harry laughed, making it sound horrible. Like his friends were taking sides. For all he knew maybe they'd actually get along!

"That's not a bad idea." Draco mused, pondering the offer. "I mean, it'd be less pressure. But on the other hand, it could make it totally awkward for everyone."

"We'll just get a lot of lager. Like a whole keg." Harry laughed, disappointed that he'd finished his rainbow roll already and eying what was left of Draco's, even though he'd probably puke if he took another bite.

"We should've got more food!" Draco joked, barely able to finish his plate.

"Ha! I'm going to explode. But anyways, I don't care if it's awkward. I think you should ask them."

"You're cruel. I'll call Blaise tomorrow. No! I'll send him a text tonight. I bet he'll like that." Draco giggled, positive that his idea was genius, blatantly still entertained by the invention of the mobile phone.


"You love it."

Just the word love coming out of Draco's mouth made Harry's skin crawl. It wasn't that he didn't love Draco, it was just that neither one of them had admitted such a thing. Yet. Harry felt certain that Draco loved him, but he didn't want to ruin anything. They were doing so well. A word like love might just make Draco freak out and send him running back to the Manor with only one shoe on and his fly unzipped because he couldn't get away fast enough. Or maybe it'd be amazing and then they'd have sex on the kitchen counter top.

Either way, he wasn't saying it tonight. Draco didn't even say that he loved him. Just that he loved it. Whatever that meant. He forgot what they were talking about. He opted to just flash a model worthy smile and give him a slobbery kiss to change the subject instead.


"Ugh they'll be here any minute. How's my hair?" Draco asked, fretting like none other.

"It's perfect as usual. Do you think we have enough food?" Harry asked for the fiftieth time. They had enough food to feed a small army plus their wives. And he knew that, he just wanted to be prepared. And reassured.

"Oh my god, stop. Potter, look at this spread. There's no way we'll eat it all even with Weasley coming over." Draco shook his head, then checking his hair in the hall mirror one last time.

"Says the man who can't step away from his own reflection."

"I just want to make sure I look like a respectable person! And so your friends don't think you're dating some minger who dresses like you."

Harry glared at him at the last comment but chose to disregard that bit. Even with help from Draco he still wasn't that great at putting outfits together. "Well, you're not respectable. But, you're gorgeous as fuck and you turned me into a gay man. You're like a little devil and I should probably keep you handcuffed to the bed out of sight from others."

Draco tried to flash a menacing grin, but got distracted when he saw Ron and Hermione walking up the entrance. "They're here!"

"Fuck. Ugh, let's cancel the whole thing. I don't want to deal with this. Let's just move away to an island never to be seen again." Harry buried his face in his hands to rub his eyes then tried not to ruin his hair too much as he ran his fingers through. He was sure it looked like rubbish anyway, he didn't know why he even bothered.

"Oh quit being such a baby. I'm the one that should be nervous. Now get over here and greet your friends, I'm going to hide in the kitchen."


Right on cue, he heard the confident knock at the door. It finally sank in how nervous he was. Not really nervous for having Hermione around, but Ron was unpredictable, who knew how he would act? He just hoped that when Seamus arrived he'd have someone to catch up with. They could talk about sports and beer for all he cared.

"Hi guys! Welcome to my new place!" Harry greeted excitedly, happy to have his friends over even if it was a little awkward. He tried to be optimistic, maybe by the end of the night it'd be okay.

"Harry, I love it! I think you made a great choice." Hermione gushed, only standing in the entrance way.

"You're lucky you don't have any old horny women across the hall to hold you up!" Ron laughed, impressed with the private entrance right off the street. Harry was definitely glad for that! Just the thought of Ron's neighbor Mrs. Shale gave him the willies.

"Yeah I know, it's wonderful! Come inside, I'll show you around." Harry offered, nervous about Draco standing in the kitchen. "I'll show you the upstairs, then we'll go and talk to him, he's in the kitchen." He added quietly as an afterthought.

Ron looked irked to be reminded of Malfoy's presence in the home, but he'd have to get over that. "Just as long as there's booze."

"I've bought a whole keg of Stella. I think we're set!" Harry laughed, grinning at his best friend.

"That's what I'm talking about." Ron seemed to perk up a bit at the mention of beer in mass quantities.

Harry showed his friends the two bedrooms upstairs, the only toilet in the flat was on the first floor, and he couldn't possibly stall any longer. "So I've invited some other people over as well."

"Who?" Hermione asked, excited but still a little weary.

"Just Seamus...and Blaise." He wasn't sure how'd they react.

"Oh, nice! I haven't seen Seamus in years!" Ron didn't even seem fazed that he'd mentioned Blaise Zabini. He took it as a good sign. Maybe he was on drugs.

"Harry, something's burning!" Draco called from the kitchen. Oh shit, the cookies! He'd forgotten all about them.

"Take them out you twit!" Harry replied, rushing off to check on the damage.

"They're completely ruined." Draco pointed out, examining the charred remains.

"What do you mean! Those are totally salvageable!" Harry laughed, his voice oozing with sarcasm. "Ugh oh well, we didn't need them anyway. I think we have enough to eat."

"What's happened?" Hermione had opted not to hide out in the bedroom and actually join the group. She wasn't one to sit around and wait to be introduced. Not that she needed introducing...but it was something like that.

"I want to say, Hermione this is Draco. But I think you already know that." Harry tried to laugh. He had no idea how to act.

"Good to see you again." Draco tried his hardest to form a genuine smile, he hoped he did a believable job.

"You too." She smiled hesitantly. Should she call him Draco or Malfoy? She opted for nothing, noticing Draco had the same issue.

"Hiya." Ron offered weakly.

"Hey, nice to see you again."

Ron laughed, "not exactly the way I'd put it, but let's just see how the night pans out, eh? Harry where's that beer?"

Harry couldn't believe it, Ron actually didn't try to hex Draco into the next building and actually smiled and laughed. But it had only been five minutes, chances for disaster were still high.

"Over here mate." Harry pointed to the little bar he had set up, handing his friend a glass. "Hermione, I have other things besides beer if you fancy."

"Oh, thanks Harry. Maybe vodka?" She seemed excited about having a drink. He didn't blame her.

"I'll make it for you. How do you like it?" Draco offered, stepping in the way so Hermione had no choice.

Surprised yet delighted all the same, Hermione rattled off her preferred concoction and smiled to herself, impressed by Draco's performance already.

"Why thank you!" She conveyed with glee, trying to catch Harry's gaze.

"What time are the others getting here?" Ron asked, trying to keep the conversation flowing. Even if he wasn't overly keen on the situation, he didn't want to be standing in silence!

"Um, Blaise said they'd be here in about half an hour or so." He shrugged his shoulders, fiddling with the stereo. He didn't know what sort of music everyone would want to listen to, so he just picked the radio. At least they could have background noise.

"Brilliant." Ron nodded in approval.

"So Draco, how's the Muggle world treating you?" Hermione asked, getting straight to business.

"I've had my ups and downs, mainly downs, but currently its just smashing. I'm sure I'd be living in a hole somewhere if it weren't for Harry."

"That's not true, you would've at least found a shady tree to climb into."

"Harry tells us you've got a job?" Ron prodded.

"Yeah, mainly just answering the phones and scheduling appointments. Sweeping...It's quite dull really. But the pay is decent, I think, and the salon is full of other gay men so I don't feel all alone." He laughed, taking a swig of his beer.

They chatted nervously for a few minutes, trying to stay in neutral territory and avoid topics that could start a row. Harry was most impressed with Ron, actually participating and trying to make an effort. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door and got up from his seat to let in the other pair.

"Hiya Harry!" Seamus smiled, going in for a hug. "We've brought ya this." He eagerly handed Harry a really decent bottle of red wine and stepped aside into the flat to make way for Blaise.

"Hey there, thanks for inviting us over!" Blaise said.

"Of course! Sorry it was so last minute."

"No worries, we'd probably be looking for something to do anyway!" Blaise nudged Harry on the shoulder, stepping further into the room.


After about two hours of eating and drinking, Harry was feeling pretty sloshed. He was still in control of himself, at least he thought, but definitely felt relaxed and calm. He could tell everyone was in the same boat. Naturally, there were a few moments of awkward silence, but nothing too extreme. In all actuality, the group was getting along famously. Harry didn't know why he worked himself up about it so much!

"Oh gosh there's been plenty of laughs! Like the time Ron thought he was dreamin' when he saw me in his house." Draco brought up, probably too toasted to realize Harry had never mentioned the story to his friends.

"What are you talking about?" Ron asked, genuinely curious.

"You know, when you were really drunk and though you dreamt about me wearing pajamas!"

"I did dream about you wearing pajamas." Ron eyed him suspiciously, not sure what he was getting at.

"No you didn't." Harry cackled, getting up to grab another beer.

"You mean to say that Ron was too drunk to realize you were actually in his house!" Blaise understood right away, throwing his head back in amusement.

"Yeah! I was going to the loo and Ron comes round the corner with a glass of water and says 'Malfoy.' I was so in shock I didn't know what to do."

"Are you telling me that you were in my house!" Ron seemed completely befuddled.

"Yeah mate, like I brought Draco back to the flat I figured you two'd be passed out drunk since it was Saturday night..." Harry started to explain.

"A likely story!" Hermione interjected, totally engrossed, sloshing her drink onto the carpeting. Good thing he didn't care about stains.

"What do you mean? That's the truth!" Harry protested.

"You brought him back to chat? I doubt that." She giggled.

"He brought me back to make out." Draco stated, as a matter of fact.

"Oh my god." Ron looked like he wanted to throw up.

"You're gonna find out about these things eventually!" Harry laughed, trying not to die of humiliation.

"The whole thing is just so weird." Ron shook his head, ready for another beer as well.

"I'll get it for you, mate." Seamus offered, already getting up himself.


About one in the morning, the gang decided it was probably time to call it quits. The evening probably couldn't have gone smoother. He was anxious to talk to his friends about the whole ordeal later on when Draco wasn't around to listen. Everyone was on their best behavior, only having a few instances where the tension was thick. Namely when Ron brought up the 'eat slugs' incident from Draco calling Hermione a mudblood in 2nd year, but chocked it up to water under the bridge.

"Let's all go to the pub next weekend!" Seamus offered while saying his goodbyes.

"That sounds like fun." Ron agreed, never one to turn down a night out.

"It's a plan." Draco smiled, genuinely happy to be included. Harry couldn't wait to snuggle in the bed with him later on and discuss the night. He hoped Draco wasn't just putting on a show and actually hated the entire evening. He didn't think so, but sometimes his paranoia just overpowered logic.


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