Ultimate Creation

(A first little tribute to "The Fountain", one of my favorite movies! For many reasons. I'm writing much more, and I'd love to read what you think about this first op. Thanks a lot for taking the time, I hope you enjoy it. Love, P5.)


She is beautiful, glowing, radiant.
Like a dying star.
I wish I were the nebula wrapped around her to keep her warm.

"I feel different"

She is the one embracing my aching soul and I drown in her open eyes.

I surrender. To infinite love.

She won't surrender. To final sentence.

She's creating me.

"I'm not afraid."

I'm scared.

"Finish it."

I can't. I won't. But I'm lying.

Her warmth keeps me sane. One tear from her quenches my thirst of life. Like ink weds the parchment. Like stars sing to the universe. As her whole self nests in me.

"I feel different."

No, my Love.
You made ME different.

You are eternal.

(the end)





(I had to delete and repost this story as someone spoiled it with dozens of lines of commercials. My apologies to the kind members who had gently reviewed it. I explained them in a separate message my reason for reacting.)