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Please tell me it's a wall...

"Get him! Get him!" Annalise yelled as she threw a pillow at Monica who was too busy drinking Coke to pick up the control for her PS3 as the assasination memory played out. "Come on I cant even drink stupid pop?" she snapped as she struggled not to choke on her drink as she got her control and moved the assasin on her screen as she made him run after her target. "You idiot you should have killed him before he reached the guards, now their all after you," Annalise scowled as she reached over for the bag of chips and checked her phone.

All of a sudden Monica's phone rang making them both jump as Monica dropped her pop and Annalise the chips. "Chips...?Nnnhooo," they both said as they glanced down at the chips sadly before Monica picked up her phone, "No Natalie its not ok, I just spilled soda all over my room, and killed the only bag of chips I had left and to top it all off Im trying not to make Altair look like an idiot while I try to kill this stupid guy," she snapped struggling to talk on the phone and look at the screen.

"Oh what the hell?" Monica yelled as a crazy person pushed Altair off his course and made her fall back even further from her target, she growled as she threw the control over to Annalise as she got off her bed and paced around her room while she heard Natalie on the other line. "You have got to be kidding me, you called me so I can go over and kill a stupid spider on your wall? Get Anthony to do it, its 2 in the morning for crying out loud!" Monica yelled all of a sudden as Natalie answered back.

"Hey I cant sleep what do you want me to do? Walk around outside? When all hope is gone and the world is going to end you shall find me playing on my PS3," Monica chuckled evily as she glanced at Annalise who was struggling to keep up with the game as she payed attention back to her phone.

"Tell him to get something to squish it with its not that hard," Monica replied before Annalise finished the assasination and the screen went blank. "What the hell?" she asked as she stood up and looked at the PS3 and then at the TV, everything seemed to be ok.

"Dont tell me its not working, I love that game," Monica replied sadly making puppy eyes at Annalise. "You mean you love Altair, not the game," Annalise shot back earning herself a death glare from Monica before she went back to her phone. "Shut up Ezio lover," Monica murmured as she went into a fit of laugher as several pillows flew past her, she hit the floor quickly before any of them managed to hit her.

"Listen Natalie I gotta go, its the night of the living pillows, their after my flesh," Monica replied before she ended the call and caught a pillow and threw it back at Annalise who also ducked and snickered at her atempt to hit her. "Whats wrong with the TV anyway?" Monica asked as she put her phone in her back pocket and started to hit the TV sideways while Annalise checked the PS3. "I dont know," Annalise replied in a Gir voice as she laughed before Monica gasped in shock and everything went black as they felt the ground beneath them being pulled from under them...

"WHAT THE HELL?" Monica yelled frantically as her arms flailed helplessly as she fell gaining speed as every second went by. Annalise right next to her in the same predicament, "WERE GOING TO DIE!" she yelled panicked as she noticed they were falling, a city waiting for them below, as they stared up hopeless at the clouded sky as the groud grew closer and closer. "IF YOU GOTTA GO, GO WITH A SMILE!" Monica yelled back laughing, yes of all the times to be laughing she was doing so now.

"SHIT!" Annalise managed to say as she felt herself land in something soft and yellow. "Oh...uh...ugh...Im alive...dont panic Im alive," Monica joked as she too landed in the same stuff Annalise did. "Thank God for hay," Annalise said as she picked herself up and helped her partner up. "Hell yeah still got a recept-forget it my phone just died," Monica added as she looked around everything seemed normal, tall ancient buildings, no electricity, women wearing robes and dresses only in the street that she could see from the allyway they were in, guards with swords walking about, merchants shouting to the crowd compeating with eachother, scoarching heat, it reminded her of a picture of Jerusalem she had seen once in the history books that they had in highschool.

"Hey kid check this out, were in the US and they have a place that looks like Jerusalem, now let me think about this, were the hell is all the technology and whats up with the guards, no police," Monica added sarcastically before she was slapped by Annalise. "This isnt the US anymore you idiot, does this place remind you of anything?" Annalise asked having only played in it a couple of seconds ago.

"Nah, not really why?" Monica asked still clueless, "What I do know is that Im hungry, there might be a McDonalds around here or something," she replied rubbing her stomach while it growled in protest of being neglected. "You trully are slow when you dont eat, were in Assasins Creed you idiot, look around, ah there is a fine example right there," Annalise said pointing to a Templar standing a few feet away from them unaware of the two girls starring at him in awe and disbelief. "Whoa, that means I cant eat cookies anymore?" Monica asked remembering the Chips Ahoy she had left on the counter and wondered if her cat would eat them.

"Hey you there, what are you-" A guard started before he stopped and looked at the two perculiar looking women before him, they were young, but what in the devil's name were they wearing, one of them had short shorts and a black sleveless shirt while the other had capris and a red sleveless shirt. "Uh, what do we do now?" Monica asked Annalsie as she backed away from the aproaching guard and looked around frantically.

"I dont know, are we doing something bad, I mean we were just standing around," Annalise said to the guard who in turn called over reenforcements. "Come on now, Im sure this is some sort of misunderstanding...cant we work it out or something?" Monica asked also as she looked everywhere for a way out, said escape route being an allyway leading to the crowded streets a few feet back.

"They certainly look strange, what do you want us to do captain?" one of the guards asked as he pulled out his sword and locked eyes with one of the women, or girls in his eyes. "Bring them to me," their captain replied as the remaing guards all charged at the two highschoolers. "Run like hell!" Monica yelled as she shoved Annalise into the allyway and ran behind her until they reached the streets disrupting everyone and everything as they practically flew through the crowded streets. "Not good, not good, not good." Annalise whispered to herself as she doged everyone and looked for another route to lose the guards.

News certainly travled fast and it wasnt long till everyone in that district knew that there was a large comotion and a chase was currently in action. The whispers, conversations, and shouts about it soon reached the two assasins up on the rooftops searching for their current targets. "What do you suppose it is?" the younger one asked in an italian accent as he crouched on the edge of the house they were currently on and looked down at the busy streets below unaware that the two girls were about to run through.

"It does not concern us, leave it be," the older one replied as he started to leave only to stop and check to see why the younger assassin was not following. "I wonder what has the guards all worked up..." the younger assassin commented still not moving from his place as the older and more experianced one towered behind him, his gaze tearing through the streets below, taking in every detail.

"Get them! Dont let them get away!" one of the guards shouted followed by several more commands and orders. Both of the highschoolers racing through the crowd now getting a hang of things. "Dive dude its the only way!" Annalise shouted at Monica as she saw the bridge up ahead remembering that the guards couldnt follow in the water. "Go and find some assassins to chase or something not us!" Monica yelled back at the guards as she swan dived off of the bridge followed by Annalise who jumped off in a familiar manner.

"Did you hear that?" the young assassin commented as he started to move towards another roof closer to the river that he had seen the two women dissapear into. "I did, how did they know about us?" the other replied as he moved more skillfully behind the young assassin, both of them jumping and landing gracefully from roof to roof until they reached the end of the building that stood at the edge of the river. They both observed as the two girls grabbed a hold of some boats docked on the edge of the market and pull themselves up as they started to run once more as soon as a heavily armed Tempelar saw them.

"Do you think we should help?" the assassin asked as he felt the other behind him as always scanning the streets below. "They know about the creed, I want to know how they knew," the other replied as they moved even faster to catch up to the highschoolers who seemed to be getting clumsier bumping into people as the crowd got thicker and thicker, they were in the market district after all.

"We cant keep this up, go into an ally or something kid!" Monica barked at Annalise as she nodded and headed off into a shadded allyway followed by Monica. "I think we might have lost them..." Annalise started as she breathed heavily trying to catch her breath as Monica nodded and started to laugh at their close call. "By the looks of it guards are easier to escape than I thought," she commented as Annalise nodded in agreement and sat down on the dirt floor taking the time to rest, after all the ally was a dead end and there was no one in it.

She ignored the soft thuds she heard behind her as Monica's laughter died down immediatly much to Annalise's shock. "What? Whats wrong?" she asked as she looked at Monica's expression of utter shock as she whipped around only to be face to face with none other than Ezio Auditore himself.

"What the hell?" she said as she panicked and backed up as she tripped and fell back into Monica who caught her as she backed up slighly bumping into what she thought was a wall. "Hey kid...do walls breathe?" Monica asked slightly panicked also as Annalise looked up to her partner and then at the supposed 'wall' behind her, said wall being Altair Ibn-La'Ahad towering over Monica in an intimidating manner.

"Hate to tell you this but the 'wall' is actually Altair," Annalise replied as she saw Monica's eyes go wide in panic. "I think we were better off with the guards dont you think?" Annalise asked noticing the hidden blades on both of the assassins, the hoods over their eyes preventing her from seeing what they were looking at giving them an intimidating look, the white robes didnt help much either.

"Agreed," Monica said as she helped Annalise up and started to walk away. "You are not going back," Altair added in a low and calm voice sending shivers down their backs. "I think I liked them better in the games...at least they couldnt kill us in them..." Monica replied to Annalise as she tried to bolt only to be stopped again by the older assassin. "The guards are not stupid, they will find us soon, we need to move," Ezio commented as he tried to listen to the distinct sounds of armor and swords in the background.

"Well, if this is goodbye, I was the one who lost the Modern Warfare 2 disc," Annalise told her partner in crime as Monica turned to her with an angered face.

"YOU WHAT?" she yelled outraged much to the panic of the two assassins as the guards closed in. "Sorry bella," Ezio said as he knocked out Annalise who was about to answer back at Monica as she fell back into the Italians arms as he carried her over his shoulder. "Oh no you dont," Monica said warningly as Altair walked over to her. "Stay still," he ordered her calmly as she scampered all over the ally until the assassin caught her.

She looked up at his golden eyes as he held her close for a moment and then snapped out of his daze as he knocked her out with an apologizing look as she also fell into his arms. "Bastard..." she mumbled before he took off folowing Ezio as they climbed up to the roofs away from the eyesight of the guards. "What are we going to do with them?" Ezio asked as he looked at their unconcious forms now over their shoulders. "We will wait till nightfall, then we will wake them and take them to the bureau," Altair replied as he looked at Ezio, "for now we will look for a tower or somewhere were we can hide and not be found," the assassin said finalizing his plan.

"Whatever you say old man, whatever you say," Ezio replied as they both started again across the roofs with the highschoolers over their shoulders, unaware that they would change their lives forever as soon as they woke up...

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