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It was the prefect plan. Kid had managed to get sneak her way past the hordes of fellows laid about the floor, too drunk to make it back to the beds Marge had setup, and worse still, Fargo, Zoah, and Karsh hadn't even managed to make it completely in the house, and they lay asleep on the porch, Zoah curled up beside Poshul, who'd helped him back. Poshul normally slept next door at Leene's with here own house, but Zoan had her tight in a bear hug, snoring as loudly as he spoke. She soon relaxed, and the dog now twitched every few seconds, chasing Heckrans in her dreams.
Kid snickered as she closed the door behind her. It took some doing, but she'd managed to talk Glenn into relocating the people in there to the downstairs area. She needed Serge alone for tonight. Silently, she wondered how Glenn did it. She trusted him enough to believe he wouldn't make this a difficult morning after. Still, he wasn't beyond being blunt, and so, she wondered about his wording.
Serge was not a heavy drinker, and he seemed to be asleep naturally. She eyed him over: his chain-mail shirt and black shirt off; no sense in wearing a top on a hot summer night.
She more then once caught herself staring at his chest: it should be a crime to hide such magnificent abs and pecs! She snickered silently as some thoughts drifted in. Dirty girl, who would want to eat off him?
Better question still: who wouldn't? "Serge..." she whispered softly into his ear. He stirred a little. She leaned a little closer, straddling him with one leg off the bed. "Wake up Serge..."
She thought about what she was doing. She'd thought about it all night after he'd kissed her, so brazenly, in front of all their comrades and friends.
She loved him. That was the only reason eleven inches of steel did hit him his ribs, thru the lungs, into the heart. Anybody else would be dead a long time ago.
Of course, Serge had earned that. Time and time again, he'd saved her. Even from herself.
Serge stirred, his eyes creaking open to the sight of the young blond vixen. "Beautiful..." he let out groggily. She flushed, taking longer then she thought to set her plan in motion.
"Payback, mate." She leaned in, gently brushing her lips against his, taking a last breath before pressing hard against Serge's lips. In took only moments before Kid darted her tongue in to Serge's mouth. He matched her aggression, and they fought with passion and lust. He tried to pull himself up. She pressed him back, and held him there, as she straddled him completely, hands ungloved, her silk soft hands feeling every bit of his broad, solid chest.
"What's wrong?" He said, realizing she was lost in thought, and more then just on how high the gil would bounce of him.
"I'm... I'm scared. I..." Serge pushed himself back to her lips. She moaned and pushed him back. "Stupid bastard... Ya had to do this to me."
A wily smile broke across his face. "It ain't funny, Serge. First ya kiss me in front of everybody... Now ya got me backing out of mah own plans... Ya've got control of me, or something."
He planted a kiss on the nape of her neck, causing her to chirp in pleasure. "S-stop!" She wanted to punch him. Really. How dare he do this to her, while she tried to tell him she mad at him for stealing his heart! "B-bastard!"
Serge pulled away, but now before sucking on her neck one last time, causing her to chirp again.
"If it makes you feel better... It's my first time, too." She was caught off guard by that. Bullshit, she wanted to cry! All that time with Leene, and nothing? "Kid... I love you... Whatever you want to do is fine with me."
She made circles on his chest, thinking about his words. "Anything?"
She pushed him back down, her trademark wicked little grin across her face. Serge smiled; Kid only got that when she had seen something she wanted to pilfer.
She leaned down and kissed him again, hands once again on his chest. He hungrily kissed her back, hands drawn up to her shapely hips, smooth and supple like a baby's even through her hardships. The worked up, higher and higher, till they reached the rim of her only shirt and vest, worn for years now, still keep in good condition all considsred. He ran his nails softly down to her hips, getting a moan and a giggle in their kiss for his effort.
Bloody hell did he learn how to do that? She thought, the feeling sending currents of electricity through her.
Their kiss broke, Both of them gasping for air. Kid look down at Serge. "Ya sure yer a virgin too, mate?"
A familiar smirk broke his face. He reached up, pushing the small vest she wore off her shoulders, so that it fell off slowly. She shiver as her reached back up and hooked the straps of her last shirt, and with a deep breath from her, pulled them off her shoulders. Her face turned beet colored, and her breath quickened even more as the curve of chest began to emerge, giving a look so sultry no man would, no, could, resist.

The next morning began with simple groans. Mostly of headaches from the drunks outside, and Poshul looked to be suck for another good day. Orlha, however, noticed one dragoon seemed readily poised by the door, eyes tired and blacken. She handed him a brew of her special pick me up drink: Dragon Heart.


"Not saying a word, Orlha." Glenn mumbled. "That's private, and you know it."

"Not private enough to stop you from listening through the door." Glenn chocked at the words. "Careful Glenn, you'll burn yourself."

"What give you the idea I would be so vulgar?" He screamed in a whisper.

"Everybody was pretty much down well before Kid snuck by you." Orlha noted. "The only reason you'd have black eyes is if something... or some people, had kept you awake that night."

"What's this about Glenn being kept awake?" Fargo said, looking almost completely unfazed from yesterday. "Glenn, were you playing in the sheets with Or-"

Lesson learned: never insinuate anything with Orlha in front of Orlha. Well, would be, when he regained concousiness. "... Oh dear." Glenn mumbled.

"Come on, Glenn..."




"Come ooonnnnnnnnnnnnn..."


As the Orlha prodded Glenn with questions (and getting various telling reactions from the number of times he chocked on his drink.) the two in question lay in bed, silently, peacefully. Kid lay half draped over Serge, clothing long since banished to the far corners of the room, the only thing left to keep them a single blanket.

Even as the ruckus grew outside, they laid in peace, enjoying the memory of last night, small smiles across both their faces. They would stay that way for a few more hours, enjoying a love they had finally realized.

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