E/O Challenge: Word prompt: Rub Word Count: 100

Special: Use the word in another fandom!

AN: My apologies, once again, for the lateness. I could say life has been crazy, which it has- but I'm starting to see a pattern, lol.


"Daniel? Come on, Danny, open your eyes for me. Please," Jack begged, using his own freezing hands to try and rub some warmth into the cold skin between them.


"Keep working on the DHD, Carter."

"O'Neill, DanielJackson has passed," Teal'c declared, his own eyes suspiciously sparkling with loss.

"No! He is not going to die on this godforsaken planet!"

"Sir, it's too late."

Jack closed his eyes, knowing his teammates were right, knowing his best friend had just died in his arms. But he had a mission and two more teammates to look after. He stood.

"Let's get the hell out of this ice age!"

AN: Huh. I thought this would be easy, since I've gotten used to writing these little drabbles for Supernatural. But it wasn't! I haven't written in the SG1 fandom for a long time, haven't watched the show for a while, either. Sorry all, definitely not my best work!