The many themes of Death Note.

By TeamDeanWinchester4Ever.

Theme number 23- Cat.

AN: These are from the 100 Themes challenge from Cesar-sama's profile on Deviant art.

Characters: Near (Mello/Matt)

Spoilers: End of series, (Volume 12/ Episodes 34-35)

Disclaimer: I don't own Death Note, but one day Mello will come on Ebay and I will buy him!

'It is believed that cats are in between the realms- the can see the living as well as the dead.' Old Myth.

Near stared at the young kitten like it was some form of Shinagami or something.

"Near, it's a cat." Commander Rester told him, "He won't hurt you." He chuckled at Near's unusual behaviour.

"I do know that, Commander Rester," Near told him, "I just don't know what to do."

The cat's green eyes stared up at Near and purred as he rubbed himself at Near's legs.

"Hello Mihael." Near said to the ginger cat.

The cat meowed at him and then stared at the direction that Gevanni was in and pranced over to him, the way Near's old adversary once did.

"Hello puss-puss," Gevanni said, "Do you want to come up here?" He asked as he lifted him up and placed him on the desk.

The puss than ran over to a chocolate sundae that Hal Linder was eating and purred loudly until he received her attention.

"Why, hello. Mello. Would you like some chocolate?" She asked him, taking some chocolate syrup on her finger and holding the finger out to the cat, as he licked it off of her finger, purring happily to himself.

'Ah yes,' Near thought, 'Mihael the perfect nameā€¦ Rest in peace Mello, my old friend.'