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Jennifer woke up about thirty minutes earlier then she usually does, caused by going to be so early. She went to her dresser and grabbed a set of clothes to wear. She went to the staircase to listen if anyone else was up. It was really quiet so she knew she was up first, meaning she wouldn't have to see her parents.

Jennifer hated her parents but not for many reasons, she doesn't remember the main reason she just remembers hating them for a long time. Her mom and dad never tried to pry into her life, well her mom stopped trying to just a couple of months ago. Well she still bugs her to find out if she has a boyfriend, if she's having sex, and if she has any questions about being a woman. It really annoys her.

Her dad stopped trying to talk to her about anything important when she turned fifth teen, but that was mostly because her mother was always telling him to not but into her life. Which was really hypocritical for her to do. Now the only thing he ever asks is if I'm having sex, and if so am I being safe.

Jennifer walked into the bathroom went to the bathtub and turned the tap, while the water was running she took off her night shirt and looked into the mirror to see her wounds, she almost tumbled backwards into the tub when she noticed that all the wounds had become scars now.

She stepped into the shower and washed her hair, she dried herself off after she decided she had been in the shower far too long. She really didn't want to see the awful scars at all. She got dressed and walked back into her room, then fell back on her bed and stared at the ceiling.

She got up and walked to the VCR and hit play, she started watching the movie from last night, and she had time to finish it before school. She started panicking when they mentioned how werewolves healed faster then humans, but she decided that the thought was crazy and got back into the movie. When her alarm went off she jumped forgetting how she got up early. She turned it off, finished the movie and went to school.

On her way out of the house she heard a women scream, it was down the street in the direction of her school so she went to see what was wrong. Only to find another torn apart dog its organs and intestines all over the ground. This dog was big to it was hard to believe something could do this to it. Then again remembering the size of that beast it wasn't that hard to believe.

When she got to her locker at school she was surprised to see John waiting for her.

"Hey Jen, I just wanted to thank you again for helping me out last night." John said

"It was no trouble at all John, is that all you wanted?" Jennifer asked

"Um no, I wanted to buy you lunch to thank you for last night, so what do you say?" John asked

"How about instead me and you just eat lunch together today, no Jake and no Alexia and Victoria?" Jennifer asked

"Sounds good to me Jen. What's with the sudden change of heart?" Not that I'm complaining John thought

Hmm what is with it? I would normally blow him off right away, well to late now.

"Well if your complaining then…" Jennifer started only to be cut off "I wasn't complaining, just curious." John said

"Well I guess I'm seeing you at lunch then John." Jennifer said as she started to walk away

"Thanks again Jen." John said

Jennifer didn't know why but she was smiling at the thought of lunch with John, wonder what the others will think.

Jennifer walked into her first period class and took her normal seat next to Alexia. This was the only class that the three didn't have together.

"So how you feeling Jen." Alexia said

"Great." Jennifer said

She did feel really good today but she thought that she should feel like shit.

"And guess what… the wounds are now just scars can you believe that?" Jennifer asked

Alexia just stared wide-eyed.

"Okay nice response Alexia, I already felt like a freak thanks for making it worse." Jennifer said

"Sorry Jen but come on that's just creepy, I mean you don't hear of that everyday in fact you shouldn't hear that in your lifetime." Alexia said

"Well it's happened to me, I'm a fucking freak." Jennifer said

"Anyway, what's new Jen, other then the obvious?" Alexia asked

"Um well, I'm not eating with you guys at lunch today." Jennifer said

"Why not?" Alexia asked suspicious

"Well I kind of… told John…" Jennifer started "Spit it out already Jen." Alexia said

"I told John I would eat alone with him today so you two are on your on sorry." Jennifer said

"Why would you say yes to that?" Alexia was shocked

"I kind of… am the one who asked." Jennifer said

Alexia narrowed her eyes. "Why." She said

"Well he asked to buy me lunch to thank me, but I proposed my idea instead." Jennifer said

"Jen, that doesn't answer my fucking question why!" Alexia was getting impatient

"I don't know okay it just happened, I didn't realise until after it happened. It was like someone else said it." Jennifer admitted

"Right." Alexia said, "When Victoria hears this she's going to think you wanna fuck him."

"Alexia, what the fuck don't say that so loud. You know that isn't true." Jennifer said

"Hey Jen did you hear me?" Alexia asked, "I said Victoria would think that."

"Right, sorry." Jennifer said

Of course Victoria would think that she wouldn't see any other reason why I would spend time with a guy.

"Great she's going to be making fun of me for this." Jennifer said

"Don't worry she just have a short laugh, and then forget about it." Alexia said

The bell rang just then and said "Alright class can I get your attention, we have are trigonometry test today."

Great completely forgot about this test.

On the way to second period I was trying to think about how I was going to tell Victoria about lunch, she was sure to make fun of me no matter how I said it. So I went with the fastest way of saying it.

When Alexia and me got to second Victoria wasn't there, Great more anticipation for the sure to be horrible moment.

"Well now you have more time to prepare to drop this bomb on her Jen." Alexia said

"I'd rather get it over with right now." Jennifer said and as if on queue Victoria walking into the room perfect.

"Hey you two, how are you Jen?" Victoria asked

"Well I feel really great Vic." Jennifer said

"Really?" Victoria asked

"Yea the wounds have already healed to mere scars, can you believe that it's crazy." Jennifer said

"Let me see." Victoria said

I pulled my shirt just past my shoulder to show her the scars, she just stared wide-eyed like Alexia did.

"Nice stare at me like I'm a freak, you look just like Alexia did when I told her." Jennifer said

"Woops sorry Jen, that's just amazing." Victoria said

"Yea well its creepy." Jennifer said

Victoria just keep looking at my shoulder so I pulled my shirt up, but she still just stared like she was seeing through my shirt.

"Vic you can stop staring, besides I got something more shocking to tell you." Jennifer said

"What's more shocking then that?" Victoria asked

"Well I'm not going to be eating lunch with you, I'm going to be eating with John" Jennifer said

"Are you turning into a fucking slut on me?" Victoria said

"What know I just told him I would, he wanted to thank me for helping him last." Jennifer said

"He wants to fuck you moron. Or maybe you want him to, it seems like the only explanation to me. How hard did you hit you head after the attack?" Jennifer asked

I sighed, "I didn't hit my head, I don't think he wants to just fuck me. He's been asking me to hang out for a year now, and not once has he said anything about dating or fucking." Jennifer said

"Well, when you find out his just like every other guy in the world I'll be here to say I told you so." Victoria said

"Well since I'm ditching you guys today, I want to know if you wanna spend the night at my house today and tomorrow?" Jennifer asked

"I'm starting to like John more and more, I'm in." Victoria said

"Me too Jen." Alexia said

"Good, we can finish the movie from last night." Jennifer said

"Sounds good to me." Victoria said

"Hey that means we can trash Kim's tonight or tomorrow night." Alexia said

"O I completely forgot about that." Victoria said

"I was hoping you both forgot." Jennifer said

"We can do it tonight." Alexia said

"Fine. But you guys are going to make the blood, and someone needs to bring a bag of garbage to my house tonight." Jennifer said

"Vic if you got a ski mask home bring it just in case." Alexia said

"Sounds like some fun to me." Victoria said.

Yea fun until we get caught in the act, then Kim will be even more of bitch to me.


I couldn't talk to Jake first period, but I could tell him I wasn't eating with him in second. First period felt really long so I was glad when the bell rang. I knew exactly where his thoughts were going to drift the moment I told him.

"When you think you'll be fucking her?" Jake asked

"Man what the fuck, how many times do I have to tell you that I don't just wanna have sex with her Jake?" John said

"Sure you don't John." Jake replied

"Man I would be just as happy just being her friend." John said

"I don't believe that John, it sounds like total bullshit to me." Jake said

"Well believe what you wanna believe Jake, point is I'm not eating with you at lunch today." John said

Then the lecture started and we barely talked the rest of class because talked the whole fucking class. Finally the bell went and since I didn't bring my books to class I just went to Jennifer's locker.


When the bell went off to signal that it was lunchtime I went straight to my locker to drop off my books, and of course there was John waiting for me.

"Hey Jen, how did you enjoy your first two periods?" John asked

"Fine." Jennifer said

I put my books in my locker and locked it up. Then we walked down to the cafeteria in silence I had to break it.

"So why do you always want to hang out with us?" Jennifer asked

"Why wouldn't I want to?" John replied

"Way to avoid the question." Jennifer said

"Lets just say that most people in this fucking place are assholes, and I really rather not hang out with any of them." John replied

"Well that makes two of us." Jennifer said

We were in the cafeteria now and we went and stood in line to buy some food.

"You sure you don't want me to buy your lunch?" John asked

"Yes I'm sure, I got money." Jennifer said

We didn't talk again until we were sitting.

"So tell me why you think your so different from everyone else in this place." Jennifer said

"Well for one I'm not a prick, I don't chase after girls." John said

"You could have fooled me." Jennifer said

"Hey I said I don't chase after girls, meaning I'm not running around trying fuck every girl in school." John said

"So you don't just wanna fuck me then?" Jennifer said

"Well I'm not going to lie to you, I would like to. But I would also be as happy to just be your friend." John said

Did he actually just say he wanted to fuck me? Then again he said he would be happy just being my friend, but that sounds like a load of shit.

"John that sounds like such bullshit you no that right?" Jennifer said

"Well its not, you and your friends are like the only other people in this school who aren't full of shit." John said

"Well its not hard, most people in this school how your average bitch, and average jock." Jennifer said

"Exactly." John said

A few minutes passed with out ether of them speaking, he ate his food and I ate mine. We were both almost done when I noticed Greg and Kim walking by.

"So how is your gut today, feeling any better?" Jennifer said

"Back to normal, except the bruises on my stomach but it doesn't hurt anymore." John said

"Well looks to me like you gave each other black eyes." Jennifer said

"Really Greg's got a black eye too, I wouldn't have mine if it wasn't for Steve and Paul." John said

"Well your face looks worse you got two cuts on your face to match the bruise." Jennifer said

When we both done eating we didn't get up to leave, we had about another minute before the bell.

"You wanna hang out after school for a bit?" John asked

"Yes." Jennifer said

WHAT! Why did that word just come out of my mouth, 'yes', what the fuck is wrong with me? Blowing this guy off was second nature to me and here I am hanging out with and setting up our next date.

"How long do you want to hang out for?" John asked

"Um Alexia and Victoria are spending the night and tomorrow night, so around 6:00." Jennifer said


Okay she must be on some serious drugs, first lunch now a couple hours after school. I never thought that I would see the day.

"Sounds good to me, see you third." John said


"Your skipping third again." Jennifer said

"Yep, I mean we don't ever do much in science and I got a B in the class if I miss anything important I can catch up." John said

"Why do you guys always come watch us when you skip?" Jennifer asked

"We don't always, but most of the time we do. Mostly because there is nothing to do in this town and we cant exactly go home for one period and have to come back." John said

The bell rang so we both went off. He probably just went straight to the bleachers outside.

I decided to go straight to the change room when I didn't see Alexia or Victoria at Victoria's locker. They were already outside and changed when I got out, and of course there was John and Jake sitting on the bleachers.

"So how was lunch?" Alexia asked

"Fine, kind of enjoyed it." Jennifer replied

"Bet you would have had more fun with us Jen." Victoria said

"Probably. You guys are going to hate me for this." Jennifer said

"What." Both said

"I told John that I would hang out with him after school for a bit." Jennifer said

"What. So when can we come over then?" Alexia said

"6:30." Jennifer replied "Maybe sooner."

"So your going to fuck him first day huh." Victoria said

"Vic shut the fuck up about that please, he isn't a total asshole like everyone else in this school." Jennifer said

"That's what you say now." Victoria said

The bell rang and started up the game.

Luckily I was on the sideline at the start again, but this time both Victoria and Alexia were off to. It didn't take long before rotated and we were in. Kim wasn't doing much to bother me this time around until right before the end of the game. I didn't have the ball the whole play but she ran up behind me and shoved me over.

I got up and walked over to her.

"What the fuck." Jennifer said, "Don't you fucking do that again, you fucking bitch."

"Or what." Kim said while lightly pushing me shoulder

blew the whistle and everyone walked off to get changed.

"Hey Jen what did you say to Kim?" Alexia said

"I told her not to fucking do that again then I called her a fucking bitch." Jennifer said

"Well it's about time you told that bitch off." Victoria said

I had no idea what came over me I just felt so angry at the moment, and then lost control. This day has just been fucked.


I already had told Jake during third that I was spending a couple of hours with Jennifer after school, but he still couldn't get over it.

"So your hanging with Jennifer after school." Jake said

"Yes for the fucking hundredth time." John said

"Well then if your going to be so fucking rude about it, I'm not going to mention it again." Jake said

"Thank you Jake." John said

"I asked , and he said we were playing field hockey today." Jake said

"Yes a full contact sport, it's about time I mean we really should be aloud to tackle in football if we can in field hockey." John said

We started the game and the class did two teams. Luckily Greg and his friends were on the other team. By the end of class I had tackled Greg about thirteen times, a lot of them looked like they hurt, and he barely got me.

Before the end of the period we were on the last play, I had the ball and past it to Jake who passed it off to someone on are team. Then all of sudden Greg ran by me and raised his stick just to hit me in the gut before he tackled me. It took me some time to get back up but when I did Jake had shoved Greg from the side, Greg went painfully down landing shoulder first. Jake helped me up as are team got the final goal, and we walked to the change room.

"Thanks Jake." John said

"No problem, anything to get a shot at Greg." Jake said

"Would have down the same thing." John said

We didn't talk for minute until Jake said "So your hanging with Jennifer after school."

"Jake I'm going to fucking kill you." John said


I told Alexia and Victoria that I would call them later if they could come earlier then 6:30. Then I headed off to my locker, only to find John waiting for me again.

"So John what are we doing." Jennifer said while grabbing things out of her locker

"Well we are going to go and get ice cream and then go to the park and hang there for a bit. After that we can do whatever you want to." John said

"Ice Cream?" Jennifer asked

"Love the stuff." John said

"Okay then, lets go." Jennifer

We didn't talk much really. How topics ranged from making fun of other students to the Halloween party going on at the end of the month. Then John started talking about the beast that's been killing all the animals.

"It's been here for some time now, and it's killed so much." John said

"At least it's not killing people." Jennifer said

"What do you mean? Didn't you see the newspaper?" John asked

"No why did it kill somebody?" Jennifer asked

"Yes. Some 21 year old man went missing, but they found his arm still attached to its shoulder which had been ripped right off." John said

"That's some fucking scary shit. It doesn't sound safe to be out." Jennifer said

"It's not like there is a big chance of it going after you Jen, calm down a bit you look scared." John said

Well the fucking thing had already come after me, well that would explain why I looked scared without knowing it.

"I do?" Jennifer asked

"Yep. Jen what's the time?" John asked

I looked down at my watch

"Just after five." Jennifer said

"Well shall we get out of here?" John asked

"Sure." Jennifer said

We started walking to the park exit

"Where do you want to go Jen?" John asked

"Lets go to my house." Jennifer said

That put a confused look on Johns face. I honestly didn't know why I wanted to go to my house.

"Okay then, lead the way Jen." John said

By the time we got back to my house it was 5:45, we must have walked really slowly.

"Are you hungry John?" Jennifer asked

"A little, why you got something to eat." John said

"I'm making French toast, I'll make you one too." Jennifer said

"Thank you." John said

A started making it and while I was waiting to flip them I went and sat next to John on the couch in the living room. He said something but I didn't hear him. I don't know why but all of a sudden I slammed my lips against his, it was like something took over my body. He pushed me back a bit and started talking.

"Jen, what the fuck." John said

"What?" Jennifer said

"Why are you just throwing you self at me all of a sudden?" John asked

I just started kissing him again which only lasted a couple of seconds before he was pushing away again.

"What the fuck John." Jennifer said

"Shouldn't you be paying attention to the food?" John asked

Are you kidding me, what the fuck is his problem? Maybe he's just shocked. I walked in to the kitchen to finish the French toast. When it was done I lead him downstairs to my room. We barley talked to each while eating.

"This is your room huh." John said

"Yep." Jennifer replied

"So why do you prefer the basement to the bedroom upstairs?" John asked

"It's bigger, I get more privacy, it's colder so no need for a fan or anything and I get my own bathroom." Jennifer replied

"Why do you have to beds and a mattress against the wall?" John asked

"Victoria and Alexia spend a lot of nights here." Jennifer replied

After that we didn't say much until after we ate anyway, we were both done eating, we were sitting on my bed leaning back against the wall. I turned to him and pressed my lips to his again, and then he pushed me away again. I looked at the clock it was just after six.

"Jen, when I said that I would be just as happy being your friend I meant it." John said

"Fuck off John, I thought it was suppose to be girls that talked too much." Jennifer said

"But…" John started, "But nothing do you wanna make out with me or not." Jennifer said

He nodded

"Then shut the fuck up and kiss me." Jennifer said

We started kissing again only to have pulled away again. I had enough of it, I slapped him hard in the face.

"Next time it wont be a slap." Jennifer said

We locked lips again and finally he accepted it. We went on making out in my bed for twenty minutes, we heard Alexia and Victoria walk in to the house and start down the stares. Only when I knew they were behind us did I stop and back away from John.

"See you tomorrow John." Jennifer whispered in John's ear

John got up and started for the stairs

"See you girls tomorrow." John said

Alexia and Victoria just stared at me, they didn't even glance at John once. It was silent for a while eventually Victoria started talking.

"Who the fuck are you and what have you done to my friend?" Victoria asked

"So what do you two wanna do first?" Jennifer asked

"How about telling us why you were making out with John?" Victoria asked

"I don't fucking know, I guess I'm attracted to him." Jennifer said

"Um okay then, how about we finish that move then?" Alexia asked

"Alright I'll put it on." Jennifer said


Man I was really surprised to see those two swapping spit like that, but I decided to just forget about Jen didn't look like she was willing to talk about it. Instead I watched the movie. Most of the movie I just was hyping myself up for trashing Kim's. The movie wasn't really interesting until it started talking about how werewolves heal faster then humans. That shocked me. Jen and I were sitting in the same bed I felt her tense up when I looked at her. Maybe she believed it, but I highly doubted it. I mean werewolves can't be real, and Jen doesn't believe in things like that. Maybe she was considering it like I was, but the idea that a werewolf attacked her is crazy so I just dropped that idea.

When the movie finally ended I instantly looked at the clock to see if it was dark yet, it was only 7:30 so we had to wait just a bit longer it would be dark in like fifth teen minutes.

"I'm going to go and take a shower." Victoria said

When she left the room neither of us talked we were both still in her bed and the silence was getting to me.

"So you and John huh." Alexia said

"Yep. Just like you two I'm shocked. But do you wanna know who is even more shocked?" Jennifer asked

"Who?" Alexia asked

"John, when we were making out he pulled away a lot. He just kept trying to talk to me, eventually I had to ask him if he even wanted to make out with me, and he said yes. Then he pulled away again, which made me slap him, hard, he finally stopped pulling away." Jennifer said

"Hmm." "So what is the sudden change of heart towards him?" Alexia asked

"I have no idea." Jennifer replied

More silence.

"Well looks like it's about dark, after Vic gets out of the shower lets head to Kim's place." Alexia said

"I really don't wanna do it, I was just joking around Alexia." Jennifer said

"Your not wussing out Jen we are going to do this okay?" Alexia said

"How about I say I don't want to go out in the dark anymore?" Jennifer said

"It's not going to attack you again." Alexia said

"You never know, can't hurt to be careful. Besides the thing has unfinished business with me." Jennifer said

"Fine me and Vic will do it you stay here." Alexia said

"If I'm asleep when you get back wake me." Jennifer said

Victoria came out of the bathroom, and then laid on the other bed.

"When are we going?" Victoria asked

"Now, and Jen's not coming." Alexia said

Both Jennifer and Victoria looked annoyed after I had said that. Victoria and me left and started walking over to Kim's with the bucket and bag.

"Man first she makes out with John after ditching us for him, and now she's being a fucking wuss." Victoria said

"Just leave it Vic she didn't want to do it to begin with." Alexia said

"What about John?" Victoria said

"That's her choice, so she's attracted to John." Alexia said

"He just wants to fuck her." Victoria said

"The way she talked about him made it sound the other way around. She said he kept pulling away when they were making out." Alexia said

The rest of the walk was silent, when we got to Kim's there was no lights on. We walked up between the path to there porch and the drive way, then Victoria cut the bag open and let it spill all over there steps. Then I dumped the bucket on the garbage. We went back this time the walk back was silent' except for are laughter when we were far enough away. When we got back Jennifer was sleeping so I woke her up.

"What time is it?" Jennifer asked

"Close to nine." Alexia said

"I'm going to take a shower, when my parents come home can you go tell them your spending the night and tomorrow night?"

"Yea sure." Alexia said


I got up and headed towards the bathroom, when I was in I took my shirt off and looked in the mirror back at my scars. NO FUCKING WAY she thought, there on her scars on both shouldes was hair growing. She grabbed the shirt and through it back on, she then walked out of the bathroom.

"Hey look at this fucking shit." Jennifer says

Alexia and Victoria both stare wide-eyed when Jennifer pulls her shit down the amount of hair growing on the scars was just fucked.

"Well I have no idea what to say Jen." Alexia says

Jennifer walks back into the bathroom and gets in the shower she stays in there for pretty long time before deciding she can't stay in there all day. Before she gets out she shaves the hair on her shoulders. When she gets out Victoria and Alexia are watching a movie.

"I'm going to bed you two can keep watching the movie." Jennifer says

They both just look at Jennifer but decide to not say anything.

Jennifer gets into her bed, and stares at the ceiling. She can't help but look at everything that happened today, first the scars then John, then getting in Kim's face, making out with John instead of hanging out with Alexia and Victoria, and now these weird hairs. It's just so fucked, and I can barely control any of it.

What the fuck is wrong with me.

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