A tale from Hell for naughty children only

Hey there! I finally decided to publish my new story. As you can see, it's another SebaXCiel fic (I just love that pairing). It's also much more, erm, naughty and mature than my first oneshot.

It will be a four chapters story, and I hope you will like it.

As always, I would like to remind you that English is not my mother tongue, and as such there may be mistakes. If you find one that bothers you or the understanding of the text, feel free to tell me.

One final warning: This fic is Yaoi, and will eventually contain Shota. So if you don't like any of those genres, you better not read this story! Then again, I suppose that if you came to see this story, after having read the summary and seen the rating, you must have wanted to read something of the kind!

Ciel was sitting in a stagecoach, with both his parents. The thirteen years old demon child was quite sulky. His dark blue eyes bore an annoyed light, and the fluffy cat ears on his head were twitching with irritation. With one hand, he was playing absentmindedly with his long black cat tail. He was leaning against the wall of the stagecoach.

"Ciel, can't you at least sit correctly?" His mother, Rachel Phantomhive, chided him. "I know you don't like what is going on, but you can't do anything about it."

The child glared at her rather rudely. "Exactly," he growled. "I don't like it at all. And I think it is utterly ridiculous."

"Ciel, do not talk so rudely to your mother," His father Vincent sighed. "Listen, I know this isn't pleasant, but every demon male of your age goes through it. You'll just have to bear with it. Even I had to."

Ciel snorted and ignored him superbly. Rachel tried to cheer him up. "Oh Ciel, it isn't so bad, is it? After all, you will be with a very competent person."

"As if that would help!" He growled. "The problem isn't the person, but the act itself!"

"Then would you rather spend months in suffering?" Vincent said. "Because this is all that awaits you if we leave you unattended."

"I'd rather suffer," Ciel affirmed. "Surely, it mustn't be as painful as they say. I can endure it."

His father allowed himself to smirk. Ciel glared at him. "What, you don't believe me?" He said, quite vexed.

"I don't indeed. You say that because you haven't been through it yet. I was just like you when it happened to me. I refused to be helped for the first two weeks. And I can assure you, the pain was excruciating. Even now, when I think about it, I get chills. I don't doubt your determination, but even you wouldn't be able to bear it."

Ciel was a little troubled, for his father seemed dead serious. Was it really that painful? Vincent was a very tough demon, and even severe wounds were nothing to him. If he said even he couldn't endure it, then it must be worse than what Ciel had heard.

"But still," he insisted, "isn't there any other way to deal with it?"

"I'm afraid there isn't." His father answered categorically. "This has been going on for hundreds of years, and it is the only known remedy."

Ciel sighed. "Oh great. I guess I'll just have to prepare myself mentally then."

It was the beginning of summer in the demon realm. At this time of the year, all male demons around twelve to thirteen went through their puberty. Basically, it meant that their bodies became extremely sensitive, and that they were almost constantly aroused. In Ciel's case, who was a cat demon, it also showed with the apparition of his ears and tail. It would be a long period of suffering for them, of roughly six months, if it wasn't dealt with appropriately. So, to prevent that, the pubescent children were sent to 'experts'. Those experts, mostly adult male demons, were in charge of sexually educating them, relieving the pain of puberty along the process. After two weeks of these practices, puberty ended and they could go back to living normally, never to be bothered again. A custom that could certainly seem weird – especially from a human's point of view – but that was considered quite normal in the demon realm.

There were all kinds of experts, and some were more prized than others. The one Ciel was being sent to was said to be the best of them all. It was an old friend of the Phantomhive family, and Ciel had already seen him a few times – but not enough that he didn't feel embarrassed at the prospect of giving his body to that man. He was a very powerful and respected demon, his influence second only to that of the King of Hell. His name was Sebastian Michaelis.

"But really," Rachel said, "it's a relief that Sebastian agreed to take care of our Ciel. I just can't imagine leaving him to anyone else."

"True," Vincent nodded. "Sebastian took a liking to Ciel from the start, so we are quite lucky. He is very picky when it comes to pubescent children."

"He only goes for those who have good looks," Rachel giggled. "You can feel honored Ciel, to have been selected by such a man. I'm sure lots of parents were disappointed not to be able to contract him."

Ciel huffed. "Great, I feel much better now. Aren't we there yet?"

"Almost," Rachel assured. "There are about fifteen minutes left before we arrive. Really Ciel, you should sit down correctly. Your back must be horribly stiff after two hours of sitting like this."

She was right, but Ciel wasn't about to admit it. Begrudgingly, he straightened, crossing both his arms and legs. Now all he had left to do was mentally prepare himself for the next two weeks he was going to spend between Sebastian's skillful hands.

A quarter of an hour later, the stagecoach stopped in front of Sebastian's manor. The Phantomhive family stepped out of its vehicle, and was greeted by the head butler, Tanaka.

"Welcome to the Michaelis Manor, Lord and Lady Phantomhive," he bowed. "My master is awaiting you in the east wing's salon. If you would please follow me."

He led the way inside the building. Ciel looked around with curiosity. He had never been there before. It was either Sebastian coming to their house, or his father going alone to visit him. It was well tended to, without a single speck of dust. It was quite sober, but the wealth of the owner was still obvious. The corridors were enlightened by large windows, and decorated with statues, paintings or plants. Then finally, Tanaka stopped before a door and knocked. Then he opened it and stepped aside, bowing slightly.

"You may enter," he said.

Rachel and Vincent thanked him, and they went into the room, Ciel following them warily. The last time he had seen Sebastian was almost a year ago, and he wasn't really sure what to expect. Said demon was casually sitting in an armchair, and watched them enter with his usual, calm smile.

"It is good to see you, Vincent, Rachel," he said, his voice deep and charming. "Have a sit please."

Rachel and her son took place on the sofa, Ciel sitting on the most distant side. Vincent sat down in the armchair opposing the sofa. The tea had already been served, shortly before their arrival, and had been placed on the small table in between the seats.

Sebastian's red eyes focused on Ciel, and the boy stiffened slightly. He looked exactly as he remembered him. Tall, with an elegant figure, black hair falling on the sides of his face, very seductive. His hands, with its long, thin fingers, drew Ciel's attention. He was going to get to know them intimately over the next two weeks, and he swallowed discreetly. Just the sight of them was sending shivers down his spine and along his tail.

"You are still as cute as a year ago, Ciel," Sebastian suddenly said, still smiling. "Maybe even more so. I have to say, these ears and tail really suit you."

The boy blushed slightly, half-embarrassed and half-annoyed. Sebastian was known to have a cat fetish, which may partly explain his agreeing to 'educate' Ciel.

"I suppose they will disappear once your puberty is over though," the older man added, with a hint of regret. "Such a pity."

Rachel giggled. "Oh, don't worry Sebastian," she said. "We, cat demons, can make these appear at will after going through puberty."

"Really?" Sebastian seemed genuinely interested. "I look forward to it then. Let's see, you should be about thirteen years old Ciel, aren't you?"

The boy nodded silently. "You still don't like to talk to outsiders it seems," Sebastian said, grinning. "You don't have to be so shy with me you know, considering our position."

This seemed to really amuse Vincent and Rachel, but certainly not Ciel, who was even more reminded of the reason for his presence here. He certainly wasn't looking forward to it.

"I can understand that it may seem a bit scary at first," Sebastian went on, "but don't worry. I will take very good care of you."

Ciel wondered if he had imagined the strange intonations in his voice, that somehow gave him goose bumps. Then Sebastian finally turned his attention back to Ciel's parents.

"You will be staying for dinner of course," he said. "After more than two hours of transportation, you surely cannot go back right away."

"We gladly accept your offer," Vincent smiled. "Why don't you show Ciel around the house while Rachel and I take a rest here? I'm sure he wants to know exactly where he is going to live for two weeks."

"That's a good idea," Sebastian nodded. "If you need anything, just call for Tanaka with the bell. Since the manor is quite huge, we shall see each other again at dinner. Come with me Ciel."

He got up, and the boy reluctantly followed him out of the room, glaring daggers at his father. Vincent merely smiled back at him, and Rachel waved happily at him. Really, it was amazing how relaxed his parents were. Shouldn't they be at least a little anxious, knowing what was going to happen to Ciel once they were gone? Their trust in Sebastian seemed to be really deep.

As they walked along the corridor, Sebastian looked at Ciel and smirked.

"You seem anxious," he said. "Are you that scared of me?"

"Knowing what is going to happen to me, how couldn't I be?" The child growled back. "I would have gladly avoided it."

Sebastian's smirk widened. "You say that because you haven't experienced it yet. Once you know what it's like, you won't be so reluctant anymore, believe me."

"That's also what father and mother said. But it doesn't mean much to me."

"But of course. You are after all, a pure and innocent child. I would be more worried if you knew about it."

"Why did you accept to take care of me?" Ciel asked with a hint of curiosity. "I'm sure many families offered you an extraordinary amount of money to take their children."

"I am merely doing a favor to my old friends," Sebastian answered, his eyes twinkling. "But of course, it's all the more better since you are such a cute little one."

Ciel huffed, blushing slightly. Since very young, people had often said that he was cute, but the way Sebastian was saying it sounded completely different. It made him feel weird and strangely hot.

Soon, Sebastian began to describe the manor to Ciel, presenting each room to him. Most of them he merely designated from the corridor, without opening them. There were many bedrooms and salons, two ballrooms, one huge dining room, a kitchen just as huge, Sebastian's private study, a colossal library, a private salon to receive important guests. And, last but not least, Sebastian's own room.

"You will, of course, sleep with me for the next two weeks," Sebastian indicated. "It's for your own comfort," he added when Ciel glared at him. "During puberty, you will reach peaks of arousal during the evening and the night. It's best if I'm close by when that happens. I wouldn't want you to feel pain."

Ciel looked away. Like he was going to be able to sleep at all in those conditions! Being near Sebastian made him feel incredibly nervous for some reason.

"We could visit the garden," Sebastian went on, "but that would take too long. We'll leave it for tomorrow."

Ciel nodded mechanically. Being in this room, and seeing this imposing and intimidating bed made him fully realize the situation he was in. This meant an incursion into the unknown, into the world of adults and intimacy. Somehow, it was really frightening.

Ciel jumped when he felt arms wrap around his waist, and a warm body pressing against his back. Sebastian's fingers rubbed the boy's stomach softly.

"No need to panic," he said, right next to Ciel's ear, and the boy stiffened. "I will be very careful and gentle. I won't rush you either. You won't regret it, trust me."

Ciel was about to retort, but Sebastian lightly bit one of his cat ears and he closed his mouth tightly, jumping slightly.

"I really like these," Sebastian said, rubbing his nose against the furry appendage. "So soft and cute."

"You sound like a pervert," Ciel mumbled, feeling a bit numb.

He felt more than he saw Sebastian's smirk. "Maybe you're right," the older man whispered sweetly. "But then again, one has to be, to be able to touch children in such a way. Although this notion is merely a human one. It doesn't make much sense for us, demons, who are sometimes closer to animals."

Ciel shivered as the man ran his fingers along the side of his body, up to his neck and face. It left a hot trail on his cheek, then Sebastian began scratching the back of Ciel's ear. The boy closed his eyes tightly, his body tensing up in response. It made him feel very weird all of a sudden.

"Ah, your ears are a sensitive spot," Sebastian smirked. "You seem to like it, don't you?"

Ciel wanted to protest, but the feel of Sebastian's fingers on his ear was just too delightful. He was feeling a bit weak on the knees, and his nether regions were heating up. A light blush spread on his face and he bit his lips as an unwanted sound threatened to slip past them.

"S… stop that!" He panted, struggling a little.

Sebastian merely tightened his hold on him, his hand slipping from his waist towards his crotch. His fingers grazed the bulge that was beginning to form down there, and he smirked.

"You want me to stop, even though you're reacting so nicely?" He whispered. "It's dangerous you know. While going through puberty, if you get aroused even just a little, it will be painful if it's not taken care of properly."

"You… bastard!" Ciel panted. "You tricked me!"

"Yes," Sebastian admitted happily. "I just couldn't help myself, I confess."

He rubbed Ciel through his pants and the boy closed his eyes tightly, holding back a gasp. He had never felt anything like this before. The sensations coursing through his body were sinfully pleasant. He was feeling very hot, and his brain was slowly shutting down. Once more, Sebastian bit his ear, and this time the boy let out a small cry. He immediately felt horribly embarrassed, but the older man didn't seem to mind it, on the contrary.

"You don't have to hold back," he whispered. "You will feel better if you let your voice out."

"N… no way!" Ciel protested weakly as Sebastian teased the tip of his ear with his tongue. "It's too… embarrassing!"

"I think it's cute and enticing," Sebastian grinned in response.

His fingers undid Ciel's pants, and slipped inside, reaching the skin. Ciel jumped with a cry as he made contact with his small, but hard member.

"You've barely begun to develop," Sebastian commented. "It's still so small."

"D… don't make fun of me!" Ciel panted furiously, as the older man fingered him shamelessly. "Ah! E…eh! D… don't touch… that!"

"But that's the whole point of what I'm doing," Sebastian smirked. "I cannot not touch you there."

His fingers encircled the boy's member, and stroked it lightly. Ciel tensed up, closing both his eyes and mouth firmly. He was trembling slightly, a tinge of fear mixing with the pleasure he was feeling. Sebastian's thumb brushed the tip of the boy's member and Ciel stifled a moan.

"Wa… wait!" He gasped. "That's… too much! I can't…"

"You don't have to do anything Ciel," Sebastian purred, his other hand cupping the side of the boy's face, stroking it with his thumb. "Just let me work on you, and go with the flow."

Ciel wanted to retort, but a surge of pleasure cut him short and instead, he moaned. The sound both surprised and embarrassed him.

"See?" Sebastian whispered, pleased. "It's not that hard."

Ciel had a feeling he was somewhat mocking him, but he didn't linger on it. He was too busy dealing with the heat all over his body, and the intense, delightful sensations coursing through him. Sebastian was skillfully pumping and playing with his member, while watching the boy's face very intently. Ciel's cheeks were cutely flushed, and the expression he harbored was extremely enticing. His ears were trembling slightly on top of his head, and he was also starting to whimper, in an attempt to hold off his moans. Sebastian thought that he had better end it quickly, or he was going to need some help too. The boy wasn't ready for more yet.

With a few more pumps, Ciel finally came in his hand. The boy shook violently as he released, a final cry escaping his lips. He then went limp in Sebastian's arms, his knees giving way under him. Sebastian supported him with his clean hand, keeping his semen covered one away from the boy's clothes. He didn't want to dirty him after all. He half-carried Ciel to the bed, where hemade him sit down. Taking a tissue out of his bedside table, he wiped his hand clean. Ciel had a dazed look on his face, his breathing calming down slowly.

"It wasn't so bad, was it Ciel?" Sebastian said with a sweet smile.

The boy looked at him and blushed. "You should have warned me," he mumbled. "I wasn't ready."

"Even if I had waited, you still wouldn't have felt ready," Sebastian said, tilting his head slightly. "This is not something you can really prepare for. Now you know what to expect at least. Of course, this is just an introduction. There is much more to do, and you're going to feel even better."

Ciel swallowed. He wasn't sure if the shiver that just ran down his spine was from apprehension… or anticipation.

Sebastian glanced at the clock. "We will be just in time for dinner," he said. "Can you stand now? We have to get down to the dining room."

Ciel nodded absentmindedly, and got up. As they left the room and began walking down the corridor, he wondered if he would be able to keep a straight face when seeing his parents. Probably not.

Dinner was served. Rachel monopolized Sebastian through the whole meal, with Vincent dropping a comment there and there. As for Ciel, he was literally devouring his food. He was extremely hungry, which surprised him since he was usually a modest eater.

"Oh my, look at you Ciel!" Rachel giggled at some point. "It's like you've been left starving for two weeks!"

"I can't help it. I feel like I can't fill my stomach, no matter how much I eat."

"It's because of puberty," Vincent explained. "Your body is very active, and consumes large amounts of energy. Make sure you eat plenty while it lasts, or you might collapse from exhaustion."

"I don't think you need to worry about that though," Rachel added with a smile. "Sebastian will make sure that all your needs are fulfilled!"

Ciel, mouth full, could only make a face. Yeah right. All his needs. He already knew what to expect. And Sebastian's smirk told him that the older demon knew exactly what he had thought.

"Really, we should invite you more often," Rachel sighed, turning back to Sebastian. "We wouldn't have so much to catch up then."

"You're right Rachel," Sebastian agreed with his usual smile. "Maybe we should spend the special days of the year together, like we used to a few decades ago."

"Oh yes! That would be absolutely fantastic! And you have to come for Ciel's anniversaries too!"

"With pleasure," Sebastian grinned. "I can't wait to see him grow up."

"I'm sure he will be very handsome, just like his father," Rachel said dreamily. "Oh, darling, maybe it's time we have another child, don't you think? A little sister for Ciel, that would be the best! Wouldn't it Ciel?"

The boy stared at her blankly for a few moments. "A sister?" He repeated carefully. "I don't know about that. Elizabeth is already quite a handful, and we don't even see her that often."

"Oh my dear, it wouldn't be the same!" Rachel protested. "You can't really treat a cousin the way you treat a sister. I'm sure you would make a wonderful older brother!"

Ciel looked quite skeptical, but chose not to ruin his mother's fantasies. "If you say so," he shrugged, as he went back to eating.

The meal went on this way, then the dessert was finally served. Ciel, who had always had a sweet tooth, licked his lips before his serving of chocolate cake and chocolate cream puff.

"Your cook is excellent!" Rachel complimented. "Where did you find such a competent person?"

"I got him from a famous restaurant," Sebastian answered with a smile. "I gave him better wages and working conditions, which convinced him to come with me. However, the dessert was all made by me."

Ciel momentarily stopped eating and eyed his cake warily. Sebastian could cook? Oh well, he had to admit that it was very tasty. At least, he hoped he hadn't put anything weird in it.

"Oh, that's right!" Rachel exclaimed. "You always liked to make sweets in the past! I remember how you always brought some when we got together, isn't that right Vincent?"

Her husband nodded obediently. "It's already 8," he then said. "Hurry up my dear, we have to leave soon if we don't want to be back too late."

"Oh, you're right! I had completely forgotten!"

Dinner ended not long after, and the Phantomhives, minus Ciel, prepared to leave. Sebastian and Ciel accompanied them to their stagecoach to see them off. Rachel hugged her son tightly, sad at the prospect of being far from him for two whole weeks.

"Oh, I wish it was already over," she said, petting Ciel's cat ears despite the boy's struggling. "I will miss you so much my little Ciel! Be a nice boy, and do as Sebastian tells you. Do not get into trouble, eat and sleep properly, and…"

"Yes, I know!" Ciel cut, his ears twitching with annoyance. "I'm old enough to take care of myself mother."

"He is right, you worry too much Rachel," Vincent said, bemused. "Come on sweetie, we have two hours of transportation ahead of us."

Reluctantly, Rachel let go of Ciel. They said their goodbyes, then climbed into the stagecoach, and left. As they disappeared along the road, Ciel felt his stomach tightening. His two weeks of 'training' were officially beginning. And boy was he anxious.

"There is no need to glare at me like that," Sebastian said, amused as he sat on the bed. "It's not like I'm going to pounce on you without warning."

"Yeah, like what you did before dinner?"

"Now now, that was merely an experiment. I wanted to see how you would react."

"And were you satisfied by my reactions?" Ciel growled, still sitting as far as possible on the other side of the bed.

"Very much I have to say," Sebastian answered, smirking. "You have a very arousing expression."

He almost looked like a hungry wolf looking at his defenseless prey. Ciel swallowed. Somehow, he had a feeling they weren't going to sleep before some time. And he cursed his own body as he felt a tinge of excitement at the prospect.

"Come here Ciel," Sebastian ordered, extending his hand toward the boy.

Ciel didn't budge, just stared at him defiantly.

"What are you going to do to me?" He asked, wary.

"You'll know when you'll come. Don't make this difficult Ciel. You know I won't hurt you."

No, indeed. But Ciel was just as frightened by the sensations Sebastian had awakened in him earlier. A part of him craved for more, and another one was telling him to run away. He still hadn't decided which one was the best to follow.

"If you don't come on your own I will have to get you myself," Sebastian warned. "And I won't be as nice as I should."

The gleam in his red eyes told Ciel that he wasn't lying. Reluctantly, and between bad or worse, Ciel chose bad. He crawled over the bed toward Sebastian, who watched him come in silence. When he was close enough, he grabbed his arm and pulled him forcefully toward him. Ciel hit Sebastian's chest with a startled cry. The older man's arms immediately encircled him and gathered him on his laps. His long fingers began caressing Ciel's cheek, softly, almost lovingly. The boy felt some of his fear disappear under his touch, and he slightly relaxed.

"See? It's not hard to be a good boy," Sebastian whispered, lightly kissing Ciel's forehead. "This will be much better for you if you are cooperative."

He went to Ciel's cat ears, scratching the furry appendages with devotion. Ciel thought to himself that he really seemed to like them. The boy felt his eyes close on their own, as the feeling of Sebastian's fingertips on his sensitive ears spread to his entire body. Soon enough, he was purring without a care in the world. Damn, it felt so good!

"What a happy little kitten," Sebastian chuckled, looking at his expression of pure bliss. "This is definitely your sweet spot."

He stopped scratching him and Ciel let out a mewing of protest. Sebastian took his face between his fingers, and lifted it toward him. Ciel opened his eyes hesitantly to look at him. The older man had a very intense look in his eyes, and the boy blushed slightly in spite of himself.

Then Sebastian bent down and put his lips on his. Startled, Ciel could only stare blankly in front of him. Sebastian's mouth began moving against his, pressing against his lips, molding against them as if to part them. Ciel let out a small, strangled moan at the strange sensations he was creating. Sebastian took advantage of the slight opening, and his tongue slipped into Ciel's mouth.

The boy jumped at the unexpected contact and tried to recoil. But Sebastian was holding his face firmly, and he couldn't move. The older man's tongue ran over Ciel's teeth, explored every nook and cranny of his mouth, then touched the boy's tongue. Ciel's gasp was muffled by the appendage in his mouth. His hands automatically went up to clutch Sebastian's clothes as the older man pressed himself deep into his mouth, playing with his tongue. Ciel felt as if he was being electrified, as Sebastian wrapped his tongue around his to coax him into playing with him. Saliva was running down his chin, and even though he should have thought it disgusting, he found it extremely arousing. His eyes were tightly closed and his face flushed, as his fingers' grip trembled while tightening.

Sebastian finally released him, allowing him to breathe. The boy was left panting and dazed, still not sure of what had just happened. The older man's eyes darkened at the sight he made. Right now, Ciel looked extremely alluring.

"I'm sure you already know about this," he said, his voice a bit deeper from his growing arousal. "You must have seen your parents do it. It's a lover's kiss."

He bent down and licked the trail of saliva running down Ciel's chin. The boy shivered at the touch but didn't try to move away.

"So, what do you think about it?" Sebastian asked as he finished his cleaning.

The boy's blush deepened slightly as he swallowed, trying to get himself together.

"It's… amazing," he admitted. "I've… never felt anything like this before."

Sebastian smirked, looking quite satisfied with himself. His hand then touched Ciel's crotch without warning. The boy jumped with a small cry as the older man felt the heating bulge forming there.

"It seems to have gotten you aroused," he smirked. "Your reactions are very spontaneous."

"Don't make fun of me," Ciel mumbled, glaring at him.

But with the way he was looking right now, said glare wasn't very convincing. If anything, his attempted defiance only pleased Sebastian even more.

"I'm not making fun of you," he said, biting lightly on one of the boy's cat ear. "I'm praising you on the contrary."

Ciel flinched at the motion. His body was starting to feel very hot again, like when Sebastian had first touched him. He could feel a need growing within him, a frightening need for he didn't know how to satisfy it. But Sebastian could, he was sure of it. His only choice was to let Sebastian handle him like he was supposed to.

"And now, let's put to practice what I showed you before dinner," Sebastian purred, rubbing his nose against Ciel's furry ear. "Surely, you must remember what I did?"

Ciel nodded, blushing furiously. How could he forget such an embarrassing moment?

"Then this time, you will also do it," Sebastian said. "It is not fair if you are the only one receiving his share of pleasure right?"

"What… do you mean?" Ciel asked, confused.

Sebastian merely grinned and took one of the boy's hands. He brought it to his own crotch, and Ciel blushed profusely as he felt a hot, hard bulge, pretty much like the same he now harbored, but much bigger.

"See? You're not the only one who is affected by our activities," Sebastian whispered, nipping at his ear. "I didn't ask for money from your parents to take you in. You will be the one providing my payment, with your own body."

Ciel swallowed. Somehow, he felt very hot. This was both frightening, and oh so exciting. He didn't know exactly what was going to happen over the next days, but it was sure to be intense and incredible.

"How about removing your pants?" Sebastian said, lifting Ciel off his laps. "It would certainly be handier. Don't forget the underwear of course."

Ciel glared at him, but obeyed dutifully. The one warning from earlier had been enough to make him understand that it was in his best interests not to go against Sebastian's 'suggestions'. He removed both his pants and underwear, leaving him naked underneath his shirt with his erection peaking from the front. He sat on the bed, quite embarrassed, and waited for Sebastian's next order.

The older man took his time to look at Ciel. It was very alluring, to have him half undressed like this, ears and tails twitching from apprehension. That child was too damn cute for his own good. Sebastian wondered if he was going to be able to keep to his schedule. He may very well rush things without even realizing it.

Ciel's attention was caught as Sebastian moved his hands to his own belt, and undid his pants. He opened them enough to free his own erection, and Ciel couldn't help but widen at the sight. Sure, he had seen his father's member before, but it had nothing to do with this! It was standing up, all hard and reddish toward the tip. It looked quite painful, scary and it was also really big. Sebastian smirked at Ciel's expression.

"Don't worry," he said, "I won't really use it for now. Come here."

Ciel had no idea what Sebastian meant by 'using it', but he felt like he didn't want to know. He obediently came closer, and Sebastian opened his legs, motioning for Ciel to sit in between. He placed the boy's legs over his tights, so that their erected members were almost touching.

"Remember how I touched you?" Sebastian said. "I want you to do the same with mine."

Ciel looked at him hesitantly, then slowly raised his hand toward Sebastian's member. He felt really intimidated and nervous. His fingers brushed against the rock hard rod before him, and he recoiled slightly with a start. Gathering his courage, he crept closer, and finally wrapped his small fingers around it. Once it was done, some of the anxiety was washed away. It felt really strange though. He could feel it pulsate under his palm, the blood rushing to the tip. It was hard, but also smooth, and so very hot. Little by little, fear was replaced by curiosity.

Sebastian watched, with a heated gaze, as Ciel's expression changed, his small mouth parting slightly in wonder. He was very concentrated on what he was doing. Tentatively, he squeezed Sebastian's member. His hand was too small to fully wrap around it, but even that was enough to draw a reaction from the very aroused older man, who tightened his lips with a slight shiver. Frowning, and not as satisfied, Ciel wrapped his second hand around him for a better result.

"Don't just squeeze it," Sebastian indicated, as his breathing quickened slightly with the boy's motions. "Stroke it up and down, and around the tip."

Ciel nodded obediently, and did as he was told. His ran his hands up and down along Sebastian's member, tightening his grip from time to time. At one point, he brushed over the very tip of it, and Sebastian tensed up, as if electrified. The boy wasn't very skillful yet, but his innocent touching around was one of the most alluring things he had ever seen.

After a few tries, Ciel seemed to get the hang of it. His strokes were more confident, and smoother. Sebastian decided to reward him for his good work, and his own hand went to find Ciel's member. The boy jumped slightly as his partner's fingers wrapped around him, and began to pump him skillfully. Ciel was momentarily distracted from his work, as he closed his eyes and moaned unconsciously. Sebastian's touch was reawakening the fire that had settled down while Ciel experimented around.

"Don't stop what you were doing Ciel," Sebastian reproached him.

Ciel opened his mouth to answer, but instead of words, it was a moan that left his lips. So he nodded messily, his face all flushed, and resumed his work. It certainly wasn't easy to concentrate on it while Sebastian was touching him, but somewhat, he managed. After a few moments, he felt a familiar tightening around his member, and he came over Sebastian's hand with a muffled cry. The older man was close too, but it took Ciel a few more strokes to get him to come. Ciel was startled as the semen spilled out of the tip of the man's member and dirtied his hands, as well as a bit of his shirt.

Sebastian, with a lazy smirk, brought his hand to his mouth and licked Ciel's cum. He paid close attention to each finger, cleaning them thoroughly. After that, he took Ciel's right wrist, and brought the boy's hand to Ciel's lips.

"Have a taste," he said. "It's best if you are prepared, for we will soon be doing something on this line."

Ciel hesitated a little, then tentatively licked his fingers. The taste was bitter, and he grimaced slightly. Sebastian chuckled at his reaction. Not too happy about being made fun of, Ciel glared at him and proceeded to lick his fingers clean, just like Sebastian had done. The taste was weird, but not so much toward the end.

Sebastian suddenly grabbed Ciel by the waist and lifted him up, getting up.

"Why don't we take a quick bath now?" He said, smiling sweetly. "After that, we may finally be able to go to sleep. Children need their rest after all, and you may wake up in the middle of the night. It would be better if you had stored up some energy if that happened."

With that being said, he maneuvered the protesting Ciel so that he was carrying him bridal style, and went into the bathroom.

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