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I've had this idea swirling in my head for some time now and figured it was time to actually write it up! It's pretty much complete, a dozen or so chapters at the moment. I hope you enjoy!

ALSO, this is set about 18months after the season 2 finale...

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Chapter 1

Kate Beckett glared at the growing stack of paperwork on her desk and tried to hold in a groan. She would definitely be here until the New Year if the pile kept expanding. Adding to her annoyance was her ever present shadow, his head lolled forward sleepily and the smallest amount of drool pooling in the corner of his mouth. Smirking, Beckett wondered about the best way to startle him awake…

"Beckett, get your team, in my office now." Her gaze moving away from Castle to Captain Montgomery, Beckett nodded. Standing, she stretched her tired muscles and nudged Castle with her foot to wake him. He mumbled something unintelligible before blinking his eyes open.

"Captain wants us. I'll grab the boys."

Castle nodded before stretching, discreetly admiring Beckett's back view as she strode to the break room, her high heels clacking, where Esposito and Ryan were most likely hiding out.


Minutes later Becket and her team were in Captain Montgomery's office. He looked serious, which was enough to have them concerned.

"Ok….I know that it's been a tough 6 months for everyone, and that you each have a week break over Christmas-"

Beckett noticed Ryan gulp, his face paling slightly, and knew he was thinking the same as her. After working tirelessly for six months, her team needed this week long break to re-group. There was no way they could keep going at the pace they had been. Just as she was about to voice her thoughts to her boss, he continued.

"So, after quite a bit of thought, I've decided you will be taking more than a week's break. You've got until end of shift today to complete your paperwork. After that I don't want to see any of you until the 10th of January. Is that clear?"

Not only did Beckett's jaw hit the ground, Ryan, Esposito and Castle's did as well.

"A month? You want us to take a month's break?" Esposito asked, shock lacing his voice. He thought they were lucky to have been given a week. But a whole month!

"No, I don't want you take a month. I'm telling you. It's an order." This was aimed at Beckett, as he knew she would be the most likely to argue. Surprisingly, she stayed silent.

"Karpowski and her team will hold the fort until January. Finish your paperwork, go home and don't come back." Finally letting a smile grace his features, Montgomery stood. There were rounds of "thanks, Cap" and hand shaking before the team left his office. Ryan quickly pulled out his cell, no doubt calling Jenny to tell her the good news. Esposito almost ran back to his desk, wanting to finish his paperwork as soon as possible.

Beckett and Castle made their way over to her desk, both sitting quietly for a few moments.

"Sooo…" Castle began, his voice hesitant. Beckett span her chair to face him, propped her elbows on her desk, her hands holding her chin up.

"Yes, Castle?"

"Well…a whole month. Any plans?"

Beckett shrugged, "Probably try to find a new apartment."

The apartment she had moved into after her old one blew up (almost two years ago now) was small and sparse and really just plain awful. Her lease was due to expire at the end of January and she was hoping to find a new nicer apartment before then. Though in New York City and on a cops salary….her chances were slim.


Beckett could tell Castle was holding something back, his usually enigmatic face was somber, and his tone of voice matched.

"What, Castle? Can't go a whole month without me?" Beckett joked. Truthfully, she knew this wouldn't be the case. As it was, they spent most of their free time with each other, so much so that she had practically taken ownership of the guest bedroom at his loft. And as much as Lanie wished otherwise, her and Castle were just good friends. Or "BFF's", if you asked Castle.

"Well…I was thinking…I mean…" Castle spluttered, fighting to find words. Definitely a first for the famous novelist. Picking up on how uncomfortable he seemed to be, Beckett grinned and tapped her foot against his.

"Cat got your tongue, kitten?" She teased, trying to lighten his mood. He smiled back, but it wasn't genuine. Taking a deep breath, he asked her a similar question to one that had been the catalyst to almost ruining their fragile friendship 18 months ago.

"Would you come and spend a week with me at my cabin in the Adirondacks?"


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