Caprica City General Hospital

I don't remember having any sense of the passage of time after the collision. I remember different voices here and there whom I assume were the paramedics who were working on me in the ambulance and then the doctors at the hospital but other than that it's all just a vague blur until I finally began to wake up properly. I was told afterwards that almost nine hours had passed since the crash when I finally awoke.

A bright light appeared in front of me. It was blurry and had no form and I began to wonder if this was the light one is supposed to see on their journey to the afterlife. I laugh at it now but for a few seconds there I really did think that it was time for my journey. I concentrated harder and harder on trying to find shape in the light until I saw that it were in fact four lights grouped closely together. Finally the clarity came back and instead of finding a deity waiting to help me on cross to the next life I found I was looking at the ceiling of a hospital ward.

My sensations grew and I could feel tubes sticking up my nose blowing in oxygen. I began to move my eyes from left to right as I examined my surroundings. Every movement was stiff and difficult and I had to really concentrate to turn my head to find Emma half asleep in the chair next to my bed. I tried to call her but the signal seemed to get lost somewhere between my brain and my mouth.

Through half closed eyes she saw I was awake and she suddenly bolted upright and dashed towards me.

"Jack!" she cried.

I again tried to speak but once again I failed. A doctor suddenly appeared and brushed my wife aside as he began to shine a light in my eyes before examining me. I tried to talk to him and this time managed some throaty sound but for almost half an hour I fought a pitched battle with my voice to speak until I finally managed to get some words out.

"I'm sorry," I croaked to Emma who was once again sitting beside me clutching my left hand tightly. I genuinely meant my apology. If I hadn't let my job take over my life like I had I might not be in this state now. Having been so busy with my own recuperation it was only then I thought about my partner. "C-Claire?"

Emma rubbed her tired and tear-stained eyes before she spoke. She looked at me pitifully and I feared the worse.

"The other car hit yours on the passenger side," she explained. "Claire…she's in a bad way, Jack. The doctors worked on her for a couple of hours and they say it went well but it is still hit or miss." The thing I remember most about the next moment was the way she looked away from me. It was a look I had seen on her before when she had something important to say. It was her way of building up her strength for what she knew was to come. "Jack, who was the girl on the back seat?"

I had almost forgotten about Katrina. I was about to explain what I could about her when I saw Emma suddenly look up at something behind me. I turned my head around to the left and saw Jordan Duram standing in the doorway to my room. To sum up the look he was giving me all I have to say is that he didn't have flowers.

"Hey Jordan," said Emma.

"Hi Em'," he replied to her awkwardly. "Are you ok?"

"Yes, fine thanks," she replied to him. There was a pause that filled the room. It served only to silently ask Emma to leave us alone for a few minutes. "I'm going to get a coffee. Leave you two alone for a bit."

She got up and stepped out in absolute silence. Once she was gone Jordan closed the door behind her to give us privacy. He walked around my bed and picked up the chair Emma had been sitting on before turning it around rather violently and then landing down on it and leaning forward to bury his face into his hands.

"The boss is on his way down," he started before lifting his head up to look at me. "I wanted to have a word with you before he gets here."

"I'm doing ok," I mumbled. "Thanks for asking."

"You want to tell me about the girl?"

"The girl?" I repeated if only to buy myself time from explaining.

"Yes the girl!" he barked before adding, "the dead girl. The one they had to pry out of the back of your car with a crowbar."

I didn't know what to say to him, I was a whirlpool of confused emotion. Should I have felt guilty about her death? She was in my car after all but she made her choices that led up to that moment as much as I did.

"She was STO," I explained.

"S-STO?" he asked disbelievingly. "You had an STO member in your car?"

"Yes. She wanted to leave them. She was going to provide us with information in exchange for protection."

"So that's why I have the Caprica City Police Chief breathing down my neck about having to pick up that girl's mother and brother?"

"Yes, she was afraid the STO would target them if they ever found out she was talking to us."

I could see Jordan was fighting the urge to grab hold of me and shake some sense into me. I'm sure he would have liked nothing better than to finish what the collision had started. He can be a scary person at times. It's difficult to tell just what he's thinking behind those beady little eyes. He sucked up his rage so he could continue his questioning.

"How did you find out about her?" he asked but before I could answer he added, "Did your informant, Jacob Ellis, tell you?"

"Yeah," I said surprised that he would draw that conclusion so quickly.

"Jacob Ellis was found dead this morning in his apartment," he explained in a tone that hinted that I was in someway responsible. "Overdose, toxicology said he had enough drugs in his system to keep this hospital going for a month. Suicide note said he was fed up with life and he wanted to end it."

"That's crap," I said knowing full well he had been killed by the STO for leading me to Katrina.

"Of course it's crap!" he snarled at me. "You know it. I know it. Director Singh knows it but no one's going to frakking admit it. You frakked up, Jack! The STO were on to you. It was a trap right from the very beginning and because you failed to follow procedure we've now got two dead informants, our only potential leads in this investigation, and two Agents hospitalized; one in a critical condition."

"You're going to pin this on me after you frakked up the raid on the Academy yesterday?"

"I don't have to," said Jordan rising to his feet in a fit of fury. "Brass has already made the decision but they don't want another PR fiasco so you're not suspended. Sick leave - until they decide what to do with you anyway."

He began to walk away but I wasn't going to let him. I mustered all the strength I could to lash out at him in retaliation.

"Hey wait a frakking minute!" I called. He stopped just as he opened the door and paused, waiting to hear what I had to say. "This was an accident. The fact that I had an STO member in the back had nothing to do with it so how the frak can you put all this on me?"

He closed the door once more and turned to me before answering, "The driver of the car that hit you; he was known to the authorities on Gemenon as being STO. Your little RTA was an assassination. The question is on who – Katrina or you?"