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The Twilight Will

By Demonabyss

Chapter 01: Day 364: Rogue XIII

Roxas stared at the pod in front of him, the pod that contained his other, his Somebody, Sora. After being taunted by DiZ and that guy in the coat, here was the source of everything so far, his reason for the Organization wanting him, manipulating him, and ultimately betraying him. Here was the reason everyone seemed to be after him, all because he was Sora's Nobody, all because he could use the Keyblade.

It all came rushing back to him; his first few days in the Organization, when he was little better than a mindless zombie, his time on missions with the various members, especially Axel and … her. Xion. He remembered it all as the memories flooded his mind, as if the chains holding them had been broken, allowing them to return. Roxas dropped to one knee, holding his head in pain as images from the past flooded his mind. The fights with the heartless, following Pete to that cave, being tricked into facing each other, eating ice cream on the clock tower, following that imposter Riku, and how it all came to an end. How he had been forced to kill Number XIV, Xion, who had been like a sister to him. All because both sides were obsessed with Sora and he and Xion were seen as nothing more than missing pieces of the Keyblade master.

Why? Why did everyone only care about Sora? Wasn't he important too? Wasn't Xion important? Why was DiZ doing this? For revenge? To have the perfect weapon against Organization XIII? This wasn't fair; he had his own life, his own existence!

But what was that life, that existence? The Twilight Town he knew was false, his friends were nothing but bits of data taken from real people who had never met him and all his memories were broken because of Namine.

At that thought his rage increased. Namine was the one of the three responsible for all of this madness. She was the one who took his memories, messed with his mind and gave him this false hope of a normal life. She was a bigger traitor then the Organization. While they simply wanted more than one Keyblade user or at least one where they had full control of, Namine had betrayed those who took her in, betrayed her own kind for some guy who apparently treated her like garbage. Then she double crosses DiZ to try and help him. Hell, if she had just done her job in the first place none of this may have happened!

Then there was that imposter Riku. That jerk was the one who had dragged him into this false world and acted as guard while DiZ was the warden. Roxas wanted little more than to rip that bastard's head off for what he did to both him and Xion. He manipulated her, made her think that suicide was the right thing to do, her only true purpose. Riku was no better than the Organization in Roxas' eyes. He saw her as nothing more than a puppet, a tool to be used for his own ends. Riku saw HIM as nothing more than a tool. Why should he listen to him … or DiZ for that matter? He didn't owe them or Sora anything.

Roxas, Number XIII, the Key of Destiny of Organization XIII expressed his decision with a phase he remembered Larxene using during the short time he knew her that seemed appropriate for this situation. "To hell with this," he said out loud before getting to his feet and turning away from the pod containing his Sombody. Screw DiZ, screw Riku, screw Namine, and screw the Organization. He had had enough of being everyone's puppet and he was not going to be some sacrificial lamb for people he held no allegiance to. He raised his hand to create a Corridor of Darkness when DiZ appeared behind him.

"What do you think you are doing?" the bandaged man asked in his holier-than-thou voice.

"Leaving," the greater Nobody replied, not bothering to turn around, suspecting another hologram. The Corridor of Darkness started to form, blackness rising from the ground to create a portal. However, the darkness didn't completely form, as if something was trying to force it back. "What the…" Roxas muttered in surprise.

DiZ just smirked before speaking in that superior tone of his that made Roxas want to hit him with his Keyblade. "I'm afraid I can't allow that. You will join with Sora. As a Nobody, you are not supposed to exist and thus this is the best for everyone," he said simply, as if it were fact.

Roxas growled, glaring at the disintegrating portal. He concentrated and started to push more power into it, more darkness. The portal grew a little bit more, but still wouldn't form.

"It's useless," DiZ spoke from behind him. "The barrier I've erected will prevent any Corridor of Darkness from forming." Roxas just ignored the arrogant scientist as he continued to concentrate on the portal. He then got a weird idea. All Nobodies commanded the darkness to a limited extent; that was how they made portals. But they were more than that. They were made of Nothingness and greater Nobodies like him commanded a third element that was their primary weapon, in his case Light. He had all three of the most primal elements in existence at his command. Roxas then did something no one had done before; he focused all three, Darkness, Nothingness, and Light, into the portal.

"What are you doing?" DiZ said in surprise and in slight panic as the mass of Darkness started to form a portal when it shouldn't have been able to. However, unlike other portals that were completely black, this one had streams of shining white and twisting bolts of gray moving all around it. This was not a Corridor of Darkness; this was a Corridor of Chaos.

The red-coated scientist's visible eye widened as the portal formed. Though it wasn't stable, he saw the Nobody lower his hand. "No! Stop!" he cried out, but it was too late to do anything. Roxas had jumped into the Corridor of Chaos, destination: unknown.

Roxas was tossed and thrown all over in the Corridor of Chaos. Unlike the portals he was used to where you just walked through like going from one room to another, this was like falling from a cliff in the middle of a hurricane. He kept being pulled in so many directions it was all he could do to keep from blowing chunks. Bolts of Darkness, Nothingness, and Light swirled around him as he fell. 'I must be insane for jumping into a portal like this. I didn't even set a destination, I could end up anywhere. Oh well, couldn't be any worse than DiZ, Riku, or the Organization,' he thought as he fell. As soon as he thought of the Organization, something odd happened. Beams of Light, Darkness, and Nothingness shot towards him and formed around him. 'What's happening!?' he thought wildly as they formed around him into … his coat?

Roxas stared as the strands of Chaos formed around him into his coat, the same one he wore during his time with the Organization. 'No, not the same,' he thought as he noticed some differences. On his left shoulder, embroidered was the sliver outline of a shield with XIII also in silver in it. His back had the silver symbol that represented Nobodies and by extension Nothingness. Once the coat had fully formed, the ride abruptly ended with Roxas landing on his back staring upwards, stunned at what just happened.


DiZ scowled at the screen. 'How was that possible? The Nobody shouldn't have been able to generate a portal and yet it did.' He pondered on the events as Riku, cloaked in a black coat similar to that worn by those of the Organization, appeared behind him.

"It seems he escaped. What do we do now?" the darkness covered boy asked simply.

"We must find him. Without him Sora will only be at half power," he stated grimly. He then turned to a young, white-haired girl in a simple white dress standing to the side. "Namine, can you track him down through the link with Sora?" he asked staring intently at the girl. That was how they had found the boy the first time and eventually cornered both him and that girl Xion. It had been difficult because the two kept moving to and from The World that Never Was. It was only because of their habit of going to the clock tower in Twilight Town that they were able to find and manipulate them.

DiZ frowned as the solemn girl shook her head. "I can't. Whatever he did has disturbed his connection to Sora. He could be literally anywhere," she said softly. DiZ scowled while Riku frowned, turned towards the pod that held his best friend and would continue to hold him until they found Roxas.

On the computer screen monitoring Sora's recovery, it displayed something that made the dark wielder dislike the greater Nobody even more. [Restoration: Interrupted. Data corrupted. Beginning reboot and recovery of fragmented data. Time until completion: unknown.]


At the edge of world of Light, were Darkness and Nothingness met, there was a massive white castle surrounded by a black city and infinite night; the World that Never Was. The castle was the home base of Organization XIII, a group of greater Nobodies with the goal of creating Kingdom Hearts in order to obtain hearts of their own. However, in order to do that they needed the Keyblade to collect the hearts necessary to create Kingdom Hearts. To get the Keyblade they needed at least one of two people, the Keyblade Master Sora or Number XIII, the Key of Destiny Roxas.

Axel, Number VII the Flurry of Dancing Flames, walked in to the common room they shared. He had just returned from his encounter with Roxas in the basement of that mansion. It was hard for him to believe that Roxas had forgotten everything. Though it did seem he remembered at the end. Now he was lost again, this time it was likely to be permanent. 'Then again, no Nobody has ever merged back with their Somebody before. He may not be completely gone,' the redhead thought to himself. 'I wonder what Superior is going to say.'


The greater Nobody slowly got up, clutching his head with one hand as he did so. That had been one hell of a ride. He steadied himself before looking around at where he was. Looking around he saw he was in some sort of gym. It was old and decayed, as if it hadn't been used or repaired in years. It was mostly empty, with what looked like retractable stands on the side. It was then he noticed a massive hole in the center of the place. Pulling his hood up he walked over and looked down.

'What the,' he thought in surprise as all he saw was an endless blackness, similar to the realm of darkness. He would've thought he was in the realm of darkness except he was sure there weren't massive stacks of books reaching up through it like swaying skyscrapers. 'Where am I?' Before he could think further on this, he heard something coming towards the gym. Thinking quickly, he hid in one of the two cubbies attached to the stage that was also in the gym.

Hiding in the shadows, he listened as someone entered the gym. He was able to see who it was as they went onto the stage and pulled a switch. Roxas' eyes widened when he saw who it was. 'Xion?' he thought for a moment before shaking his head and realizing it wasn't her. It was a girl, but while Xion had been around fifteen, this one was closer to eighteen. Like Xion she had dark hair and a similar face, but that's where the similarities ended. This girl wore a blue dress with a white, blood-stained front. In her hand was large silver knife, not-unlike a butcher's knife Roxas noted.

The cloaked traveler watched as she pulled a switch, causing the stairs to unfold. Staying in the shadows, he watched as the girl made her way up into the rafters of the gym. Apparently she was speaking with someone but he couldn't hear what they were talking about. However the conversation stopped when these … things appeared.

At first, Roxas thought they were Heartless, but no. These things didn't have the right look, weren't black skinned, or had glowing yellow eyes. They were flying around, looking like tattered, demonic cloaks with red skulls and burning eyes. Whatever these things were, they weren't Heartless. He watched as the girl brandished her knife and … cards? Yes they were playing cards like what Luxord used, but she used them like throwing stars at the creatures. Watching the fight, Roxas could see the girl was skilled and ruthless. 'Reminds me of Larxene,' he thought to himself, trying to decide what to do.

On the one hand, this had nothing to do with him and the Organization had always advised him to keep out of sight of the "locals" whenever he was on a different world. On the other hand though, those methods wouldn't really work in regards to his survival. He needed allies and he needed help, especially in a place like this. 'Besides, at this point what do I have to lose?' he thought as he pulled up his hood and summoned Oathkeeper and Oblivion.

Alice Liddell, eighteen-year-old resident of Rutledge Asylum and traveler of Wonderland, had seen many things during her first couple of trips here and since her return. Seeing Rabbit and Cheshire in such twisted states had bothered her only initially, but not that much due to her time in the asylum. Though she hadn't shown it, seeing Wonderland become this nightmarish realm had shaken her even with her time at Rutledge. To find that this crazy, wonderful world twisted in such a way was broke something inside her. This world's innocence had been as thoroughly destroyed as hers had been. There was also her suspicion that her own madness had something to do with all this, but until she confirmed it, the idea would remain just that. These thoughts had whirled in her head ever since she stepped into Wonderland and continued even as she battled these Boojums.

So it was easy to understand her surprise when one of the skull-faced creatures was hit by what appeared to be a blast of ice. This startled both the girl and the remaining creatures as the one that was struck froze and fell into the endless abyss through the hole in the floor. They turned to see someone standing on the stage in a strange black cloak with a hood obscuring their face. The coat was completely black with some silver and what looked like a shield with a symbol on the left shoulder. They were shorter than Alice by a few inches and stood in a battle ready stance. The main characteristic about this person was the two odd swords he was holding. Both were oddly shaped, almost like large keys. One was long and black, with what looked like bat-wings on for the hilt. The other was shorter and colored a crystalline white, with what looked like a heart and a star at the end of it.

The moment of stillness was broken when the black cloaked stranger attacked the Boojums viciously. 'Curiouser and curiouser,' Alice thought as she joined the fray. The two moved swiftly and silently, taking down the Boojums with ease. While their screams were powerful, they were easily dodged by the two blade wielders. The emerald-eyed girl watched carefully as she fought. Whoever was helping her was extremely skilled and was able to wield magic. His/her movements were fluid and powerful; this person was no stranger to combat against multiple foes.

Once the last Boojum combusted into flame, the two fighters stood looking at each other. Alice watched guardedly as the black cloaked person's weapons disappeared in flashes of light. "Well, I thank you for your assistance, but who are you?" she asked carefully. In a world like Wonderland, very little was what it seemed. She had seen what had happened to Rabbit and Cheshire at this world's transformation and could only guess at the transformations of others she had met before. However, the one in front of her looked nothing like any of residents she had met in Wonderland in her earlier trips.

Roxas, deciding to take a chance, pulled down his hood. "I'm Roxas. I saw you in trouble and thought you could use some help," he explained simply.

Alice raised an eyebrow at the blue-eyed boy. "My name is Alice and how is it you came to be here Roxas?" she asked calmly while still keeping a grip on her Vaporal Blade.

The Nobody thought for a moment before answering. "Long story short, I was in an Organization that manipulated me and my … sister. She was then tricked by the Organization's enemy into committing suicide and I was captured. I only recently escaped both of them and ended up here, wherever here is."

Alice's eyes narrowed, searching for any falsehood. Obviously he was leaving things out, omitting pieces of the truth, but all he said was truth. There were no lies in his words. There was also the fact that unlike everything else she had seen in Wonderland, this boy didn't have the look of enslavement she had seen in the dwarves before or the being infected with the madness as everything else was. "I see. Well, as to where you are, you're in Wonderland, or what's left of it anyway."

Roxas' eyes widened. 'Wonderland? This can't be Wonderland,' was his immediate thought before he remembered how he got here in the first place. 'That portal must have bent more than just space. Did it take me to another world or someplace else?' he thought to himself.

Alice noticed his reaction. "You seem surprised."

"It's just I've been to Wonderland before, just a short time ago and it was nothing like this. What happened?" he asked the girl.

Alice sighed. "As you said, long story short, I too have been to Wonderland before when I was younger. Shortly after I was caught in a fire and watched as my family and home burned to the ground. It scared my body and mind severely and I was put into an asylum. I returned to find Wonderland in this twisted state. Now I seek to undo what has been done."

Roxas read between the lines. She suspected this was her fault in some way. The boy nodded, knowing what it was like to want to undo something that may have been your fault, even unintentionally. His mind turned to Kingdom Hearts and all the hearts he had captured for the Organization, all so that they could have hearts of their own, or so Xemnas had said. Somehow, Roxas doubted it. His thoughts then turned to Xion, his memory of her crystallizing and fading away while he made the promise to undo Kingdom Hearts. Shaking his head, he looked at Alice. "Want some help?"

Alice raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

He shrugged. "Like I said, I just escaped and now I'm on the run. Judging from what happened, I'd say this place is not very friendly right now. Besides, I know what it's like to want to undo mistakes that you didn't know you made," he said solemnly.

Alice nodded and motioned for him to follow. "Come along then. We have much to do and an unknown amount of time to do it," she said as she made for the door. The blonde nodded and followed, unsure of where this would all guide him.

Journal Entry: Day 364

Dark Wonderland

Emerging from the Corridor of Chaos, I'm starting to wonder if I left the frying pan for the fire. I landed in Wonderland, at least that's what I'm told. I have my doubts. I don't think any place could change this much in a few short weeks. The Corridor of Chaos took me away from my warden and his guard, but I have no idea where I am in relation to where I was. I don't know if this is the same Wonderland I've been to before. I suspect I may have traveled through time or possibly dimensions, I don't know.

It's hard to believe it's been almost a year ago exactly that I came into existence, knowing nothing about myself or the universe around me. Now I know far more then I originally cared to, most of it learned within the past couple of months. I have no idea what I plan to do now. All I know is that I'm not quite ready to face both the Organization and Sora's supporters. I guess my only choice is to travel. Who knows, I may find something that can help me or at least bring Xion back.

AN: First World: American McGee's Alice (videogame)