Lost In a Hole

Chapter One

Once upon a time in a faraway land, Georgie and Bridget sat at the bottom of their mystical garden, making sand castles in the freshly laid sand that had been placed in their pink sand pit just moments before.

Suddenly, they felt the ground shift and shake, magically forming a hole that appeared to be rather deep. They found themselves tragically falling; rapidly sinking into what they believed was their destiny. Stunned, as they hit the soft, spongy ground, frozen to their very core, they slowly opened their young, fearful eyes. Only to wish they hadn't done so. For, in front of them, stood the most evil, vile, repulsive old hag, they had ever seen.

"Hello, Hannah my name is, round here they call me Hannah the Hag, heaven knows why!" The beast in front of them snarled. She grinned an evil, crooked grin and as she did so, she asked…

"So, what are your names then?"

"Georgie and Bridget, where are we?"

Georgie squeaked fearfully.

"Why, you're in my kingdom, the kingdom of lost souls… what brings you here?"

"We were playing in our sand pit, when suddenly we fell, dramatically through a pit of darkness". Bridget exclaimed, hyperactively.

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