Lee's Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends


Duck and the Egg and Spoon Race

Duck, the Great Western Tank Engine is a hard worker who never tires of a day's work. He never moans, and he just does the job to the best of his ability, but from time to time, he still remembers the past where he was much happier. Back then Duck had two coaches who he pulled with him on every journey he had. Their names were Alice and Mirabel, but after they went to the menders for a routine check, they never returned. Duck accepted that they'd moved on, but hoped some day that they would come back, and they did. It was a Spring Morning and the Fat Controller stood there before Duck with both Alice and Mirabel looking on at him. The Fat Controller had found them and had them restored just for Duck. He also told Duck that they were to be used for the children's Sports Day where him and his wife would be taking a journey in Alice and Mirabel.

"Blimey!" said Duck as the preparations for the Sports Day began.

The Spring air and atmosphere to the day meant everyone was in a cheery mood, especially Duck. The fact he now had Alice and Mirabel back filled a void for him that he thought he'd never be able to fill again, he just felt wonderful. This was helped aswell by the Sports Day. Duck likes helping out the children of Sodor, and helping take some of them to the event itself in Alice in Mirabel made him feel like a really useful engine. As he was being polished, Duck noticed Oliver and Toad in the distance, he wanted to say hello, but he didn't want to shout out as the man polishing him told him to keep still, but Duck didn't.

"Oliver!" called out Duck "Toad! Hello you two!" he carried on. Oliver tooted his whistle in return and replied.
"Hello Duck..." while Toad simply added.

"Good day Mr. Duck. How are you?"
"Fine!" replied Duck who smiled widely. The man polishing Duck wasn't too happy however.

"What did I say? I asked you to keep still and you didn't! You've got polish and your chin now!" he shouted at Duck.

"I'm sorry..." replied Duck who felt very silly now.

"So you should..." muttered the man under his breath who then walked away in an angry mood.

Later on that morning, Duck had coupled upto Alice and Mirabel and made his way to Maithwaite Station where many of the children were waiting. They cheered as he pulled up at the station where the Fat Controller and Lady Hatt were also waiting. The Fat Controller was dressed as he normally was, although he had a brand new Top Hatt which shone in the Spring Sunlight. Meanwhile, Lady Hatt was in a bright Yellow dress with a bright yellow Bonnet and looked as resplendent as ever.

"My, my Topham..." sighed Lady Hatt. "What a wonderful idea it was for you to bring those carriages back, they look magnificent!"
"Thankyou dear..." replied the Fat Controller who then stood on the footplate of Alice. "Everyone, I am proud yo say that we are ready to take everyone to the newly-named Sodor Oak fields where the School Sports Day is taking place. Me and my Wife are visiting today to see the event take place and maybe even complete ourselves!" Lady Hatt suddenly stopped smiling as the Fat Controller finished his sentence.

"You're kidding aren't you, Topham?" she asked.

"No dear..." replied the Fat Controller. "We're going to take part in the Egg and Spoon Race! It'll be a lot of fun!"
"It won't..." retorted Lady Hatt.
"Never mind now dear...let's get on board!" and they did. The Fat Controller and Lady Hatt boarded Alice as did some of the children while the others climbed onboard Mirabel. Duck's driver then got the message and then they were off.
"Sports Day here we come!" cried Duck.
"Sports Day here we come!" copied Alice and Mirabel who were ever so happy.

The journey to the Field was taken at a canter and everyone onboard enjoyed the Spring Surroundings. Duck was enjoying the ride there as were Alice and Mirabel who were smiling as wide as they could.
"Go slower!" they cried. "We want to make this last as long as it can!"
"That wouldn't be nice to the children though would it?" replied Duck. Alice and Mirabel agreed and let Duck carry on as normal and soon enough, Duck, Alice and Mirabel arrived at the Sodor Oak-Fields. The passengers departed and the children got ready for the events of the day. The Fat Controller then thanked Duck for a wonderful journey and then made their way to their seats. Duck then pulled into a nearby siding to watch the events. Alice and Mirabel were also watching too and were still smiling very wide, but seeing the children having fun made them smile even more.

"Who'd have thought smiling hurts?" called Alice.

"I never did!" laughed Mirabel.
"Oh be quiet..." called Duck as the serious events were now underway. The children were very serious as the Teacher shouted out to begin the Three-legged race. Duck's driver and fireman were competing for the fun of it but soon fell over and were out of the race. Duck laughed at they fell but cheered as the winners crossed the line. Events came and went over the course of the morning and into the afternoon and then came the important one, the Egg and Spoon Race. For winning, like any other event, the winner would receive the prestigious Sir Topham Hatt Medal and a Rosette from the school, but this event was more important than any other, no-one knew why, it just was. The children lined up ready with their eggs and spoons when the Fat Controller and Lady Hatt joined into their lanes.
"Topham! I can't believe were doing this!" cried Lady Hatt.

"Neither can I!" replied The Fat Controller. They looked on with apprehension as the wait for the start of the race began.

"On your marks! Ready! Steady! Go!" cried the Teacher as the Egg and Spoon Race got underway. The children immediately got further ahead of the Hatt's who were being extra careful.
"Topham...get back into your lane!" cried Lady Hatt who was taking it very seriously.

"Sorry dear!" replied The Fat Controller. Duck, Alice and Mirabel may have been in sidings, but they were actually quite close to the race, it was almost as if they were there. The front-runners were heading towards them and everyone was cheering them on. Soon enough, a little girl crossed the line as the winner and the crowd erupted in cheers. The remaining children soon finished after and meant the Hatt's were the only one's left. They neared the finish line when it happened. The Fat Controller lost his footing on the ground and fell over and into Lady Hatt's lane. His egg flew off his spoon and splatted right onto Alice and Mirabel.
"Urgh!" they cried. "How disgusting!" Duck burst out laughing, but the action wasn't over yet as Lady Hatt was in trouble. His husband's sudden appearance in her lane made her lose her balance and then she fell too. Her egg flew from her spoon and eventually splatted on her and the Fat Controller. The crowds fell silent and no-one dared laughed as Lady Hatt erupted in fury.
"Sorry dear..." he replied. Everyone remained silent still as the Fat Controller and Lady Hatt got to their feet. Lady Hatt immediately stormed off to find a telephone.
"I'm going home dear!" she called. "I'm not staying in an egg-stained dress!"
"Fine dear..." replied the Fat Controller who was cleaning his new Top Hat. No-one else knew what to do as the atmosphere had changed quite drastically.

Some time later, Duck, Alice and Mirabel were back coupled up and ready for the children to board again when the Fat Controller came to see him.
"I'm sorry for the Wife not coming back with you Duck...things happen, unexpected things most certainly..." he said as the smell of egg in the air was quite apparent.
"No problem, Sir. If I was her, I wouldn't want to be in that situation either." replied Duck.
"Nor me!" joked the The Fat Controller as he got onboard Alice who wasn't happy at all.
"Urgh...eggs...horrid!" she cried. But she had to cope as the journey got underway once more as everyone returned home with either a rosette, a medal or the smell of eggs on their clothes.