Five Ways to Gain Aang's Trust

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One day after Zuko befriended them, Aang, Toph, Sokka, Katara and Zuko took a little break to rest after several hours wandering around the earth nation. Aang and Katara decided to go look for some wood that Aang and Zuko would use to start the fire while Toph would go look for some food.

Zuko and Sokka were left at the camp site alone. But just the mention of food made Sokka's mouth water and his stomach growl. 'I hope she brings back some delicious meat, oh and maybe some…' his thoughts were interrupted by the fierce howl of a coyote in the distance. He ran and hid behind Zuko. They had become very close, so Zuko didn't really mind but when Sokka started saying:

"Zuko I'm scared, kill it, kill it, KILL IT FOR ME. "

Zuko thought that Sokka has gone a bit insane so he threatened to burn off his eyebrows if he didn't shut up right away. Sokka liked his eyebrows, so he decided to stop right away. Zuko and Sokka acted like nothing happened and Zuko swore to not tell anybody what happened.

About an hour later Aang, Katara and Toph returned with three geese and five large logs. When all the food was cooked, (thanks to Zuko and Aang's fire bending) Zuko and Sokka dove for the goose legs. They ended up getting three legs each.

It started to get dark so everyone went to bed, well everyone except for Zuko. He still didn't think that Aang trusted him, but he didn't blame him, he used to try to kidnap him and attempt to kill him. He wanted him to trust him but he had no idea how to.

He tried to wake up Sokka who was mumbling something about chicken in his sleep. Sokka was a super heavy sleeper, so Zuko had to burn his butt to wake him up. Sokka screamed and ran to the lake to cool down his butt. Good thing everyone else was a heavy sleeper too or they would have woken up. After about 20 minutes Sokka returned in a huff. He screamed


Zuko explained to him what he thought about Aang's trust. It was a miracle Sokka actually understood at least half of the stuff Zuko was telling him!

Today was Sokka's lucky day, he had an idea!

"All you have to do is get a bunch of things that would make him mad and make sure you never do them and see if it will work."

"Okay, we can try it."

Zuko said unsurely. Zuko grabbed a piece of paper nearby, and they started to brainstorm a bit. So far they got:

Steal his staff

Tell him that Katara is in love with Zuko

Call him an airhead

Sokka and Zuko were stuck. S o they decided to write some things that Zuko has done to make Aang mad. They got a few results like:

Kidnap him

Call him a failure

Talk about how weak his people were

But it wasn't good enough so they went to things that would embarrass him. They found:

Sing "Aang and Katara sitting in a tree…"

Scream "Everyone the Avatar is right here"

They kept brainstorming but they fell asleep.

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