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Archie was excited. His daughter was nearing the end of her first pregnancy. She had a scare at one point and almost lost the baby. Almost losing both his daughter and his unborn grandchild terrified him. Gloria and the baby both came through just fine.

Gloria went into labor on a Sunday in church.

"Oh my GOD," she whispered

"That's the idea," Mike, her husband whispered back jokingly

"We have to go," she whispered, "My water just broke"

"Can't we fix it later," Archie asked

"That means she's going to have the baby meathead," Mike whispered

"Did he just-"

"Can you guys argue about this later," Gloria whispered, "This baby is coming NOW"

"Come on," Archie replied and led the way out.

Edith tried to keep Gloria calm while Mike and Archie argued.

Tests revealed that Gloria was going to have a girl. Archie wasn't happy about that. He loved his daughter and everything but he was kind of hoping a boy would carry on the manhood of the family. Gloria was fully dilated by the time they got to the hospital. Mike came into delivery with her and not much later Gloria delivered the most beautiful little girl Mike had ever set eyes on.

Archie and Edith were in the waiting room when Mike came in carrying the baby less then an hour later.

"Would you like to hold your grandchild?"

Tears filled Archie's eyes as he fell in love for the 3rd time.

"I wanted a boy," he said just like he had when Gloria was born, "But I got THIS Girl and THIS GIRL is better then any boy"

He looked at Mike and said, "You did good meathead"